Chain and the Gang meets Flashmama!

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So, you missed CHAIN AND THE GANG when they were on tour recently?
So, you still miss them since you’ve seen them on tour?

Oh lord, either isn’t great. Better watch these awesome clips of their wicked show at Cargo, London – and feel better afterwards…

These videos were filmed by our hot friends at FLASHMAMA which is a hit and run filmmaking outfit based in London and Paris, consisting of two blonde French chicks and a Welsh ex-shepherd. For a post-credit crunch, post-hung parliament, post-everything price, they’ll turn up at your gig in a blizzard of coolness and film your musical exploits in glorious HD, then deliver the edit so fast you’ll be able to watch it in bed with the groupie you picked up at the gig. Extra street-cred is included in the price and they promise to try not to steal all the crowds adoration. Contact them: ! Highly recommended!

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