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A brunch with Julie Tippex, August 2015

Brunch Tippex 1

A part of the Julie Tippex team. From the left : Pascal (who came from Paris), Amande, Marie and Etienne, based in Berlin for the three of them. Ambre, Tom, Marion, Steve, Thierry, Guillaume were missing, either in France, Canada or the UK. Next time !

Brunch Tippex 4

We invited some local and international partners and friends for our first brunch ever, at Marie-Antoinette in Berlin, opposite Kraftwerk, at the occasion of festival Atonal where Julie Tippex was presenting the reformation of Outside The Dream Syndicate of Tony Conrad with Faust (in collaboration with Front Porch productions) and “Mecanology in 4 rooms”, a sound installation by Pierre Bastien.

Brunch Tippex 2

Kraftwerk‘s building, daytime, from the windows of Marie-Antoinette on the other side from the river Spree.

Brunch Tippex 5

Kaori, installing her delicious catering. She works often for Berghain, where we’ve discovered her food !

Brunch Tippex 6

Faust was in the place ! On the photo : Zappi, “made in Austria a long time ago”.

Brunch Tippex 8

Mini-kicker turnament between Cyril (Le lieu unique) and Jean-Hervé (Faust) while first guests were arriving.

Brunch Tippex 10

Maëlle (Festival Invisible in Brest, France) with Jean-Hervé (Faust). Faust performed at Festival Invisible last year !

Brunch Tippex 11

Our friend Anastasia (Berlin Community Radio, freelance journalist for several papers and websites in France) with Amande (Julie Tippex). Feeling on a cruise !

Brunch Tippex 13

Jean-Hervé (Faust), Regina (Front Porch productions), Marie (Julie Tippex) with shy Walter, Zappi (Faust). The reformation of “Outside The Dream Syndicate” was a several months project for Regina and me (Marie). So happy it went all more than well !

Brunch Tippex 14

Jean-Hervé and Zappi of Faust with Tony Conrad, who came with Jennifer Walshe also close from Tippex, from different connections. It was very cool and a real honor to have Tony along us, especially considering how intense were for him the two previous days.

Brunch Tippex 16

Arnaud (Festival Invisible) and his children

Brunch Tippex 18

Etienne (Julie Tippex) and Bertrand (Université de Grenoble), long time buddies

Brunch Tippex 19

A good pair : Tim (Handclaps, extended Tippex family) with Andreas (Dynamo Dreesen).

Brunch Tippex 20 Brunch Tippex 22

The two coolest guys in Berlin : Andre (Berghain) and Guido Moebius (Autopilot and more). Tippex love !

Brunch Tippex 23

Simon (CTM) with baby Cassidy

Brunch Tippex 24Brunch Tippex 25Brunch Tippex 27Brunch Tippex 29

Very brave little Walter Tippex with the daughter of Arnaud and Maëlle (Festival Invisible).
Yes, our events have some action !

Brunch Tippex 31

End of brunch with the families of Julie (ACUD, Berlin venue) and Toby.

Brunch Tippex 32

Drone demonstration in a finally emptied Marie-Antoinette, ready to get our packs out.

Thank you all, pictured or not pictured, for coming along today, with very very special thanks to Amande (Julie Tippex) who organised it all, and even managed to find some ‘glasses’ kraft paper as mini-table cloth.

Brunch Tippex 33

She really rocks !

Bis nächste Mal, and thanks again for the moment together. That was very very nice.

— Marie & Tippexes (Amande, Etienne, Pascal)

A brunch with Julie Tippex — Marie-Antoinette, Berlin, Sunday August 23rd 2015 | Invitation
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