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Europe/UK tour April-May-June 2011 and available for Summer festivals
MySpaceWebsiteAgent – Last release : “Lights on the leash” EP (Too Pure, 2010)
Civil Civic keeps it DIY. Mixing jagged progressive post-punk guitar, jamming fuzz-bass and pummeling drum machine beats, delivered in a no-frills lo-fi-pop package, these Europe-based Australian instrumentalists look determined to cement their reputation as “the thinking persons party band”, whatever the cost to themselves, music or humanity at large. Press has described them as “the lovechild of SONIC YOUTH and LIGHTNING BOLT and filed them next to BATTLES, BEBOP DELUX, KING CRIMSON. After a couple of Europe/UK tours and a single release on Too Pure, they are concocting their debut album for 2011.

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpace IpecacAgent – Next release : “The 1000 People Band” (Ipecac, 2011)
Sylvain mixes music, Guillaumit mixes comics and visuals. Breaking the boundaries of traditional disciplines, this innovative French duo presents a unique blend of music and animation – a cartoon world inhabited by colorful geometrical creatures accompanied by a contrasting mix of electronic musics that include: electro waltz, slaughtered swing, lyrical chiptune, broken folk, coconut cartoon, and FM hits. Gangpol & Mit has been exploring this universe for five years through productions, exhibitions and concerts worldwide and have played alongside artists such as FELIX KUBIN, DRAGIBUS, BONDENSTANDING 2000, KAP BAMBINO…. Their first album will be released on IPECAC this year !

Europe/UK tour April-May-June 2011 and available for Summer festivals
MySpaceThrill Jockey artist pagePress cutsAgent – Last release : “Infinite love” (Thrill Jockey, 2010)
Co-founder and guitar player of PONYTAIL, as well of ECSTATIC SUNSHINE, Dustin Wong takes inspiration from something JOHN FAHEY once said: “I was playing guitar but I heard an orchestra in my head. So I was really composing for a full orchestra.” Dustin was deeply moved and inspired by this way of thinking about the creative process. It had a profound effect on his work process, inspiring him to use one instrument to create many melodic, emotional and literal layers. Working with a simple assembly of pedals: an octave, distortion, loop, envelope filter, and a couple of delays, he began to take this idea and make it his own, following a twisting path of punk discovery that inspired a growing respect for sonic visionaries like JIMI HENDRIX, BRIAN WILSON and BRIAN ENO. Those who have had the pleasure of experiencing the catharsis that is Ponytail live, will not be disappointed by this stunning display.

Available for a few selected events in 2011 ! In collaboration with La Prod JV
MySpace – Seventh recordsAgent – Last release : “Ëmëhntëhtt Ré” (Seventh records, 2010)
Led by classically trained drummer Christian Vander, the Paris-based Magma are in their way the ultimate progressive rock group, going so far as to invent their own lyrical and musical language in order to bring their unique vision to life. The son of a jazz pianist, Vander initially followed in his father’s footsteps, modeling his technique on the work of JOHN COLTRANE and ELVIN JONES. Highly influential for bands such as ART ZOYD or UNIVERS ZERO, as well as more contemporary acts such as CHROME HOOF, Julie Tippex now collaborates Europewide with Magma and their home agency for a few selected special events!

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpaceLabel page Agent – Last release : “Thing” (Thrill Jockey, 2010)
Combining synth grooves with rock instrumentation, Trans Am have provided soundtracks to the future ever since their inception in 1993. Always exploring different musical directions, Nathan Means, Philip Manley and Sebastian Thomson are concerned with an extreme, and somewhat perverse, reorientation of the cliches and conventions of rock music – primarily through either technical (exaggerated displays of skill) or instrumental deviation using electronics or effects. Influenced by KRAFTWERK, CAN and classic US rock, Trans Am have a unique and powerful touch, which turn their live shows into a cathartic and exhilarating experience.

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpaceDrag city artist pageAgent – Last release “Pure Moods” (Drag City, 2010)
Chicago-based psychedelic/Krautrock enthusiasts Cave craft tight, funky, free-form slabs of groove-heavy, instrumental space rock that have earned the group comparisons to everyone from CAN to STEREOLAB to FUNKADELIC. Formed in 2006, Cave grew out of the ashes of a handful of local Chicago bands, as well as Missouri-based WARHAMMER 48K. Like driving a train full speed off a cliff only to discover that the train can fly and you’ll live forever if you stay inside. Cave already performed two Europe/UK tours (more than 80 shows all over Europe) and some major festivals: ATP, Supersonic, Le Guess who, Supersounds…

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpaceAgent – Next release : “Music is not for everyone” (K Records, 2011)
Ian Svenonius (MAKE UP, NATION OF ULYSSES, WEIRD WAR) is a singer in rock ‘n’ roll groups but also a published author (THE PSYCHIC SOVIET, Drag City Books) and a chat show host (SOFT FOCUS, vbs.tv). His new group CHAIN & THE GANG is the splendid culmination of all these pursuits, combining the vulgarian style of the rock ‘n’ roll performance with the compulsory repartee of the television host and the polemic. It’s almost too much for one stage to hold but somehow Svenonius pulls it off. How? With the the call and response form, learned from work songs, go-go music, and gospel spirituals. He has been called by more than a few: “The most dynamic performer treading the boards today.” Chain and the Gang are the perfect antidote to the boring over-hyped and formalistic drivel coming out the underground music scene, with their energy, their wit, and their genuine engagement of the audience. Get them before you can’t.

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
Kellies started in 2005 when four girls met at a gig in Buenos Aires and started playing music in a garage. Singing in Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Catalan and French, Kellies is very active in the Argentinian underground music scene, unleashing their infectious energy through garage rhythms, teasing impertinence and all out fun live shows that incorporate the convoluted dress sense of DEVO and the rhythmic energy of ESG. The band has recently finished recording their third album “Kellies” which was mixed in London by Dennis Bovell (THE SLITS, BANANARAMA, THE POP GROUP, MADNESS…). After a first Europe tour in 2009, they’ll be back in 2011 and ready to rock our hearts!

Tour February-March 2011 + festivals (with founder members Jean-Herve Peron and Zappi Diemaier)
MySpaceWebsiteAgent – Next release : “Something Dirty” (Tapete, 2011)
“Inventors of ‘Kraut Rock’, iconoclasts extraordinaire, FAUST are key figures in 20th Century music. In the early 70’s, along with CAN and KRAFTWERK, they re-invented pop music as a specifically European art-form. Amongst those Faust have strongly influenced we must count BRIAN ENO, JOY DIVISION, CABARET VOLTAIRE, TEST DEPARTMENT, NEUBAUTEN, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, JULIAN COPE, JOY DIVISION and a host of Industrial and Techno bands. The music has lost none of it’s immediacy or relevance – it sounds as if it was recorded last week, not last decade”(Chris Cutler) Also available (June and October 2011) : Art Error (Ist?) with Jean-Herve Peron (FAUST), Andrew Lilles and Steven Stapleton (NURSE WITH WOUND), a powerhouse combining live art and live music.

On tour February, March, April – Available for Spring and Summer festivals
MySpaceAgent – Next releanse “Veils” (All Time Low, February 2011)
Since releasing their debut album with DC Recordings in 2008 The Oscillation have gained a reputation as an incendiary live band that fuse elements of krautrock, no-wave fuzz, discofied noise and pop melancholia. With band members guesting in an assortment of acts such as CHROME HOOF, VOICE OF THE SEVEN THUNDERS, HUSH ARBORS and more; and live appearances alongside the likes of MOON DUO, DEERHUNTER, HARMONIA, FUJIYA & MIYAGI and CHROME HOOF they have refined their sonic vision over the years, culminating in a brand new album to be released in February 2011. They will follow this with an extensive European tour featuring a new live visual show from Julian Hand…

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpaceWebsiteLabel pageAgent – Last release : “Well done Europe” (Lo Recordings, 2010)
Tippex favorites : The Chap are a modern pop group based in North London and Berlin and feature five nationalities in four band members. Their music is influenced by film structure, Dadaism, computer magazines, free improv and the entire pop canon and filed under TALKING HEADS, METRONOMY and ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI. They make pop-improv-disco-rock. Their releases have been accompanied by numerous gigs and tours through the UK and Europe, commanding bafflement and ecstasy in equal measure. Kids at gigs have frequently said the Chap “are amazing”, “are really out there” and ‘”look like teachers'”. BECK and BLOC PARTY asked them for remixes., and they’ve been invited by ROSKILDE festival in 2009. All of them can’t be wrong

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
WebsiteAgent – Next release : “Infinite Capacity” EP (Loaf, 2011)
Lost in the mists of musical history, the Monochrome Set appeared in the hazy period just after punk and hung around for a good two decades, releasing clever albums full of hook-crammed melodies and coloured with a dark sense of humour. Frontman Bid’s arch vocals gave the band a wonderful camp quality, and it was probably his lyrical smarts that alerted a young MORRISSEY to their presence; they were even one of his favourite groups before he formed THE SMITHS. other fans include no less than FRANZ FERDINAND or GRAHAM COXON.

On tour May-June 2011 and available for Summer festivals
MySpaceWebsiteAgent – Next release : May 2011 (20/20/20)
Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang’s music career started with modest goals but grew to incorporate one of the most influential bands of the 80s (GALAXIE 500), a string of duo albums on Sub Pop records thoughout the 90s, collaborations with some of the most adventurous rock musicians playing today (GHOST, MICHIO KURIHARA, NMPERIGN, WAYNE ROGERS) and the formation of their own record label and publishing house. In May 2011 They will release a brand new album which will feature a string of exciting collaborators. They will follow this with a European tour featuring Michio Kurihara from Ghost, Boris etc.

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpaceAgent – Last release : “The fix is in” (Le Son du Marquis, 2009)
James Chance is a legend : the free form playing of ALBERT AYLER with the solid funk rythm of JAMES BROWN, tiltered through a punk rock lens. Pionneer from the New-York no-wave scene, James Chance (or James White) is a free jazz saxophonist who started to play with LYDIA LUNCH’s TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS, before forming The Contortions. With that much funk, James Chance scaled the band down to a sparse, chaotic group that devoured funk and disco with as much hate as admiration. Backed with his French musicians, JAMES CHANCE has played 50 shows in Europe since 2007 and proves at every show that he’s still got the mojo. Sax maniac!

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpace Versatile Records artist pageAgent – Last release : “Night Music” (Versatile Records, 2009)
When his henchman (Cosmic Neman) is not around beating on the drums for the band-beyond-the-grave ZOMBIE ZOMBIE, Etienne Jaumet takes control of a spacecraft that only he can manage, cruising outer space on a quest for a deeper sound. As a solo performer, he dwelves into a dressing box of inspirations drawn from horror movie soundtracks, vintage italo, kosmische, library music and psychedelia, concocting a sound that is sensuous, intoxicating and more than a little foreboding. Breathtaking in its imagination and cinematic scope, Jaumet’s live show (which includes saxophone and a vast array of vintage synthesizers) is essential viewing.

Available all year long and for special events
MySpaceAgent – Next release : “Infinite Capacity” EP (Loaf, 2010)
Ben Butler & Mousepad is Joe Howe, currently based in Edinburgh Scotland. He has produced weird, complex, fun, synth-led music under a bunch of aliases, including GAY AGAINST YOU and GERMLIN. The last few years have seen Joe producing an album for MOMUS, working on an Opera in Berlin about WENDY CARLOS and rocking festivals, residencies and clubs through Europe, as well as remixing DEERHOOF, KLAXONS and THE CHAP (amongst others). As Ben Butler & Mousepad, he plays solo or in duo with Bastian Hagedorn on drums, under a proper prog-rock influence which doesn’t forget fun.

Available for Spring and Summer festivals 2011
MySpaceXLR8RAgent – Last release : “Hand to Mouth” (Voltaire, 2010)
Publicist is the brainchild of Sebastian Thomson, mainly known as the drummer for post-rock stalwarts TRANS AM and punk band WEIRD WAR (briefly known as The Scene Creamers).  Preferring to perform on the dance floor rather than the stage, he is “of the people and for the people”; audience members can’t help but be amazed by Thomson’s sheer presence.  Publicist produces all of his own music, with the occasional contribution from PHILIP MANLEY of Trans Am/Jonas Reinhardt (synth), IAN SVENONIUS of Nation of Ulysses /The Make-Up / Chain and the Gang (vocals), and ALEX MINOFF of Weird War/Golden (guitar).  Mixing live drums and vocoded vox with spacey, arpeggiated dance rhythms and funk-laden bass lines, Publicist’s one man band approach appeals to directly to a spectrum of 70s kraut-rockers, DJs, dancers, and party people.

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