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Zombie Zombie

JOHN CARPENTER: “I know this French band that is pretty good. They’re called Zombie Zombie. “

“Never anything other than engrossing” – The Guardian

Superhuman powers at work” – Q
Carefully controlled derangement” – Mojo

Booking by pascal [a]

October 2017:

NEW ALBUM, LIVITY (Versatile Records). Art by Philippe Druillet



Zombie Zombie, the French trio, featuring Etienne Jaumet on analog synths, Cosmic Neman (from Herman Dune) and Doc Schonberg, both on drums and percussion, is back with an exciting new album.

The band goes back to 2007 and their first album “A Land for Renegades”. In 2010 their album “Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter”, which saw them solely tackle the works of film score composer John Carpenter in new and different, ways was a big succes.

Since then they released “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde”, made a cover of Sun Ra’s ‘Rocket #9‘ (that was strangely sampled by Lady Gaga (!), wrote several film soundtracks, collaborated with a circus company (“Slow Future“) and recently performed for a whole week at the Venise Biennale in Xavier Veilhan’s installation.

Recorded at Studio RBMA Paris in 2016, ZOMBIE ZOMBIE new album, LIVITY, is out on Versatile Records in October 2017. It was mixed by French producer I:Cube.

“Best French Band” Vice

Ghoulish Parisian psych-nouveau duo, coming to you from your darkest nightmares. Expect to wake up screaming, but for joy“. (NME)“Festival highlights include Zombie Zombie, a Parisian pairing who impress with their vintage synth-based krautrock rythms and high-energy hommage to the scores of low-budget horror films. John Carpenter-inspired synthesizer soundscapes mix with the no wave electroclash of Suicide.” The Independant

File under Krautrock, Can, Neu!, Suicide, Silver Apples…


The recording of “L’Hippocampe’, Mikrosession #12 – Zombie Zombie from mikrokosm recording studios on Vimeo.

Zombie Zombie on French TV, October 2017:

Radio Nova, November 2017

In June 2016, at festival Villette Sonique in Paris, Zombie Zombie played with their hero Sonic Boom and they even played a song by Spacemen 3:

Two live videos shot at the amazing Paris show on October 27 2012:

Illuminations, featuring the French “Sapeurs” from Paris 18:

Zombie Zombie live 2011

The famous GI-Joe video directed by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann

Z Z talk:


Zombie Zombie” (EP / 6 tracks)
Boomboomtchak Records, 2006

Driving this Road until Death sets you free” (EP / 2 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2007 – VER053

A Land for Renegades” (LP / CD)
Versatile Records, 2007 – VERLP019 / CD019

Dog Walker” (EP 3 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2008 – VER061

Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter” (LP / CD / 6 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2010 – VER069CD

Nothing to Say/DreamBaby Dream” (single)
Pop In, 2011 – PIROO3




JANUARY 2012: Zombie Zombie are one of the artists selected by Mojo to cover one of the songs of New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies. ZZ recorded The Beach, which is already the instrumental version of the huge classic hit “Blue Monday”.




Rocket Numer 9” incl Gesaffelstein & Joakim remixes (EP, 4 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2012 – VER079

“Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde”,, 2012 (Versatile) VERCD026

The Beach (New Order cover)
An exclusive free gift for ITunes pre order of  “Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde” 2012

Single The Beach (New order cover) / “Illuminations (DJ Sotofett’s 7 inch Mix)/ , 7″, limited serie, design by Julien Langendorff. 2013.

Single, “Illuminations” VERCD026 , Jan 2013

Loubia Hamra original movie soundtrack, VER090, March 2014

Slow Futur, Versatile Records, VERCD032, April 22nd 2016


Irréprochable, original movie soundtrack, July 2016, digital only, also on the official film DVD.

Ensemble, Arnaud Roulin, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Docteur Schönberg, Eat Gas, Gilb’r, Etienne Jaumet, Cosmic Neman, I:Cube, 12″, Versatile Records, Versatile shop exclusive release, 2016

Livity, LP (a limited edition comes with a 7″) and CD, Versatile Records, October 2017

Hippocampe, 12″, remix by Wolf Müller and Gilb’r, Versatile Records VER119, January 2018


Some of the band’s collaborations with Alan Howarth , and with Sonny Simmons ,

Zombie Zombie Facebook

Zombie Zombie’s POTEMKINE project

Etienne Jaumet’s other projects




 Les Inrocks, October 2017

RFI October 2017

Tsugi October 2017

Noisey Vice October 2017

Green Room October 2017

Goute mes Disques October 2017

Les Inrocks



Stereotree for the album and for a live report

Interview en novembre 2012

Rituels Track by Track by Etienne dans Pop News

Zombie Zombie and Etienne’s music was played at Paco Rabanne’s Spring/Summer 2013 défilé at Grand Palais, Paris on 2nd October 2012:
…and again, for Louis Vuitton in 2016.
Etienne once played sax with The Red Hot Chili Peppers!!