Julie Tippex is an art and music production agency established in 2007. Organised on a form of collective, Julie Tippex works worldwide, with a special focus on Europe and UK.

Julie Tippex manifesto, 2011
Julie Tippex interview, 2015 (French)

Julie Tippex is Marlène Archer, Etienne Arras, Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Ambre Bresset, Constance Legeay, Marion Orel, Pascal Régis, Nicolas Rotenberg and Tea Soža, with love and memories for Tom Relleen (1978-2020).

Design: Constance Legeay, Marie-Pierre BonniolMarion Orel


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Due to a high volume of requests, we’re not able to provide an answer to all the projects which are submitted to us. We try to listen to everything we receive but prefer streaming links to download codes or physical copies. If we wish to get involved, you’ll hear back from us shortly!

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