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Before saying bye bye for good to 2010, let’s share our sweet memories about this year.

MARIE TIPPEX (Julie Tippex)

1. Dustin Wong «Infinite Love» (Thrill Jockey). A masterpiece, making me fly straight through landscapes : absolutely splendid ! Also on Thrill Jockey : Oval. And the very very weird new Sam Prekop.

2. Trans Am live. It’s stronger thanme, it’s hormonal.

3. Listening ten times on a raw, like a teenager making bubbles with a chewing-gum, some French underground pop gems : «La petite sentinelle» by Marie & les Garçons, «Le jeu de Mikado» par Mikado, «Adieu Paris» by Les Fils de Joie, «Tannis root» by Diabologum.

4. Polyrock. Let’s not forget Polyrock.

5. ATP festival, the Goodspeed You! Black Emperor one with the breathtaking performances of Borbetomagus, Keiji Haino, Francisco Lopez, Corsano-Flowers, Bardo Pond, The Dead C and so many others. It was an exceptionnal line-up.

6. Club Julie at Lieu Unique, France, with Young Marble Giants, their little nephews The Notes, Serafina Steer and most of the Tippex gang, only people I deeply love, and are the soul of Julie Tippex. I felt spoiled, Thanks again to Le Lieu Unique for this magical moment.

7. Anika’s first album on Invada.

8.  Die Antwoord. They’re the new religion of my husband. I needed to give it a try : he was right.

9. The paintings of Iveta Plnà. She’s on MySpace and she’s my new idol.

10. The Swans at BBmix : everything was so tense, and tne performance so explosive. The other bands have been very lucky The Swans played last.

11. The Chap mix for Fact magazine. The best kitchen DJ set in the universe.And their brilliant “Well done Europe”

12. WFMU & Free Music Archives – best dudes in the world.

13. The Austrilian female post-punk of Maestros and Dipsos, thanks to the researches of Camille Lan.

14. Reading, eventually, Michel Foucault and Fulcanelli

15. Yves Citton “L’avenir des Humanités” (Editions La Découverte).

PASCAL TIPPEX (Julie Tippex)

1. Swans @ BBMIX. Amazing. Michael Gira managed to finish the set with one minute of complete silence and still keep everyone’s attention.

2. Beak> at Point FMR, Paris. Oh the sound…

3. Great albums: Dirty Projectors + Bjork «Mount Wittenberg Orca», Swans «My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky», Zombie Zombie «Plays John Carpenter»
Best album: Kevin Coyne «I Want My Crown, The Anthology 1973-1980»

4. It’s not from 2010 but I spent a good part of the year reading the most extraordinary book ever, so I might as well mention it: «Infinite Jest» by David Foster Wallace.

5. Favourite festival : Midi Festival, again, Summer AND Winter.
Wait – Plektrum in Talinn, Estonia was pretty cool too!

6. Will Oldham is now touring the US with a Kevin Coyne Tribute band, The Babblers, playing the complete 1979 ‘Babble’ album. Wish for 2011: a Europe tour.

Also expected in 2011 a couple of great albums: Gangpol & Mit («The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club»), Skeleton$ («People») and Emmanuelle Parrenin («Maison Cube»).

KATE TIPPEX (Julie Tippex)

Top 5 of 2010 :
1. Being on the road in Europe with Bobby Conn & The Burglars
2. Being on a different planet with Quintron and Miss Pussycat at Bang Bang Club, Berlin
3. Being sweaty with Fredovitch One Man Band shredding everything and everyone in small pieces at his Fete de la Musique show
4. Being surprised and highly entertained with KISS, at (no-go) O2 World, Berlin
5. Being speechless at The Residents show, Saint Ghetto Festival, Bern

Favourite festival: is there anything else than the Fusion?
Favourite record 2010: Gil Scott-Heron – ‘I’m new here’ (XL Recordings)
Favourite live record 2010: Bill Callahan – ‘Rough travel for a rare thing’ (Drag City)

3-in-1 wish for 2011: to not miss Bruise Cruise, SXSW and Primavera !

AMANDE TIPPEX (Julie Tippex / Bird on the wire)

Top 5 shows :
1. These New Puritans at Centre Pompidou
2. Caribou at La Route du Rock
3. Les Savy Fav at Festsaal Kreuzberg
4. Almighty Defenders at Nuits Sonores
5. Small Black at Marie Antoinette

Top 5 songs :
1. ‘Lights on a Leash’ – Civil Civic
2. ‘Pie IX’ – Suuns
3. ‘Odessa’ – Caribou
4. ‘Right Side of My Brain’ – Veronica Falls
5. ‘Night Patrol’ – Two Wounded Birds

Best party : Club Julie at Le Lieu Unique with Young Marble Giants, Serafina Steer and The Notes.
Best album : ‘Zero QC’ – Suuns
Best festivals : ‘Don’t Panic We’re From Poland’ in Warsawa + dancing in the mud at La Route du Rock

In 2011, i can’t wait for :
1. Civil Civic’s debut album
2. Suuns in Europe
3. DJ Jambon Beurre at Madame Claude
4. Upcoming ‘Club Julie’ parties !
5. SXSW ?

ETIENNE TIPPEX (Julie Tippex / L’Amicale Underground)

Movies :
1. Fantastic Mr Fox (Wes Anderson)
2. Exit through the Gift shop (banksy)
3. the story of Anvil! (Sacha Gervasi)

Lives :
1. Extra Life @ Westgermany – Berlin
2. Cave @ Flèche d’or – Paris
3. Rien @ Espace B – Paris

Best sport event :
Club Julie’s Kicker Finale in Nantes : Tippex Team vs Route du Rock Team. 2 – 0.

TOM TIPPEX (Julie Tippex / All Time Low)

1. Sun Araw “On Patrol”
2. Moon Wiring Club “A Spare Tabby At The Cat’s Wedding”
3. Jonathan Safran Foer “Tree Of Codes”
4. Gagnef Festival, Sweden
5. Film: ‘Womb’ (Dir. Benedek Fliegauf)

AMBRE TIPPEX (Julie Tippex / Dinosaur Egg)

Top 5 of 2010 music orgies
1. Pavement in Montreal with my fav’ bros dDash and rRude.
2. Wooden Shjips bagarre and Gonjasufi after party at Transmusicales de Rennes
3. ‘Waiting Room’ pogo at Rockomotives festival with Magnetic Friends
4. Moon Duo show at Bonnes Manières party with Coco, David and Clément (The Drone).
5. Hunx and His Punx twist and shout with my bff and panther high heels.

Top 5 of 2010 Tracks by my ‘protégés’ :
1. Black Devil Disco Club feat Nico Kerr (Poni Hoax) remix by Sal P (Liquid Liquid) vs Sean B.
2. Moon Duo – Motorcycle, I Love You
3. dDamage feat Jon Spencer and Bomb The Bass – Fuzzbox
4. K-X-P – 18 Hours (of Love) remix by Optimo
5. El Boy Die – Dead Kings

Best festivals of 2010 :
1. Seconde Nature (champagne and riot grrls night out)
2. Worldwide beach party in Sète (the best midnight swim ever with Gilles Peterson, Norman Jay and Laurent Garnier spinning together)
3. Villette Sonique (pic nic with Thee Oh Sees and saucisson)
Osheaga (slapping Jon Spencer butt – I haven’t washed my hand since)

Wish for 2011 : I’m joining the Tippex foxy crew in 2011 so let’s say my other wish is to see The Feelies performing «Loveless Love» in Europe this summer.


CLEMENCE (Bird On The Wire)

My TOP ONE of 2010
1. The Tallest Man on Earth at Electric Ballroom
1. Our first BOTW night in Berlin (in collaboration with the nice people over at Puschen…) starring Small Black, Pictureplane and DJ Jambon-Beurre
1. LCD Soundsystem at Glastonbury and Rock en Seine
1. The Monochrome Set reforming
1. Pulp reforming
1. The National at La Route du Rock

Favourite festival – La Route du Rock
Favourite album – This is too hard. However my favourite track of 2010 that’s not from 2010 is Paul McCartney “Temporary Secretary”.

JB (Ddamage)

TOP 5 of 2010 music orgies
1. Marvin, Pneu, Electric-Electric & Papier Tigre (Mains d’Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, France)
2. Wanted#9 with dDash of dDamage, Dr Vince, Sandy Volts, Stereoheroes, Gerard Baste, King Ju & Mc Solaar (Nouveau Casino, Paris, France).
3. Black Devil Disco Club (Glasslands Gallery, New-York City, USA)
4. Hypo’s “Coco Douleur” album release Party with Hypo, La Chatte & Boulder dDash (L’international, Paris, France)
5. Murder Channel tour with Joseph Nothing & Shex,  (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Gunma, Kyoto, Fukuoka… Japan)

Top 5 of 2010 Trax by my ‘protégés’ :
1. Roi Heenok : “Nouveau Rap Mondial”
2. Bonjour Afrique : “All Apologies”
3.  Subjex : “Magneticfunx”
4. Haussmann : “Boys Like Us”
5. Dj Gero : “Golgoth 2011”

Best festivals of 2010 :
1. Osheaga, Montréal
2. MEG, Montréal
3. Vent des Forêts, Meuse
4. 10 ans de Clapping Music, Paris
5. Nuits Sonores, Lyon

Wish for 2011 : MORE INTERNET

NATHAN (Tussle)

1. New York is Killing me (Chris Cunningham remix)
3. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou – The Vodoun Effect: Funk And Sato From Benin’s Obscure Labels 1972-1975
7. V/A – Peoples Potential Family Album
9. K-X-P – K-X-P
10. BOYS IV Men
Honorable Mention: GREEN DOOR KIDS –  Moody (ESG cover)

2010 MOVIES:
5. Valhalla Rising

Personnal Highlights :
1. Recording with JD Twitch in Glasgow
2. Roaming around the Norwegian countryside while the van brakes cooled
3. Picked up by a boat in Venice
4. Dancing my ass off to Publicist for 2 weeks straight
5. Aalborg afterparty with the Danish Anarchist kids at 1000fryd

Richard Gauvin (Rockomotives festival)

Top 5 albums :
1. ARCADE FIRE “the suburbs”
2. WU LYF “ep”
3. YANN TIERSEN “dust lane”
4. GONJASUFI “a sufi & a killer”
5. FRENCH COWBOY “isn’t my bedroom”

Top 5 shows :
1. GABLE & KIDS “rockomotives – vendôme”
2. BRAIDS “m pour montréal – montréal”
3. MONTGOMERY “gare à la rochette – thoré la rochette”
4. OWEN PALLETT “route du rock – saint malo”
5. FUCKED UP “festival de dour – dour”

Phonème (Le Lieu Unique, Nantes)

Favorite Top5 :
1. Tippex Party & Club Julie invaded le lieu unique (with pleasure)
2. A thought for all megabytes of information exchanged by e-mail between Tippex crew and le lieu unique team
3. Nickel Pressing at the Bar/cLUb le lieu unique (great!)
4. Los Curators (http://soundcloud.com/loscurators) (they’re so hot!)
5. I don’t remember, I was probably in another alcoholic dimension

Favorite & friendly festival : Soy Festival (www.yamoy.org)
Favorite album : Emmanuelle Parrenin “maison cube” / les disques Bien (2011)
Favorite wish for 2011 : I wish………………………………hsiw I

David Grubbs

Top 5 music :
1. Joanna Newsom, Have One on Me (Drag City)
2. Oval, O (Thrill Jockey)
3. Tashi Wada, Alignment (Yik Yak)
4. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella)
5. Keith Fullerton Whitman, Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness LP (Pan)

1 wish for 2011 : The death of the US Tea Party.

Favorite festival : Collateral Festival, Bologna
Favorite album : Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella)

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