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Favorite new band : Moss Lime – Moss Lime (picture)
Favorite classic : Pascal Comelade – Détail monochrome
Favorite concert : Family Fodder at Roter Salon, Berlin
The installation “Paper orchestra” of Pierre Bastien in Dordrecht and Cologne
The first public presentation of Collection Morel, featuring “Advice to medics” of Sun Ra
Authors : Jérôme Peignot and Alberto Ruy-Sánchez amongst many others !




Fan picture of Walter Tippex with Erfolg


Monks – Black monk time
Moondog – In Europe
Erfolg – Demos
« Now I know my ABC »
Serge Prokofiev – Pierre et le loup / Peter and the wolf
Aphex Twin / The Books / The Chap / Omo




Concerts of the year : Meredith Monk at Fondation Cartier, Paris – Neutral Milk Hotel at Trianon, Paris – Jeff Mills at Salle Pleyel with ONDIF. And Time Tunnel too, with Michael Jackson and a snake charmer…!

Festival of the Year : Mimi, Marseille again. A great trip with Etienne Jaumet and Richard Pinhas

Album of the year: “La Visite” by Etienne Jaumet

Quote of the year : “Self expression should be left to professionals, they are the only ones who can deal with the disappointment.” David Thomas / Pere Ubu

Kool things of the year: Glenn Branca and Thurston Moore meet again backstage at la Machine du Moulin Rouge after MANY years (photo) – SoPercussion collaboration with Jeff Mills at Trump Festival in Eindhoven



Fenster, Aloa Input and Slow Steve playing Slow Steve’s “Minuit Minuit Minuit” at Jenseits Von Millionen


Favorite shows : Zombie Zombie at Nuits Sonores Tanger (Tanger MA) – Fenster at Jenseits Von Millionen (Burg Friedland DE) and at Schwuz (Berlin DE) – Renny Wilson, Dead Ghosts, Oneothrix Point Never at Sled Island Festival (Calgary CA) – Tacocat at Schokoladen (Berlin DE) – Skiing & Classic Muscle Split Release Party (Berlin DE), Aloa Input & The Notwist at Heimathafen (Berlin, DE).

Favorite songs : Unconscious Melody by Viet Cong, Schlaufen der Zukunft by Klaus Johann Grobe, Bali by Slow Steve, Cat Emperor by Fenster, 10 Different Songs 10 Different Moons by Hair & Beauty, Bamboo by Hinds (ex Deers), Stones by Skiing

Favorite first times : Pop-Up Späti, Hair & Beauty debut show, Bras Dans Faon first recording,




Favourite Live: Deerhoof at le Poisson Rouge, New York –  Sun Ra Arkestra, Cafe Oto, London – The Stranglers at St. Albans Arena –  Suuns at Village Underground, London –  Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, St. John at Bethnal Green, London – Charles Cohen at Vooruit, Gent.

Films: Duke Of Burgundy (Dir. Peter Strickland); Hard To Be A God (Dir. Aleksi German); Under The Skin (Dir. Jonathan Glazer); BFI Werner Herzog Retrospective.

Favorite festival : Maderiadig Festival, Madeira Island.




Dour 2014, Le Petit Bois


Music highlights : Belle & Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wolf Eyes, Earth and many other cool shows at OFF festival in Katowice w/ the best rockin girls! Less Playboy is More Cowboy festival in Poitiers, La Route du Rock in St Malo, Dour festival (my first and last LFO show), Clipping show at Musiques Volantes festival.

A book : Man Of Jasmine by Unica Zürn

A movie : Under The Skin by Jonathan Glazer

An album : Way Out Weather by Steve Gunn




The Dictaphone


Top 3 shows :

The Dictaphone at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris
Zombie Zombie at La Maroquinerie, Paris
Pauvros & Pennequin at La Java, Paris

Top 3 albums :
Cheveu – Bum
Mac DeMarco – Salad days
Francis Bebey – Psychedelic sanza 1982-1984

Books : The Elements of Euclid (The first six book of) – Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott

Exhibitions :
Franz Erhard Walther at Wiels, Bruxelles
Mathematical Models at Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

Things :
An awesome beautiful daymark near the Land’s End, Cornwall, UK 50°02’12.4″N 5°40’35.8″W
The cool sailing rocks near the Death Valley, California, USA N 36°41’2.234” W117°33’41.547”



francis fruit

Best live haircut: Francis Fruits of band CÂLIN

Best live drumming: Sebastian of Trans Am/Publicist

Best band epitaph: RIEN

Best animals videos : the Tired Meerkat – the Coward Penguin – the Rolling Raccoon
Best pics blog : http://www.catsonsynthesizersinspace.com/




The Young Marble Giants playing two nights in a row – the roar from the audience that greeted them in Glasgow wouldn’t have been out of place at an AC/DC show.
T Moore and L Ranaldo playing overlapping sets at Sonic Protest in Paris. Lee finishes in the audience, with guitar swinging over head and this is all taking place in Georges Méliès old movie studio.
New Manchester group O/L/A playing at the Exhibition launch of Alison Erika Forde & David Gaffney’s “Men Who Like Women Who Smell Of Their Jobs” at the John Rylands Library.

Albums of the year: The Radio Birdman Box , John Coltrane Offering – Live At Temple University.

And yes Pascal is right, definitely the Kool things of the year: Glenn Branca and Thurston Moore meeting again backstage at la Machine du Moulin Rouge after MANY years.

— We wish you all a fantastic new year !

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