Kellies started in 2005 when three girls met at a gig in Buenos Aires, borrowed their friends’ amps and instruments, and started playing music in a garage. Their third album, Kellies, recorded by Crang Records and Rastrillo Records and mixed by Dennis Bovell (see The Slits, Madness, Fela Kuti), came out in August 2010, and sees the Kellies mixing those catchy garage sounds with cumbia, dub and post-punk.

Singing in Spanish, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Catalan and French, KELLIES spent several years ensuring their prominence on the Argentinian underground music scene. With their first record, Shaking Dog! (2007), they created an irresistible blend of raw, spicy rock that owes as much to old rock and  roll as it does the Raincoats, which turned out to be a veritable birthday party of a record.

In 2009 was released their second independant record, Kalimera. That same year KELLIES took the new, tighter songs on their first international tour, Rocking the Old World, unleashing their infectious energy onto Europe with their garage rhythms, teasing impertinence and all-out fun live shows that incorporated the convulated dress sense of Devo and the bouncinessof ESG. After the tour, Argentinian record label Mun Discos released the single Hit it off Straight Away, which can be downloaded from their website.

KELLIES are : Ceci Kelly, guitar and vocals ; Betty Kelly, bass and vocals ; Sil Kelly, drums and vocals.

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Shaking Dog! (album) 2007 – Independant

Kalimera (album) 2009 – Independant

Hit is off straightaway (single) 2009 – Mun Discos

Kellies (album) 2010 – Rastrillo Records / Crang Records




@ La Cigale – Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 06.03.10

“Suffisant” @ Astra Stube – Hamburg, 19.07.09

“Scotch Whiskey” @ White Trash – Berlin, 18.07.09

“Stop” @ Barcelona, 08.08.09