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The Black Twig Pickers

The Black Twig Pickers

The Black Twig Pickers are defined by a forward-thinking approach to a musical tradition too often associated only with times gone by. Both scholars of the regional sounds around them and advocates of an ecstatic, highly personal performance style, Mike Gangloff, Sally Anne Morgan, Isak Howell and Nathan Bowles have established themselves as dedicated practitioners of old time music re-cast and shaped by their appreciation of modern improvisation, drone, and punk. Not at odds with the experimental scene that fostered them or the old time circles they travel in, the Black Twig Pickers thrive in the in-betweenness of those two worlds, proving that the exploration of the outmost bounds of sound and the exploration of decades-old tradition and community aren’t as different as one might think.

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“they continue to confound expectations for such ancestral acts, even as they expand their erudition within and embrace of the canon itself. Rough Carpenters sounds vibrant and enveloping, an old-time feat for these mercurial times.” 7.4 Pitchfork

“…songs drift into more intriguing, avant-folk territory with the raga drones that hum hypnotically alongside the whiskery traditionalism – The Financial Times 

“These powerful performances gift their traditional melodies to the air, with a group sound that’s as majestic as it is rooted in the soil” – Uncut

“The Twigs sound rough and robust, ready to take on the whole world rather than cultivate one small part of it” The Wire

“Disciples of tradition return with their best offering yet.” – BBC Album Reviews