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Shit And Shine












The ascent of Shit and Shine sits as one of the great audio headfucks in recent years. From it’s genesis out of the South London noise rock revivalist scene to a zone where rabbit costumed maniacs bled a unique form of multi-drum and electronic hysteria to the current incarnation of destroyed lysergic dance music. Shit and Shine is the epitome of second guess subversion. One with a foot in every pie it continues on a fantastic twisted path.

Listen to Shit And Shine Live on WFMU or this another live show on NTS, and then also listen to their monthly NTS radio show or this great mix for Fact Magazine. Now watch this:

Shit And Shine have played many noteworthy such as:

Atp festival 2007, ICA, London – w/ eye (boredoms), Café Oto, London w/ Russell Haswell, Wire Magazine adventures in modern music festival, Empty Bottle Chicago w/Demdike Stare, Austin Hotel Vegas w/Powell, Russell Haswell, SXSW, Austin 2010, WFMU radio showcase, Louisville cropped out festival 2011, Trama festival, Porto, Portugal, Villette Sonique Festival, à la dynamo de banlieues bleues, Paris,w/ sleaford mods; Sonic Protest Festival w/brian bombs,deerhoof, skull defekts, Copenhagen-national museum of art, Madrid -national museum of art; Hypersounds festival w/rustie, budapest- Uh festival w/ demdike stare,atom tm; Sonic city festival , kortrijk, belgium w/ boredoms, michael gira; Bozar – museum of fine arts, brussels w/holly herdon; Shipley’s Golden Cabinet, Supersonic Festival, Birmingham, Sonar Festival Barcelona, Elevate Festival Graz, Berlin CTM festival, Volksbuhne theatre, Berlin w/ Sunn))), Earth, Rewire Festival den haag, NL.


The Shit And Shine massive aren’t exactly your everyday techno lineup, that’s for sure. Made of up Craig Clouse and an indeterminate bunch of other artists, it’s the music that makes the headlines, not the individuals, and we love that approach. Moreover, this constantly changing line-up means that these guys have released a truck load of music since the early noughties, and it was about time that the good old Editions Mego picked them up for an LP. The album, as is always the case from Shit And Shine, is hugely diverse and full of different influences. While techno is at the core of the project, everything from disco to noise is chucked into the equation to create a truly singular dance experience. As the band state themselves, “style is varied, hard, and post-everything”. This is the SHIT
Juno September 2015



Throughout their existence, Shit and Shine have been a hard ‘band’ to pin down, musically speaking. Emerging from the deliciously rotting corpse of truly wonderful noise-peddlers TODD, Shit and Shine began as a sort of un-categorisable multi-drum-when-live headfuck, and slowly, as the years have aged by, become more refined and electronic
Some people might listen to this and think ‘what the fuck is this?’ and be put off by the sheer relentless brutality of it. Indeed, Teardrops is a brutal and uncompromising creation from someone who likes to mess with the listener at every turn, a confusing and confounding digital nightmare, but it is truly beautiful in its hammering, unapologetic ugliness.
It’s not an easy listen. You will not stick this on during a sunny Sunday BBQ with your mates. It’s not a lighthearted trawl through whimsy that will brighten your mood after a long hard day at work. It’s dark, aggressive and violent.
So if, like me, you’re feeling in the mood for some punishing music-masochism, then this is for you. Nobody does it better than Shit and Shine.


54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral (Rocket)
Lots of bands talk about never repeating themselves, but Shit and Shine really live it. Very few of the many records they’ve made in the past decade sound like each other, or like anyone else. The group has delved into so many styles that it’s tempting to call them genre-hoppers, except that none of their music fits into any category—it’s more like each album is a genre unto itself



Pitchfork, June 2015
Shit & Shine’s humour never fails to shine light on even the murkiest jams. Humour aside though, when you’re lost in one of the band’s ten minute looping wig outs, such as the gnarly guitar-heavy opening track here, ‘Electric Pony 2’, the real brilliance of Shit & Shine comes into sharp focus
Drowned In Sound, June 2015


“Shit And Shine may be best known for noisy, post-industrial rock but guided by the curatorial hand of Diagonal Records owner Powell, Craig Clouse proves that he can do dance music that’s just as tough. The same rich vein of funk that gives Powell’s releases their sensuous throb courses through Shit And Shine’s self-titled debut for Diagonal”


Küss Mich, Meine Liebe
 The band has been known to employ up to 16 separate drummers and 12 feet of vertical bass amplification, so they are no strangers to erecting long standing brown waves of sound, an onslaught of bass boomed rock totality.” – Load Records, 2008


 A murkier, down-the-pub Locust Abortion Technician for a 21st century world hurtling ever closer to bloody-minded oblivion.


Shit And Shine’s metronomic Shit No! sounds like The Clangers lost in an industrial drug haze
BBC Radio6


“I notice that one of the band is having problems with his keyboard. Suddenly it appears above his head broken into pieces. Nothing it seems will be granted mercy”
LIVE AT ICA review


The band’s sound has shifted from album-to-album, incorporating unrelenting drones, avant-garde experimentalism, pulverising noise-rock, Krautrock grooves and dance music. Tonight Clause and another band member stand behind a table of electronic kit while a third hits a solitary electric drum. As I look around I’m reminded how fantastically subversive it feels that something this strange could be happening in an old schoolhouse in the centre of Shipley. GOLDEN CABINET