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Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz met in high school in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia, far from the thriving cultural metropolises of São Paulo and Rio, yet nevertheless in the shadow of the icons of their homeland’s great musical heritage — not bossa nova and samba, however, but psychedelic pop. Still in their late teens, the music they make together, recorded on borrowed gear and with self-taught technology in their parents’ basements, shares the spirit and soul of Tropicalismo, but it has also blossomed in the light of the current international DIY underground.

“Boogarins is rich, heavy, and sonorous, the guitar tones sensually warm and the vocals and drums sent through several treatments to blur them and lift them off the ground… Almeida and Ferraz are Brazilian, and it is impossible to listen to the album’ opening track, from its title of “Lucifernandis” to its gonzo, slightly out-of-time opening riff and not think “Os Mutantes.” That group’s gently antic spirit, and their secret sweet-tooth genius with pop melodies, presides over Boogarins like a loony-uncle figure who won’t ever quite leave the garage.  There are a million other little touches of songwriterly wit and grace” – Pitchfork

“This is psychedelic rock-and-roll played with the necessary cosmic abandon, yet  tempered with a sweet and intimate warmth.” -Washington Post

“Every bit as inventive, hopeful, and positive as the ’60s and ’70s acts they’re inspired by, Boogarins have produced an incredibly promising debut.” -All Music

As Plantas Que Curam – Rolling Stone Brazil’s #7 Album of 2013, “Lucifernandis” – Rolling Stone Brazil’s #2 Song of 2013

As Plantas Que Curam – Chicago Tribune’s #9 Album of 2013

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