CIVIL CIVIC keep it DIY. Mixing jagged progressive post-punk guitar, jamming fuzz-bass and pummeling drum machine beats, delivered in a no-frills lo-fi-pop package, these Europe-based Australian  instrumentalists look determined to cement their reputation as “the thinking persons party band”, whatever the cost to themselves, music or humanity at large. Shunning vocals to make more room for their soaring distortions, Civil Civic rejected the idea of a front man and instead created ‘The Box’. Part evil drum machine, part hobo light-show, all road-case, The Box completes the Man-Machine tryptic.

Press has described them as “the lovechild of SONIC YOUTH and LIGHTNING BOLT and filed them next to BATTLES, BEBOP DELUX, KING CRIMSON. The band released it their first EP in March 2010 on multicoloured reel-to-reel style cassettes. It was called ‘1’ and you can check it out here. The single ‘Less Unless’ was ping-ponged from blog to blog for months and months culminating in it hitting the top of the Hype Machine chart. It has since sunk back in to the undergrowth where it is much more comfortable. CIVIL CIVIC followed up ‘1’ with a Double B-Side 7″ featuring ‘Run Overdrive’ and ‘Fuck Youth’. Run Overdrive was also bullied around the traps for some time and garnered many a positive ranting from over excitable blog typing types.

CIVIL CIVIC’s new single ‘Light On A Leash’ is a veritable mind melt of sonic manipulation. Twisting and turning at seemingly random points to create a truly absorbing and visceral whole that should, provided you’re not dead from the neck up get you out of your seat and dancing around the room like a lunatic undergoing shock therapy. The title for CIVIL CIVIC’s new single was named by a fan after running a competition on their blog. After their second Europe tour in automn 2010, CIVIL CIVIC are going to spend winter writing and recording their debut LP, which is due in september 2011.

CIVIL CIVIC are Aaron Cupples, guitar and keyboards ; Ben Green, bass ; and The Box.

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“Lights On A Leash” received 4 and half stars (out of 5) from Artrocker magazine and “Run Overdrive” is number 8 on their Singles of 2010.

Trust us when we say you really need to hear this lot


They put the “brawl” into cerebral

– The Guardian

5 Stars – Single Of The Month

– Artrocker

Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation compressed into three minutes and remixed by Max Tundra
– The Guardian

Very awesome, Joy Division on E
– Winnie Cooper

Listening to Civil Civic might be the best decision you make today

Impossible to ignore or deny

– Dummy

Are you listening to this? Seriously, are you? Cause you should be. Distortion has never sounded this good

– The Burning Ear

The lovechild of Lightning Bolt and Sonic Youth
– Webcuts Music

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The Guardian

Culture de Luxe

Canvas Magazine
Dummy Mag
Just Be A Person


‘RUN OVERDRIVE’ was released on 7″ limited edition (500) vinyl and Digital Download. It was released as a ‘Double B-Side’ with another track titile ‘Fuck Youth’

‘LESS UNLESS’ was released on an 5 track EP titled ‘1’ on limited edition (100) colourful retro cassettes.

‘LIGHTS ON A LEASH’ was released on Too Pure (Beggars Group) in December 2010, on limited edition of 500.

Next single : june 2011
Debut album : septembre 2011


Less Unless (live)

Run Overdrive

Fuck Youth

Lights on a Leash