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Introducing a brand new roster of Julie Tippex’s artists performing cinemixes:

Emmanuelle Parrenin, Quentin Rollet, Jerome Lorichon / “Nosferatu” (FW. Murnau)

Arandel & Edouard Ferlet / “City Girl” (FW. Murnau)

Chloé / “Blackmail” (A. Hitchcock)

Ben Shemie & Cosmic Neman / “Man with a Camera” (Z. Vertov)

All these projects were created at La Cinémathèque Française in Paris.

Says Jean-François Rauger, programming director of the Cinémathèque: “Emmanuelle Parrenin, Quentin Rollet and Jerome Lorichon gave the most beautiful accompaniment to “Nosferatu” that I have ever seen.”


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