ACID BABY JESUS [GR] Fuzz Club / Slovenly Europe Fly-ins/special events Ambre
ANGUISH [US] Rare Noise Records Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
ANTILLES [FR] Unsigned Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
ARANDEL [FR] In-Finé Music World Generally available Pascal
BAS JAN [UK] Fire Records Europe Generally available Etienne
BLACK DICE [US] DFA, Fat Cat, Paw Tracks France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
BRIAN CASE [US] Hands in the Dark Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
CHAIN AND THE GANG [US] In The Red Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
CHICALOYOH [FR] Shelter Press Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
COBRA [FR] Born Bad Europe Fly-ins/special events Ambre
DÄLEK [US] Ipecac, Exile on Mainstream Europe Fly-ins/special events Etienne
DAVID GRUBBS [US] Drag City Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Marie
DING DONG [France] EUR Generally available Pascal
DOTHE [FR] Un je-ne-sais-quoi Europe Generally available Nico
DUCHESS SAYS [CA] Slovenly Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
ECHOES JAUMET-VILLEBRUN [FR] Err Rec World Generally available Pascal
ERIC COPELAND [US] DFA / L.I.E.S France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
ETIENNE JAUMET [FR] Versatile World Generally available Pascal
ETIENNE JAUMET & FABRIZIO RAT [FR] Bureau B EUR Generally available Pascal
EXPERIMENT 120 / EXPERIMENTAL FILMS PROGRAMMES FOR KIDS [DE] Studio Walter World Generally available Marie
FACS [US] Trouble in Mind Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
FAUST IV LIVE! [DE] Bureau B Europe Fly-ins/special events Marie
FELICIE D'ESTIENNE D'ORVES CONTINUUM [France] World Generally available Pascal
FUCKED UP [CAN] Matador France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
GATE [NZ] Table of the Elements Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
GOAT [JP] Morphine records Germany Fly-ins/special events Etienne
GUIDO MOEBIUS [DE] Autopilot EU/UK Generally available Marie
HELDON/RICHARD PINHAS [FR] Bureau B Europe Generally available Pascal
IMAGES OF GOO [DE] Un je-ne-sais-quoi Europe Generally available Nico
IN C POUR 11 OSCILLATEURS ET 53 FORMES [FR] Un je-ne-sais-quoi EUR Generally available Nico
INTONARUMORI [NL] No World Generally available Pascal
JOAKIM [FR] Because EUR Generally available Pascal
JULIE TIPPEX CINECONCERTS [FR] various World Generally available Marion
LE CLUB DES CHATS [FR] Le Vilain Chien Europe/UK Generally available Guillaume
LEE RANALDO [US] Mute Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Pascal
LEE RANALDO & RAUL REFREE [US] Mute Records Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Pascal
LIQUID LIQUID / SAL P DJ [US] Domino Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
MARIE-PIERRE BONNIOL [FR/DE] Studio Walter World Generally available Marie
MARTHA ROSE [UK, DE] Mansions & Millions Europe/UK Generally available Etienne
MENACE RUINE [CA] Profound Lore Records/ Alien 8 France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
MIKE COOPER [UK] Room40 records Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
MOON DUO [US] Sacred Bones France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
MURCOF [MX] The Leaf World Generally available Pascal
NISENNENMONDAI [JP] Various Germany Fly-ins/special events Etienne
NOTS [US] Goner Records Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
NOVA MATERIA [FR] Sub Rosa EUR Generally available Marion
OFFICINE [FR/ JP] IDEAL Europe Generally available Ambre
OPEN REEL ENSEMBLE [JP] Germany Germany from 08 to 18 August 2024
Generally available
OPTIC SINK [US] Feel It Records Europe/UK Europe/UK from 30 October to 30 November 2024
Fly-ins/special events
PANDA BEAR AND SONIC BOOM [UK] Domino FR Generally available Pascal
PARRENIN WEINRICH ROLLET [FR] Versatile EUR Generally available Pascal
PIZZA NOISE MAFIA [FR] Europe/ UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
PUBLICIST [US] Planet-e Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
PYPY [CAN] Slovenly Europe Fly-ins/special events Ambre
QUINTRON AND MISS PUSSYCAT [US] Goner Records Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Ambre
RHYS CHATHAM [US] Foom Europe Generally available Pascal
RHYS CHATHAM & DAVID FENECH [FR] Klein Records World Generally available Pascal
ROSE CITY BAND [US] Thrill Jockey France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
SISTER IODINE [FR] Europe Generally available Ambre
SONIC BOOM [GB] Carpark Records FR FR from 21 to 22 October 2024
Fly-ins/special events
SUBSTRAT [FR] World Generally available Pascal
SUTJA GUTIERREZ [SP] Lumière Noire World Generally available Marion
TACHYCARDIE [France] Un je-ne-sais-quoi EUR Generally available Nico
THE CHAP [UK] Lo Recordings Europe/UK Generally available Pascal
THE DEAD C. [NZ] Fly-ins/special events Etienne
THE DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA [EG/US/CA] Sub Rosa Europe Europe from 30 September to 30 November 2024
Generally available
THE PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT [US] No Quarter Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
THE RAINCOATS [UK] Kill Rock Stars / We Theee Europe Fly-ins/special events Pascal
THEE DEAD CLODETTES [FR] Lipstick Pickup World Generally available Marion
TRANS AM [US] Thrill Jockey Europe/UK Fly-ins/special events Etienne
TWIN COLOR [SP/BE] InFine EUR Generally available Pascal
VALENTINA MAGALETTI PLAYS THE BATTERIE FRAGILE [UK] Un je-ne-sais-quoi FR Fly-ins/special events Nico
WOODEN SHJIPS [US] Thrill Jockey France Fly-ins/special events Ambre
YURI LANDMAN [NL] Unsigned World Fly-ins/special events Pascal
ZOMBIE ZOMBIE/DRUILLET : UN VOYAGE HALLUCINE [FR] Born Bad World Generally available Pascal
ZOMBIE-ZOMBIE [FR] Born Bad World Generally available Pascal