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The second issue of Making Waves is out ! Taken from the name of a comp which featured ‘a collection of 12 women bands from the U.K’, Making Waves aims to explore the intersections of punk, feminism and womanhood.

This second  issue, though mainly composed of interviews, features new kinds of contributions, such as an abstract from a paper (Diane’s work on Look Blue Go Purple) and an article written about a current event that relates to the subject of the zine (concerning the the three jailed members of Pussy Riot, that seemed necessary for us to mention). The previous issue featured an interview of Chuck Warner. A similar interview of Tony Coulter, a radio host at WFMU, can be found in the current issue.

If you want to contribute in any way to future issues of Making Waves, get in touch with
For the second issue of Making Waves, there will be a launch party in Paris. Those interested in participating will be informed by email.


ISSUE #2 : MARCH 2013 buy | download |

A5 / 110 pages / English
Cover : Angela (San Francisco, US)
Contributors : Camille (Montreuil, FR), Constance (Rennes, FR), Edu (Vancouver, CA), Jeremy (Paris, FR), Julie (Paris, FR), Kerrie (New York, US), Mariette (Paris, FR), Maren (Berlin, GER) Mary (Phoenix, US), Oliver (Brighton, UK)

01. Reversible Cords – Teen Orgy
02. The Nixe – Searching
03. Brilliant Colors – Motherland
04. Medical Tourists – Impatient Patient
05. Toxic Shock – Intoxicated
06. Nuclear Crayons – Catwalk
07. Lili Zeller – Candeggina Burns
08. Look Blue Go Purple – Circumspect Penelope
09. Jeff and Jane Hudson – Pound, Pound
10. Sis Q Lint – Dog Sweaters

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