In Tippex misc

At the occasion of our night Club Julie Dance! at lieu unique in Nantes, Julie Tippex has published 500 copies of a free 52 pages fanzine which can be downloaded here.

Inside, you can find short stories, playlists and articles written by the Julie Tippex team (Marie, Ambre, Flash), the participants of the night (Patrick Vidal, Rough Trade) and some very special guests (Charlene Darling, Marine ND, Pierre Hemptinne, Luc Chambonnière, Bogdan W. Rousseau, Jacques Floret, Véronique Doussot, Emeline Ancel-Pirouelle, Ben Green, Superheights, VM).

It has been quite a challenging adventure to do it all in about 10 days, and putting it together at the office of lieu unique while listening to Jacques Dutronc and Chain and the Gang. Suzanne Jollard was here and took some pictures of this very special afternoon, starring Amande, Ambre, Marie & our special guest Amaury : we tell you, we’ve put all our heart into it !



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