The Chap & Rémi Tippex Intern in Zitty !

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We love our interns, especially when they are tall with red hair and when they speak well about our favorite artists in the Zitty Berlin. But we still don’t know why they didn’t mention his other half-time activity : astronaut…

Lucy : They were on stage very different than most indie bands. They looked relaxed and loose. Same time, their stage show was well thought out. The choreography of their performance was just as effective as their lyrics.

Kalle : They were quite experimental. I liked the noisy feedback orgies at the end better than the pop songs at the beginning of the concert. I found a little formulaic.

Rémi Tippex : The best I’ve seen in a long time. They play some gentle, acoustic and 50 seconds later, a grunge storm it. For me, they make music for every situation in life : dancing, cleaning or just to listen.

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