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JOHN CARPENTER: “I know this French band that is pretty good. They’re called Zombie Zombie. (They’re a techno band I think)”.


Zombie Zombie recoit le soutien du Centre National de la Chanson des Variétés et du Jazz et du Bureau Export



July 2016: Zombie Zombie composed the soundtrack to the film Irréprochable by Sébastien Marnier.
Les Inrocks loved it.  Hear the music here.

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE new album “Slow Futur” out in April 2016. The band will do a “SLOW FUTUR” Tour in 2017. Send offers to pascal (a) julietippex.com


Original music of the Slow Futur show by Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse, played and composed by Zombie Zombie (Cosmic Neman, Etienne Jaumet, Dr Schonberg), here presented separately from the show as a four tracks double LP.

Slow Futur features two jugglers (Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse) on a treadmill (8 x 2m) which carries them along a neon light installation which delimits the choreographic space as a kind of space-time tunnel: “the hyperspace”. Their minimalist juggling practice – with 3 white balls each – plays with opposite movements like acceleration/immobility, synchronization/progressive transformation, and thus evokes a way of making the body face the inexorable passing of time. The music of Zombie Zombie, repetitive and floating, as a vector of the choreographic mechanic, mixes analog electronic sounds and acoustic rhythms that rise in intensity in order to bring the two jugglers into a frantic and hypnotic rush, whereas the treadmill submits their bodies to a movement independent of their will, so becoming an infernal machine. Between abstraction and representation of reality, Slow Futur questions the relationships between human beings, where the individualism caused by the modern world leads to loneliness, as the human condition is reduced to a simple machine which robotic movements are devoid of emotion. Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse are not only renewing the image of today’s circus but also continuing their research on the choreographic, dramatic and poetic potential of juggling.

Instruments: modular synthesizers Buchla & Synthesizers.com, Synare 3, Six-Trak Sequencial, Roland TR 808, OP1 Teenage Engineering, oscillators, Gretsch & Ludwig drums, percussions LP, rototoms, vibraphone, Korg and Boss Vocoder, Oto Bim & Ibanez EU 305 delay, Selmer alt sax…

Recorded in April 2015 at Midlive Studios (former Vogue studios), Villetaneuse and mixed in June 2015 by Angy Laperdrix at Solaris Studio, Paris. Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis, London. Cover concept: www.laboca.co.uk


Zombie Zombie is a French trio made up of Etienne Jaumet on analog synths, Cosmic Neman (who also plays with the band Herman Dune) and Doc Shonberg, both on drums and percussion.
Zombie Zombie go back to 2005 and their first album “A Land for Renegades”. In 2010 their album “Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter”, which saw them solely tackle the works of film score composer John Carpenter in new and different ways was a big succes. This time round they’ve taken a different tack heading into the studio with Joakim on production duties for their third album proper, “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde” (‘Rituals Of A New World’).

The crazyest news: In October 2103, Lady Gaga sampled the band and their cover of Sun-Ra’s “Rocket #9″ in her new song ‘Venus”! Read more about it on SPIN.

“Best French Band” Vice

Ghoulish Parisian psych-nouveau duo, coming to you from your darkest nightmares. Expect to wake up screaming, but for joy“. (NME)“Festival highlights include Zombie Zombie, a Parisian pairing who impress with their vintage synth-based krautrock rythms and high-energy hommage to the scores of low-budget horror films. John Carpenter-inspired synthesizer soundscapes mix with the no wave electroclash of Suicide.” The Independant

File under Krautrock, Can, Neu!, Suicide, Silver Apples…


Older news:
New album in March 2014: With Zombie Zombie‘s well known taste for movie soundtracks, it’s no surprise that the band had been chosen to compose the original soundtrack of Narimane Mari’s movie Loubia Hamra. More info on the tracklisting and the release dates below. The band will perform the premier of this cinemix in Paris in March.

Watch “The wisdom of stones” new video. “La vidéo du meilleur groupe français actuel” says VICE/ Noisey magazine. Get ready for a hot and trippy journey where women rule the world! Exclusive on Vice Magazine!
ZOMBIE ZOMBIE went on their first USA TOUR in 2014, performing 11 shows from Coast to Coast including Austin Psyche Festival and Psycho de Mayo in Santa Ana.


ZOMBIE ZOMBIE tours as a trio but is also available for shows with…:


Zombie Zombie Lune-Argent Ensemble. On May 18th 2013, at Festival Villette Sonique, Cité de la Musique, Paris, Zombie Zombie  played a special creation : “Zombie Zombie Lune-Argent Ensemble” featuring guests musicians. Line up was: Etienne Jaumet (synths), Cosmi Neman (drums/percussions), Dr. Schonberg (drums/percussions), Joakim (synths), Yaya Herman Dune (guitar), Romain Turzi (guitar/effects), Emmanuelle Parrenin (voice, hurdy gurdy), Flop(Brasilian percussions), Vincent Mougel (bass), Louis Laurain (trumpet), Pierre Borel (baryton sax). Sound by Raphaelle Seguin, Lights by Yossi Derhi.
Une très belle interview sur ce projet chez Popnews. Les Inrocks ont vu le concert. Photos du concert. Video


The Drone talked to Zombie Zombie and filmed the show at La Boule Noire, Paris for Arte live Web


Nice live video at Mr Wong, Brussels, 2013



Back in 2010, French musician Etienne Jaumet released a deliciously creepy album in the form of Night Music. Now, he’s teamed up with fellow Frenchmen Herman Dune as Zombie Zombie, and the group will release an album, Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde, on November 19 via Versatile. The loopy, hypnotic synth work contained within “Illuminations” represents the second single from the LP.

On this year when all the prophecies are to be fulfilled, Zombie Zombie releases a new album on Versatile Records, entitled “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde” (“Rituals of a New World”) – with its French title a desire to affirm their “French Touch”!

Behind this mysterious title, the band offers a vast program, no frills, but the urge to take a new direction in their instrumental music after their masterful 2010 effort at horror movies music (“Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter”).

At the helm, Etienne Jaumet (synthesizers, analog modular drum machines, effects, vox) and Cosmic Neman (drums, percussion, vox, rototoms, bongos, maracas, tambourine…) and  the French electro-wizard Joakim behind the controls in his own alaogic studio “Labyrinth” in Paris. A dream studio where analogue synths rub shoulders with top notch hardware. The engineering talents of Joakim plus his knowledge of music served to the best the compositions of the band.

The album was recorded last spring between Etienne and Neman tours with their other projects: solo for Etienne (“Night Music” album, produced by Carl Craig!), Herman Dune for Cosmic Neman.

Although the album title should not be too seriously, it evokes the idea of talking about the spiritual language of music and its magic: the trance achieved through the sound and rhythm, as found primarily in African and Caribbean traditions, where the “ritual” is the procedure to get in touch with a supernatural state – the “New World”, the world-beyond that Zombie Zombie seek to achieve through their hypnotic music.

Hear the Singles Illuminations (out end of Oct 12) and Rocket #9 (a Sun Ra cover!)

Hear 2 remix from the band’s new EP, ”Rocket Number 9′, out July 2012:

Gesaffelstein Remix

Joakim Remix
Contact booking Europe/UK : pascal@julietippex.com

The band is touring with a 2nd drummer: Dr Schonberg (Antilles, Berg Sans).

“As expected ZOMBIE ZOMBIE were ridiculously good at The Lexington last night, one of the best bands that I’ve ever seen. They never disappoint. Absolute mind bending synth work.” 



In June 2016, at festival Villette Sonique in Paris, Zombie Zombie played with their hero Sonic Boom and they even played a song by Spacemen 3:

Two live videos shot at the amazing Paris show on October 27 2012:

Illuminations, featuring the French “Sapeurs” from Paris 18:

Zombie Zombie live 2011

The famous GI-Joe video directed by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann

Live on French TV, October 2010

Z Z talk:


Zombie Zombie” (EP / 6 tracks)
Boomboomtchak Records, 2006

Driving this Road until Death sets you free” (EP / 2 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2007 – VER053

A Land for Renegades” (LP / CD)
Versatile Records, 2007 – VERLP019 / CD019

Dog Walker” (EP 3 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2008 – VER061

Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter” (LP / CD / 6 tracks)
Versatile Records, 2010 – VER069CD

Nothing to Say/DreamBaby Dream” (single)
Pop In, 2011 – PIROO3




JANUARY 2012: Zombie Zombie are one of the artists selected by Mojo to cover one of the songs of New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies. ZZ recorded The Beach, which is already the instrumental version of the huge classic hit “Blue Monday”.




Rocket Numer 9” incl Gesaffelstein & Joakim remixes (EP, 4 tracks)
Versatile Records, Out vinyl & digital July 16th 2012 – VER079

New Album “Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde” out on October 22 2012 (Versatile) VERCD026

The Beach (New Order cover)
An exclusive free gift for ITunes pre order of  “Rituels D’un Nouveau Monde”. Pre order from october 8th 2012 (France) & October 29th 2012 (Worldwide)

Single The Beach (New order cover) / “Illuminations (DJ Sotofett’s 7 inch Mix)/ , 7″, limited serie, design by Julien Langendorff. End November 2013.

Single, “Illuminations” VERCD026 , Jan 2013

Loubia Hamra original movie soundtrack, VER090, March 2014

Slow Futur, out on double vinyl, CD & digital on April 22nd 2016


Irréprochable, original movie soundtrack, July 2016, digital only, a single to be released soon.


Some of the band’s collaborations with Alan Howarth , and with Sonny Simmons ,

Zombie Zombie Facebook

Zombie Zombie’s POTEMKINE project

Etienne Jaumet’s other projects

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE est aidé par le Bureau Export, la SACEM, le CNV, le FCM.




Les Inrocks







Freq.org.uk for the album and for a live report

Greenroom Sessions

Baisse d’un ton

Interview en novembre 2012

Rituels Track by Track by Etienne dans Pop News

Zombie Zombie and Etienne’s music was played at Paco Rabanne’s Spring/Summer 2013 défilé at Grand Palais, Paris on 2nd October 2012:
…and again, for Louis Vuitton in 2016.
Etienne once played sax with The Red Hot Chili Peppers!!