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One family band : Vulfpeck – extract : Dean town (Vulf records, 2016)
One track : Joasihno – Bell games (Alien Transistor / Morr Music, 2016)
One album : Nicholas Desamory –You Only Need To Know How It Feels To Believe (Staubgold, 2016)
An other album : Borja Flames – Nacer Blanco (Marxophone Records / Le Saule, 2016)
One concert : Zeitkratzer, Svetlana Spajić & Friends (HKW, Berlin, January 2016)
One earworm : Kraus – Dear Giulietta (self-released CDR, 2004)
One anthem : Lew Davies And His Orchestra – Hold me (Enoch Light / Patterns in sound, 1966)
One French record : Jac Berrocal – Hôtel Hôtel (Nato, 1986). Extracts : Minuit La Nuit, Azur
One Soundcloud : Hassle Hound (Glasgow)
One playlist : Jean-Jacques Palix – Méta-musique pour poussières célibataires (Collection Morel, 2015)
One exhibition : Collection Morel – Les machines célibataires (Le lieu unique, Nantes, 2016)
One program : The Fantom Cinema (The Old Hairdresser, Glasgow, April 2016)
One artist book : Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster – 1887–Splendide Hotel (Onestar Press, 2014)
One anthology : Richard Brautigan – C’est tout ce que j’ai à déclarer (complete poetry, Le Castor Astral, 2016)
One place and neighbourood : Fonoteca Nacional de México, Mexico DF
One hell of adventure : Moscow, June 2016 / Telex – Moscow Disco (Hansa International, 1979)
One hidden place : Casa Almiral, Barcelona
A German hit : Ideal – Schöne Frau Mit Geld (Eitel Optimal, 1982)
A weirdo disco treat : Jean-Pierre Massiera – The Last Tourment (Mucho Gusto Records, 2008, rerelease)
One photo : Love Supreme Jazz Festival, Brighton

With thanks to Constance Legeay for our year of work together !




Live :
Zombie Zombie meet Sonic Boom at Villette Sonique; Zombie Zombie live in Xavier Veilhan’s workshop.
La Monte Young Tribute at Levitation.
Thurston Moore’s residency at Le Louvre featuring Stefen O’Malley and Irmin Schmidt.
Nuit NY at 104.
Jeff Mills and Emile Parisien’s tribute to John Coltrane for Variations serie.
Matmos perform Robert Ashley’s Perfect Life at Beaubourg.

Albums :
Zombie Zombie, Slow Futur
Skeletons, Am I Home?
Yeti Lane, L’Aurore

Exhibitions :
Martha Fiennes’ Nativity.
Kevin Coyne’s paintings in Vilseck, Germany.
Jack Kerouac’s scroll at Beaubourg.

Books :
Notre France by Raphaël Glucksmann.
Re-reading CF Ramuz.

Series :
Game of Thrones, Season 6, episode 9.

Best bar :
L’Incognito, Paris 20e (Hello Hector).

Top of the Tops :
Moving in a house with a garden…



Live Music : This is Not This Heat at Cafe Oto; Steve Reich Quartet at Royal Festival Hall; Oren Ambarchi + Will Guthrie at Cafe Oto; Pikacyu-Makoto tour; Housewives live; Milhoes De Festa; Supernormal Festival.

Recorded Music : Arch Waves by Jaleh Negari; Everywhere At The End Of Time by The Caretaker; Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage Live At Issue Project Room; Blackstar by David Bowie; Deepak Verbera by Botany; Under The Sun by Mark Pritchard.

Books : The Moons At Your Door edited by David Tibet; Before The Feast by Sasa Stanisic; The Vegetarian by Han Kang; Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead; Into The Maelstrom by David Toop; The Evenings By Gerard Reve.




Shows : Housewives, Gugayage, Helena Hauff @ Confort Moderne, Poitiers (+ Distopark
exhibition) / Pharcyde, Venetian Snares, Èlg, Damien Schultz, Eric Copeland in Rouen / Wolf Eyes, B-Ball Joints, Evil Moisture, Ghedalia Tazartès, Hailu Mergia @ Instants Chavirés / Sleaford Mods @ Villette Sonique & Route du Rock / Not Waving @ Soy Festival / Omar Di Bongo @ Musiques Volantes

Books : Equinoctial by John Varley, Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work by Matthew B. Crawford, Die Wahlverwandschaften by Goethe

Highlights : Recovering from tough moments with old friends in the basque country. Looking for Krampus in the Dolomite mountains. Horse riding in Normandy. Still being able to try and focus on good things that happened in 2016.


Fenster at Ezera Skanas 


Shows : Fenster at Alinae Lumr and Volksbühne, Soft Grid at Handstand und Moral, Klaus Johann Grobe at Jenseits von Millionen, White Wine at Immergut Festival, Batsch at Antje Oeklesund and in Coventry, Gurr at Westgermany, Deerhoof at Bi Nuu, Angel Olsen at Columbia Theater, Bounty Island at Tutti Frutti Fest, More Eats in Lugano and at Schokoladen, Civil Civic at The Victoria, Zombie Zombie at Urban Spree, Jerry Paper in New York City.

Books : “When Watched” by Leopoldine Core – “The Girls” by Emma Cline – “Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands” by Judith Schalansky – “The Thing Around Your Neck” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Highlights : Ezera Skanas Festival in Latvia, where Fenster played on a floating stage in the middle of a lake at sunrise. The festival takes place between 3am and 7am and people get by the stages on canoes and boats.
Keeping our free music magazine / concert calendar “The Chop” alive by organizing concerts and karaoke nights.




Thanks to everybody for keeping it real and releasing so many great records /// BadBadNotGood, Demdike Stare, Exploded View, Brian Case, Heliocentrics, Raime, Boss Hog, Biosphere, Babyfather, Group A, Kid Congo, Tomaga, Grischa Lichtenberger, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Caretaker, Mica Levi, Joke Lanz and to many others, apologies.

best of gigs /// Nots – Boschbar Zürich, Group A – UH fest Budapest, The Oscillation – The Lexington London, The Oblivians – Binic Folks Blues Festival, Holly Herndon – Resonate Festival Belgrade, The Coathangers – Moth Club London, Acid Mothers Temple – Tvornica Zagreb, Babyfather – Menza pK Ljubljana, Pierre Bastien – Studio M Novi Sad, Eric Copeland – Cafe Oto London, Raime – Saint Ghetto festival Bern, Beak> & Tomaga – Palace St.Gallen

special memories on /// Bad Bonn Song book launch at Rough Trade East + Imoto Kilbi Festival at Cafe Oto London.. the Jugoton exhibition in Belgrade.. Resonate Festival.. Pierre Bastien at Studio M in Novi Sad.. †Prince†.. Roedelius.. Roy & JSBX tour .. NMH at Boschbar.
Lover Cover: Biospheres Departed Glories (August 2016, Smalltown Supersound)


« The Town Musicians of Bremen on the road »  


one 80’s song
one german song
one french
one music video
one old ambiant record
one Daniel Lanois song
one Beatles cover
one Dance song
one TV show music


Marian Lenhard, Ur Deutsch


Albums I listened a lot :
Hyperculte – Hyperculte (2016)
Sourdure – La Virée (2015)
Pauwels – U.P. (2016)
Piotr Kurek – Edena (2012)
Konono n°1 – Konono n°1 meets Batida (2016)
Mammane Sani – Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984 (2015)
Le Cercle des Mallissimalistes – Bélibaste De Cocagne – Le Moire (2015)
Senyawa – Menjadi (2015)
Tanz Mein Herz – Territory (2015)
Selvhenter – Motions Of Large Bodies (2014)

Live :
Sourdure @ Festival Échos, Le Saix
Pierre Bastien @ Z-Bau Jubiläum, Nürnberg
The Greatest Show On Earth @ Kammerspiele, München
Baptiste Brunello @ October Tone Parties, Strasbourg
Opening week-end @ TAPE, Aarhus

Book :
Kenneth Frampton: L’Architecture moderne, une histoire critique

Art :
Rodčenko @ LAC, Lugano
Vitra Design Museum, Weil-am-Rhein

Highlights :
Starting exciting new projects: two concert series (Verlust und Verschwendung @ Z-Bau, Nürnberg and SOG – innovative Musik @ Bamberg) and Franz e.V. (co-working space and culture association @ Bamberg). Working more and more with Julie Tippex. DIY-renovation of an old parquet floor.


TU LAISSES UN MESSAGE POUR EUX, ON N’EST PAS LES SEULS, Film et dispositif de Stéphane Broc, Jean-Louis Chapuis, Vincent Epplay, Pierre Escot, Marion Orel, 2016


4 shows :
Christian Zanési & Guy Reibel, Festival Présences Electronique @ le 104, Paris
Tuxedomoon @ La Maroquinerie, Paris
The Oscillation @ La Maroquinerie, Paris
The Chap @ Le Badaboum, Paris (my first time finally!)

One exhibition : Run Run Run, Les 20 ans de La Station, with L’Espace d’En Bas @ La Villa Arson
One book : Les villes invisibles, Italo Calvino, 1972
One documentary : Don Pauvros De La Manche, Guy Girard @ BBmix
Last song of 2016 : Demnächst Mon Amour, Catalogue (Pénétration, 1982)
First song of 2017 : Meilleurs Voeux, Les Amazones de Guinée (Wamato, 2008)

Best highlight : Birth of my amazing little boy Vadim!


Su Tissue of Suburban Lawns, Burce Kalberg, 1981


A song : The Rap – Millie Jackson (Caught Up, Ace Records 1974)
An album : Borrowed Floors – The Lithics (Water Wing, 2016)
A reissue : Jungle Nausea – Jungle Nausea (Water Wing, 2016)
A podcast : International Women’s Day Lady Hip Hop Mix, Dope Folk Records
A show : The Downtown Boys @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire, June 2016
A book : G.P.O. v G.P-O: A chronicle of Mail Art on Trial, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Primary Information, 2013)
A novel : Mémoires d’une jeune fille (Annie Ernaux, 2016)
A video-clip : Ja Sam Radosna – Boye (1983)
A zine : Soromance #1 : Groupies, (March 2016)
A video game : New Super Mario Bros. Wii, 2009
A movie : Kids Return, Takeshi Kitano, 1996
A documentary : Don Pauvros De La Manche, Guy Girard (Screened at BBmix)
Highlights : Working on Collection Morel’s exhibition Les machines célibataires with Marie-Pierre (Le lieu unique, Nantes, 2016), celebrating my 30th birthday with my friends last summer, Festival Visions at Plougouvelin with Rosa Vertov, being able to broadcast and speak about early awesome female post-punk band on national french radio France Culture, spending all the year digging more and more awesome old school hip hop female records, working on “Fifteen Su Tissue” a collaborative fan art fanzine about the leader of Suburban Lawns Su Tissue.
Things I’m looking forward to on 2017 : Travelling in Japan !


For reaching us all :
All the best for the new year !
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