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Minisym formed in Nantes, France during the 2013’s spring by young Moondog’s specialist Amaury Cornut (writer of the french biography about the Viking of the 6th Avenue, ed. Le Mot et le Reste). Thanks to a singular instrumentarium (violin, viola, cello, but also eletric guitar, theorbe, hurdy gurdy and of course a crazy drums) the five musicians offer a true panorama of Moondog’s unique music. The program called “From US to EU” mixes periods (pieces composed between 1949 to 1994 and from the States to Europe) and styles (classical, pop, avant-garde, quasi-jazz). Sometimes rooted in a past without nostalgia, and animated by an almost cosmic modernity, the music of the composer uses contemporary urgency to serve the forgotten tradition, and the Ensemble Minisym sneaks into the remaining free spaces left by Moondog.

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