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Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tara Jane O’Neil creates melodic and experimental music under her own name and in collaboration with other artists, bands, and filmmakers. Her work innately crosses genres and boundaries — drawings that morph from natural forms to linear abstractions, melodic songcraft melded with experimental noise. Live performances range from solo construction to large ensemble improvisation. Dance, film and theater scores accompany the work, each telling the story in a dialect all their own. Though they spring from the same source, each piece takes a distinct form — several genies emerging from a single lamp. O’Neil has also collaborated with Papa M, Ida, Mirah, Michael Hurley, Jackie O’Motherfucker, and the King.

Some press for her recent album for the Kranky label, Where Shine New Lights.

“The album is like a gentle, sometimes terrifying solitary journey, a walk through foggy terrain with no absolute destination in mind, but one that takes the listener to places of new questions and different possibilities every time.” All Music Guide

“Where Shine New Lights doesn’t radically deviate from TJO’s design concept, but it does favour a more minimal feng shui.” The Wire

“[The songs are] skeletal, bittersweet and exquisitely quiet–open enough to make the most of what her cohorts could offer, firm enough to have a semi-personal punch.” Dusted Magazine

“O’Neil’s certainly made her share of enrapturing, enveloping music. But I’m not sure she’s ever made one quite as transportive–or, for that matter, as alive–as Where Shine New Lights.” Pitchfork

“Each tone, note, or scrape here seems deliberate and purposeful without ever feeling overly controlled.” The Line of Best Fit

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