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(FR / Born Bad)
The Parisian trio formed by Cosmic Neman, Etienne Jaumet (also a solo recording artist) and Doc Schoenberg continues its incredible odyssey through the independent scene. An odyssey in the form of a meteoric rise. Since its beginnings Zombie Zombie claims his passion for krautrock and some form of cinematic music. The Zombie Zombie inevitably evokes bands such as Neu, Silver Apples, Suicide, Goblin or John Carpenter soundtracks. Nex album on Born Bad Records in October 2021.
Availability: EUR from 01 November to 31 December 2021.
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After the success of the presentation "Faust IV Live! "in Dec. 2019 at the Lieblingsplatte Festival in Düsseldorf, Jean-Hervé Péron (Faust) together with Amaury Cambuzat (Faust, Ulan Bator), Pierre Chevalier (Faust, Present), Jeanne-Marie Varain (Faust, Ernsthafte Angelegenheiten) and their special guests Antonia Mallach, Raphaël Meulemans, Clément Meulemans, Didier Demeestere on strings, winds and percussions will present this project during an extensive tour in Autumn 2021. The cult album Faust IV was the fourth studio album released by the German krautrock group in 1973. Listed in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, where it is referred to as a "krautrock classic", Faust IV includes the drone-based long instrumental Krautrock as opener, and seminal songs such as Jennifer and The Sad Skinhead. Faust IV Live ! captures the strange magic that then and now defines Faust as an entity unto themselves.
Availability: Europe 01 to 30 November 2021. Also available for fly-ins/special events.
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(MX / The Leaf)
Murcof is the performing and recording name of Mexican electronica artist Fernando Corona. Born in 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico. From 1999 to 2002 he was for a member of the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective of electronic musicians and artists under the Terrestre project name. Since 2006 Corona lives in Barcelona, Spain. Many of his compositions are founded on abstract, glitchy, sometimes complex electronic percussion, derived mostly from minimal techno, dub, glitch, industrial music and IDM, and are often aligned around a 4/4 beat.. Harmonic and melodic influences come from classical music (modern classical music, musique concrète, holy minimalism, micropolyphony, baroque music, etc.), ambient music, drone music, berlin school synthesizer music, ethnic music and free improvisation. THE ALIAS SESSIONS: New double CD & triple vinyl album, out now on The Leaf Label
Availability: World from 01 January to 31 December 2022.
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(GR / Fuzz Club / Slovenly)
Formed in Athens in 2009 the four-piece released two LPs on Slovenly, caught the attention of the press and played great shows in 2015 (including Dour, Eurosonic...). After touring Europe, US & Asia quite intensively the band finally got back to the studio. After a long three-year wait they’re now back with their third album ‘Lilac Days’on UK label Fuzz Club (home of Goat, The Black Angels, White Hills...). The album sees ABJ at their best; their frenetic garage-rock distilling a hazy mix of 60s Western psychedelic pop. After a short winter tour in march, they should be available for special events & festivals in the spring/ summer.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe.
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(US / Rare Noise Records)
The dark, impossibly intense dirges, industrial noise onslaughts and banshee-like free jazz wailing heard throughout Anguish could be an imposing soundtrack for a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future. This powerhouse, inter-generational offering and RareNoise Records debut brings together an unlikely gathering of members of the New Jersey-based experimental hip-hop group Dälek (electronic musician and vocalist Will Brooks, guitarist-keyboardist Mike Mare), the Swedish free jazz group Fire! Orchestra (tenor saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, drummer Andreas Werliin) and the classic ‘70s German krautrock band Faust (keyboardist and 68-year-old founding member Hans Joachim Irmler). Anguish stands as a hard-hitting manifesto for the next evolution in the hip-hop legacy. Scheduled for a November release on RareNoise Records, Anguish promises to blow minds and provoke thoughts. (Booking in collaboration with Danielle Oosterop
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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(FR / In-Finé Music)
Inspired by his obsession with Wendy Carlos’ “Switched on Bach”, Arandel's new opus, ‘InBach’, pays a poetic, infinitely respectful and innovative homage to JS Bach’s sacred workings. Born out of a proposal by the Musée de la Musique (Paris), the aim was to use the extraordinary but often hibernating historical instruments housed in the museum, mixed with vivid, contemporary music. In the immensity of Bach's oeuvre, in the company of his fellow wanderers (Areski Belkacem, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Barbara Carlotti, Gaspar Claus, Vanessa Wagner, Ben Shemie and more), within the constraints of historical instruments, emboldened by the delightful, sometimes technically dangerous friction between acoustics and electronics, Arandel walks a tightrope without a faux pas. Out in January 2020, In-Finé label
Generally available / World.
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(UK / Lost Map Records)
Bas Jan are a London-based experimental post-punk trio built around the remarkable and distinctive voice and songs of multi-instrumentalist and composer Serafina Steer. Their utterly brilliant debut album Yes I Jan has been released via Lost Map Records digitally on February 9, 2018, and on vinyl on February 23rd. Who is Serafina Steer? She's a vocalist, harpist, bassist and keyboard player who has released three critically-acclaimed solo albums under her own name – the latest of which, 2013’s The Moths Are Real was produced by Jarvis Cocker – as well as appeared both live and on record with musicians including Lone Taxidermist, Jon Hopkins, Rozi Plain, John T. Gast, Patrick Wolf, Tunng and John Foxx. She sees her practice as much as a social activity as an expressive, technical art and takes an experimental, punk approach to music making - seeking to create work that has a free quality and resists categorization, often arising through the juxtaposition of musical disciplines and genres. Singles 'No Sign and 'King Of The Holloway Road' were championed by BBC 6 Music's Marc Riley. Bas Jan is ready to tour europe/UK in Sept.
Generally available / Europe/UK.
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(CAN / Hands in The Dark)
Best known as singer and guitarist for art-rock-tronica act Suuns, Shemie also boasts a background in modern classical composition and experimental performance. A fascination for electronic music, specifically the seminal releases of Warp Records spurred him to experiment, expand his sound and fuse it with the conventions of many genres. Ever inquisitive, he seeks out novel conceptual projects and challenging delivery systems for his restless musical soul. Shemie’s solo project has him taming feedback and sound swells, teasing the elements into figures and forms as he rides out their fury or their fragility. A powerful improv-heavy piece of angular, ambient drone, prepare to be enveloped. First solo album in February 2019 with Hands in the Dark label
Generally available / World.
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(US / DFA, Fat Cat, Paw Tracks)
Expatriés de Brooklyn, les Black Dice fêtent leur 20 ans en revenant à la scène avec des brûlots distordus et quelques dispos sur les festivals de 2020.
Available for fly-ins or special events / France.
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(US / Hands in the Dark)
Brian Case (FACS, Disappears, 90 day men, Bambi Kino Duo…) just has released another stunning new solo album "Plays Paradise Artificial". This third album somehow manages to compile and condense the best bits of its predecessors, and the magnificent viridian, glacial universe developed by Case since the beginning of his solo ventures is brought to the forefront. The Chicago artist centers his elusive, dehumanized compositions on two simple, minimal elements. Using just vocals and synths, he has created a simultaneously modern and post-apocalyptic soundtrack, where music exists as the final traces of the footsteps of humanity.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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(FR / Lumière Noire)
Chloé revient. La tournée du live "Endless Revisions" maintenant terminée, Chloé propose SLOW-MO, un projet live ambiant, idéal pour des salles assises. Avec Slow-Mo Chloé s'écarte de son univers de club et de la techno, ralentit le tempo et préfère une approche méditative, jouant avec les textures et l'atmosphère. Slow-Mo live a été joué au TAP de Poitiers, au Lieu Unique à Nantes pendant le festival Assis/Debout/Couché (en version couchée), lors de l'événement Grand Paris à St Denis avec Le 104, au festival Sónar à Barcelone et au Southbank Center à Londres. Slow-Mo de Chloé est désormais disponible pour des dates françaises.
Generally available / FR.
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Marimba virtuoso Vassilena Serafimova studied at the Conservatoire de Paris, as well as the Juilliard School in New York. She won some of the world's most prestigious contests, performing as a soloist and chamber musicians. The artistic co-director of the Marimba & Percussion Festival Bulgaria and of the Paris Percussion Group, she has also taken part in collaborations with musicians including jazz pianist Thomas Enhco (Deutsche Grammophon). The chemistry with self-taught Chloé was immediate, and fueled by the human complicity between the two musicians. "Chloé is my first collaboration with an electronic music. That is totally new to me, a true field of exploration". The music of Steve Reich, as the launchpad for the collaboration, was like a common language, which they gradually broke away from: "Reich is the most obvious link between electronic and academic music explains Chloé. "It was a starting point, a pretext, to go elsewhere. The idea was to then walk away from it... ».
Generally available / World.
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(US / Ipecac, Exile on Mainstream)
“Before Def Jux, before Death Grips, before Yeezus, there was Dälek” (Noisey). Pioneers of alt hip-hop, Dälek (pronounced "die-a-lek") features Rapper/Producer MC Dälek and Producer/Live Electronics Mike Manteca. With roots in the mid-90's DIY scene, Dälek has been delivering groundbreaking albums for over 20 years. They have encapsulated fans and critics across all genres, garnering fans and accolades from the Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie, Metal, Shoegaze, Jazz and experimental communities. After releasing 7 studio albums, numerous collaborations, EP's, and remixes, they are known for their large body of work and pushing boundaries with every release. Their forthcoming release will be an EP (5 tracks) on Exile on Mainstream Records on April 5, 2019.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe.
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(US / DFA / L.I.E.S)
S'il travaille aujourd'hui principalement en solo, Eric Copeland s'est d'abord fait connaitre au sein du groupe Black Dice, puis en duo avec Avey Tare d'Animal Collective sous le nom de Terrestrial Tones. Jamais là où on l'attend, Eric a sorti des albums très différents sur les labels DFA et L.I.E.S.
Available for fly-ins or special events / France.
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(FR / Versatile)
Etienne Jaumet is the name behind the legendary French band Zombie Zombie, The Married Monk, The Tribute to La Monte Young (with Spacemen Three's Sonic Boom), to name just few of the bands he's played with. He plays sax with James Holden live band. When his henchman (Cosmic Neman) is not around beating on the drums for the band-beyond-the-grave, Zombie Zombie, Etienne Jaumet takes control of a spacecraft that only he can manage, cruising outer space on a quest for a deeper sound. As a solo performer, he delves into a box of inspirations drawn from horror movie soundtracks, jazz, French 1970s avant-garde, vintage italo, kosmische, library music and psychedelia, concocting a sound that is sensuous, intoxicating. Breathtaking in its imagination and cinematic scope, Jaumet's live show which takes in saxophone and a vast array of vintage keyboards and synthesizers is essential viewing. 'Night Music", his first CD on Versatile Records (2009) was produced by Carl Craig. "La Visite", his second album was out in 2014. In September 2018 Etienne will have a new album on Versatile Records with covers of jazz classics: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Duke Elington, Art Ensemble of Chicago… again played with his signatures analog synths, drum machine and alto sax.
Generally available / World.
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A brand new collaboration between FABRIZIO RAT (Cabaret Contemorain) ETIENNE JAUMET (Zombie Zombie) where prepared piano meets analog synths
Generally available / EUR.
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Born with the lockdown Spring 2020, Experiment 120 is an itinerant programme of experimental films for young audiences initiated by the artist and curator Marie-Pierre Bonniol. Exploring 120 years of experimental films, Experiment 120 offers perspectives of different types of filmic expressions in historical programs, which also include animation, video art and films made by children. The programmes can be presented to young (7+) and less young audiences, from any language and from any country. Some programmes are already available and others can be done specifically around your thematics!
Generally available / World.
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(US / Trouble in Mind)
Chicago trio FACS gonna release their 3rd album ‘Void Moments' on Trouble in Mind Records in the spring 2020. Comprised of former Disappears members Brian Case & Noah Leger alongside longtime friend Alianna Kalaba (Cat Power, We Ragazzi), FACS occupy a liminal space bordering the realms of art-rock, shoegaze, industrial music, and post-rock, applying minimalism and spaciousness in service of stark, foreboding compositions. Their last record was again mixed by John Congleton.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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(UK / Editions Mego)
What to make of a vocalist so reminiscent of Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) and the many non-Marc/k's who sang their hearts out to synthetic accompaniment? What to make of an album, released in the dead of winter 2019, that sounds like a collection of 1983 club bangers? Finlay Shakespeare's debut places fresh emphasis on the question of synth pop's place in modern music. In 2017, Shakespeare began the “Housediet” series of monthly digital-only EP releases, taking fully improvised sessions working on his own modular systems, drum machines and processed vocals to comment on relevant current affairs and other political issues. This revised semi-industrial synth-pop sound caught the ear of Peter Rehberg at Editions Mego, who released “Domestic Economy” in March 2019. The album uses complex dancefloor elements with unwithering confidence. It evidences the unique musical approach Shakespeare has developed in a short period of time, bursting with edgy ecstatic electronic pop. 
Generally available / Europe / UK.
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(JP / Morphine records)
Guitar, saxophone, bass and drums. Disregarding the musical scale of instruments as much as possible, the band creates songs that consist of noise and muted sounds that produce a techno energy. The trance and fatigue brought about from relentless repetition and the melody-like sounds that comprise harmonics outside the twelve-tone are both urban and tribal at the same time. A LIVE MUST SEE!
Available for fly-ins or special events / Germany.
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(FR / Bureau B)
One of the earliest bands to exploit the marriage of electronics and rock to its fullest potential was the French outfit Heldon, led by guitarist Richard Pinhas. Pinhas was very much enthralled by the idea of using programmed synthesizers in his work. His first records with Heldon are direct precursors to the industrial clang of bands like Throbbing Gristle and, later, Einstürzende Neubauten and Ministry. The apexes of this fusion were represented on 1976's Un Rêve Sans Consequence Spécial and the 1977 album Interface. Richard will be touring with his son Duncan Pinhas to support their album "Richard Pinhas & Duncan Pinhas" out on Bam Balam Records for Record Store Day 2021
Generally available / Europe.
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(FR / Un je-ne-sais-quoi)
2 musicians, Jey, from band Pneu, and Funken plays Terry Riley's IN C score on modular synths. The 11 oscillators played are synchronized with animations drawned by the illustrator SOIA. All animations represent each the 53 phrases of Terry Riley's composition. Live colours and papers manipulations from SOIA are captured and superimposed on the projection. A visual and electronic reinterpretation of this evolving composition, among the most accessible and generous of contemporary music.
Generally available / EUR.
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(DE / Spoon Records)
With a classical music training, close to Stockhausen and John Cage, the German pianist, composer and conductor Irmin Schmidt, co-founder of the group Can in 1966, just released - at the age of 81 - ''5 Klavierstücke'', a meditative solo piano album recorded at home in Provence. Also available is the "Can Project" with symphonic orchestra and rock concert tribute to Can.
Generally available / World.
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(US / Mute Records)
Lee Ranaldo and Raül 'Refree' new collaboration album was released on Feb 2020 on Mute Records. For their new album, Names of North End Women, again on Mute Records, Ranaldo and Refree strike out in an entirely new experimental direction, combining acoustic instruments with electronic beats and samples to create a new form of ‘electronic folk’ music, minimalist landscapes of music and vocals unlike anything either of them have done before. Relying on arrangements both simple yet complex (and with very little electric guitar) the duo enter into exciting new territory with this release. now on booking, get in touch!
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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An intimate evening in seated venues with Lee, singing songs with both electric and acoustic guitars, presenting videos and telling stories from his early days in New York City, his years with Sonic Youth, and more, including Q&A with the audience and selected local moderators at each venue. A chance to open up the concert experience and allow the audience to get up close.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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Memory and repetition are important tools in the composition of music. For years the Austrian musician and composer Martin Brandlmayr has been experimenting with these structural elements, also known as a solo artist for his work in groups such as Radian and Trapist. ‘Vive Les Fantômes’ is his first step into radio art and earned him the Karl Sczuka Prize for Works of Radio Art in 2018, the highest achievement for works of radio art in Germany. Vive les Fantômes is based on snippets from interviews, rehearsal recordings and concerts by by people whose work had an influence on his path: Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday, Jacques Derrida, Chris Marker and others. They disappear and reappear over and over in a web of constantly changing shape, beyond the borders of language and music. Vive Les Fantômes is not only a piece of music, it’s rather acoustic cinema with non-linear narration. Martin Brandlmayr presents Vive Les Fantômes on drums, vibraphone, computer.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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(US / Sacred Bones)
Notre duo favori, aujourd'hui devenu trio avec l'ajout d'un batteur, reprend la route en 2019/2020 avec leur nouvel album Stars Are The Light.
Available for fly-ins or special events / France.
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(US / Goner Records)
NOTS are back! they've just unveiled their new single, "Half Painted House" and announced new album, '3' -- the Memphis band's third full-length and their first as a trio -- A dark, unpredictable, raucous, liberating sound is what it's all about! '3' sees its release May 10 simultaneously on Goner Records and Upset the Rhythm. Get in touch!
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
Contact Etienne | Links: NOTS FB | New Album Info | Live BB mIx | Live in London at the Garage | Audiotree full live Session | New single | Trax Arte | White Noise Video | Decadence Video

(US / Goner Records)
Optic Sink is Natalie Hoffmann from Nots’ synth-driven electronic project. It is comprised of songs she wrote over the past 4 years. Ben Bauermister, a Memphis DJ and electronic musician, joined on percussion in 2018. Look for a debut LP on Goner Records later this year.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/UK.
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(FR / Versatile)
The album "Jours de Grève" (Versatile Record, 2021) saw Detlef Weinrich aka Tolouse Low Trax (German producer, member of Kreidler and the man behind Dusseldorf’s infamous Salon des Amateurs), and French singer, hurdy-gurdy, spinet and harp player Emmanuelle Parrenin (author of the cultish Maison Rose album in 1976) join forces. They are now ready to tour.
Generally available / EUR.
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The electronic duo formed by brussels based artists TG Gondard and Carrageenan, describe its music as ‘minimal funk for brutal dancefloors’. We think it actually fits their sound, do you? After playing festivals such as Villette Sonique, Schiev, Musiques Volantes, 3 Eléphants... the guys are available for club shows & special events.
Available for fly-ins or special events / Europe/ UK.
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(US / Foom)
Rhys Chatham is a composer, guitarist, trumpet player and flutist from Manhattan, currently living in Paris, who altered the DNA of rock and created a new type of urban music by fusing the overtone-drenched minimalism of the early 60s with the relentless, elemental fury of the Ramones — the textural intricacies of the avant-garde colliding with the visceral punch of electric guitar-slinging punk rock. Starting with Guitar Trio in the 1970s and culminating with A Crimson Grail for 200 electric guitars in 2009, Chatham has been working for over 30 years to make use of armies of electric guitars in special tunings to merge the extended-time music of the sixties and seventies with serious hard rock. Chatham’s instrumentation ranges from the seminal composition composed in 1977 entitled Guitar Trio for 3 electric guitars, electric bass and drums, to the epoch evening-length work for 100 electric guitars, An Angel Moves Too Fast to See, composed in 1989… all the way to Chatham’s recent composition for 200 electric guitars, Crimson Grail, which was commissioned by the City of Paris for La Nuit Blanche Festival in 2005. A completely new version of the piece was commissioned by the Lincoln Center Outdoor Summer Festival in 2009. What does a composer do after mounting many performances with forces of 100-200 electric guitars? The composer gets back to basics, at least that’s what Rhys does! Along with the G100 and G3 programs, Chatham is currently offering a solo program, an evening length work with the composer performing himself on electric guitar, trumpets and bass alto and C flutes.
Generally available / Europe.
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(GB / Carpark Records)
Sonic Boom was the co-founder of Spacemen 3. His other projects include SPECTRUM and EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH. Sonic also produces, mixes and masters recordings from his New Atlantis Studio base. First solo album in over 20 years "All things being equal" out via carpark records, 6/5/20
Available for fly-ins or special events / FR.
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(SP / Lumière Noire)
Sutja Gutierrez is a Spanish artist, musician and host of the radio show Rational Anthem at His music brings together an array of different styles - experimental, lo-fi, electronic, etc. In his own words: “A free, sincere and fun experience”. Since 2010, he has been performing his music on different stages from all over Europe, places like FIB and Redbull Tour Bus in Benicassim, Electrosplash in Vinaros, Macarena and City Hall in Barcelona, Museo Guggenheim in Bilbao, Barraca and La 3 in Valencia, Nasti Club y Café Berlín in Madrid, La Gaîté Lyrique and Rex Club in Paris, Novosonic Festival and Fnac in Dijon, Silent Friday and Cafe Galao in Stuttgart, and Treibhaus in Luzern, to name a few. “A learning process at its toughest stage, his vision about what’s written in history and what’s offered to him as a mere mortal trying to unravel beauty and guilt. His storyline, if any, is the need to run free and wild.” His lattest EP, The Legend Of Time is out now on Lumière Noire Records / !K7. New album on Lumière Noire again Spring 2020. Photo by Pierre Lapin
Generally available / World.
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(France / Un je-ne-sais-quoi)
Tachycardie (drummer for Pneu, La Colonie de Vacances, F.U.T.U.R.OS.C.O.P.E. …) explores on his last LP a field between contemporary music, minimalism and sound art. Sound hypnosis, body endurance and mutant percussion. At the same time exploring the new possibilities offered by the orchestral writing and physical surpassing of his drummer's body, Tachycardie is a reflexive work on the possibilities of solo music which leaves a field of expression to the collaborations that sit at its creation. Therefore, Tachycardie will play live solo, in group with invited musicians, or even in the form of autonomous installations.
Generally available / EUR.
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London based Valentina Magaletti, fantastic drummer for Tomaga, Vanishing Twin and many other wonderful collaborations, plays on a sculpture conceived by artist Yves Chaudouët, the Batterie fragile, a drum-kit made out of porcelain. A new version of the Batterie fragile ready to tour with Valentina is being made. This solo show on an unlikely sounding instrument is as poetic, technical and unique as you may expect.
Available for fly-ins or special events / FR.
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