New Skeletons video

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Skeletons in “More Than the One Thing” from Shinkoyo.

With one person per lyric, the video (directed by the band’s Matt Mehlan) is a fantastic snapshot of a moment in time, Brooklyn, USA – featuring members of Skeletons, Zs, Dirty Projectors, Janka Nabay, Nine 11 Thesaurus, Blondes, Highlife, Little Women, Effi Briest, Sisters, Fuck Ton, PC Worship, NOMO, Light Asylum, Ablehearts, Up Died Sound, Child Abuse, Knyfe Hyts, Starring, Bow Ribbons, Grooms, People Get Ready and many many more friends, family, and “scene” makers – including Todd P, Death By Audio’s Edan Wilber, Jef and Joce Soubiran from Zebulon and the late Ariel Panero…

20/05/2011 Laval – Les 3 Eléphants
21/05/2011 Lyon – Ground Zero
22/05/2011 Marseille – Le Poste à Galène Organisé par le Grim
23/05/2011 Grenoble – L’Ampérage
24/05/2011 Paris – Le Point Ephémère Midi Festival Preview + Magic

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