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Jerry David DeCicca is the singer-songwriter from The Black Swans and producer of records by legendary outsider songwriters from the 1960s and 1970s like Larry Jon Wilson (Monument Records, Heartworn Highways), Ed Askew (ESP-Disk, 1967), and Bob Martin (RCA, 1973).

His debut solo album, Understanding Land, is being self released in spring of 2014.

“With a voice that’s a cross between Leonard Cohen and Mark Lanegan, and a supporting cast that includes Will Oldham, Kelley Deal and Spooner Oldham, Jerry David DeCicca’s solo debut is a minor treat of rich strings and warm songwriting.” 8/10 UNCUT

“a grizzled troubadour of vision and heart” 4/5 The Skinny

“Despite its quiet, and despite the dark feel to these songs, Understanding Land is a deeply comforting collection. Leonard Cohen, who DeCicca in part channels here, said on “Anthem” that “there is a crack in everything, / that’s how the light gets in.” On Understanding Land, to focus on the dark around these songs, is to miss the excellent new cracks DeCicca has given us.” Popmatters

“DeCicca is a careful, precise songwriter, but the songs don’t necessarily sound written. Instead, they seem like they occurred to him naturally and ineluctably.” Pitchfork

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