Julie Tippex manifesto

Julie Tippex is an unusual art and music agency. Run by a bunch of nice people based in Paris, Berlin and London, Julie Tippex is both the name of a character, and a singular artists collection.

Julie Tippex has been born twice : first in 2004 in Paris, through the activities of the non-profit organization Disco-Babel, and then in 2007 again in London, as an hommage to the singer Julie Driscoll who became, married to Keith, Julie Tippets.

Julie Tippex was, back then, a French chick in her mid-twenties, totally addicted to post-punk basslines, who felt it was time for her to get involved along artists after ten years of diverse activities in underground music scenes, from fanzines and records production, to projects and venues coordination within the music industry and the institution.

Julie Tippex would become the home of all her new musical adventures, and an unsual model of organization as well : as her artists, Julie Tippex has established herself in the margins of the traditionnal music maps, with a total freedom of directions and projects.

Therefore, she decided to take “Her story” of The Flying Lizards as anthem and her glasses as logo, declared enthusiasm and sincerity as the absolute core of Julie Tippex philosophy, formed a very first roster of acts of twisted pop acts she was very fond of, and even ended marrying the drummer of one of them (“save the arts, date a musician”).

Over the years, Julie Tippex developped all over Europe a strong network of partners – promoters, institutions, labels, activists – as fond of other musics as her, for whom music is an aesthethic, social and cultural experience.

Today, a dozen of cool cats are Julie Tippex. Not all of us are girls, are wearing glasses or have the exact same music tastes. But our collective believes in music and art as a living culture, and that touring projects are valuable components of the circulation of ideas and forms of creativity. We like to make magic things happen : that’s our kind of thing.

Here’s certainly a reason why Julie Tippex and its very special agents are proposing exhibitions, audiovisuals, lectures, artists talks and workshops along its roster of live and DJ acts, as well as being involved in the programming of some festivals and special events, as associated curator or producer.

In our collections, all our artists are precious, may they be emerging acts, forms of art, or have had an historical influence : at the cross of scenes, genres and generations, the catalog of Julie Tippex presents 50 years of creative and freeform art and music, and is everything but standard.

All Power to Julie Tippex!” (Ian Svenonius)

Berlin, September 2011