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One album : Prescott – Thing or two (Thoofa records, 2017)
One album repress : Tolouse Low Trax – Mask Talk (Karaoke Kalk, 2017)
One pop album : Shintaro Sakamoto ‎– Let’s Dance Raw (Zelone records, 2014, via Jan Lankisch)
One full discography and all year-long obsession : Asmus Tietchens (Discogs)
One track : Motohiko Hamase –  Pascal (Newsic, 1988, via Etienne Tippex)
One blues track : Jimmie Haskell And His Orchestra – Weightlessness Blues (Imperial, 1959, via Wilfried Paris)
One spaced out track : Bobby Lyle – The Temple at Nara (CBS/Sony, 1973, with thoughts for Jan Jelinek)
A complementary (very) spaced out track : Daniel John Jones – Windows 98 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%) (2015)
Two tracks and grooves of William Antonini : Omicron / Liverpool (E.M.R, 1971)
One riff : Blind Butcher – Alawalawa (Voodoo Rhythm, 2017)
An other riff : Randy Weston – Tanjah (Polydor, 1973)
One performance : Martin Messier – Field (2015), live at Kino Beat festival, Porto Alegre (november 2017)
One Berlin concert : FO[U]R ALTO live at Spektrum (december 2017)
One screening : Anaïs Prosaïc – Eliane Radigue, l’écoute virtuose (La Huit, 2011) at Festival BBmix
One demo : The Chap – I am the emotion (2017)
Three Collection Morel programs : Imaginary musics (St.Gallen / playlist), Extraits de bleu (Paris), Capitulo de las sombras (Buenos Aires)
One radio program : Explorers Room on WFMU
One Mixcloud playlist : DJ Bunnyhausen – Parallelism: Fourth-World, Baroque Electronics, Ambient Pop and Electro in 1980s Japan (2015)
One rock & amour book : Damon Krukowski – Lisez moi (translated from American by Françoise Valéry, Editions de l’Attente, 2008)
One scene (very much enjoyed by the family) : Vulfpeck / Knower / Louis Cole
Two new kids on the block : our beloved baby Marcus, but also baby Luc
+ editing my first videos and doing more and more artworks !



Records: Dungen – Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas); Pauline Anna Strom – Trans Millenia Music; Pancrace – Pancrace LP; Sarah Davachi – All My Circles Run; Mario Batkovic – Mario Batkovic; Justin Walter – Unseen Forces; Ossia – Gridlock

Concerts: Hans Bennink performances at Le Guess Who; Colin Currie Group performing Drumming by Steve Reich at Royal Festival Hall; Marc Ribot at Cafe Oto; Aphex Twin at Field Day; Pikacyu-Makoto tour; Supernormal Festival; Pere Ubu at Lexington; Beatric Ferreyra at Cafe Oto.

Other Things: Everything at Once Exhibition at The Store Studios; The Death Of Stalin Film (dir. Armando Iannucci); Twin Peaks: The Return; You Should Come With Me Now by M. John Harrison; Great musical and performative collaborations with Pierre Bastien, Rosana Antoli, CAN Project and Lucifer Rising…



Chloé / Endless Revisions
Zombie Zombie / Livity

Duane the Jet Black Eeel @ Festival Les Escales, St Nazaire
Einstürzende Neubauten @ Nuits Sonores
This is Not This Heat @ Sonic Protest
Etienne Jaumet vs Turzi @ Badaboum
Pharoah Sanders, Joachim Kuhn and Zakir Hussain @ Jazz à la Villette
That cool party on a boat on le Vieux Port in Marseille in August

XTC This is Pop
Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary

Third reading of Proust – 8 months…
“Life” by Keith Richards (and I’m not even a fan of the Rolling Stones…)

Other things:
Being interviewed by the BBC for the Blue Plaque honouring dear old Kevin Coyne in his hometown of Darby,
Fruits and vegetables from the garden. And all these garden parties! The Perfect Kevins reunion…
Meeting and working with Areski “j’ai toujours fait ce que je voulais” Belkacem.
Joining collectif Des Liens


Books : Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams – Les mots, la mort, les sorts by Jeanne Favret Saada.

Shows : The Make Up at Villette Sonique festival in Paris – Moor Mother & Abdu Ali at Borealis festival in Bergen.



Live: Seeing Tomaga and Malcolm Mooney as part of the Can project performing at the Barbican was a big highlight, such as the reunion show of Royal Trux in Nîmes and the incredible Gories at Festival Beat. Moor Mother at Cafe Oto, Jerusalem In My Heart at Le Guess Who festival, Sos Gunver Ryberg at Elevate

Releases: Jan Jelineks reissue of Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, Radian – On Dark Silent Off, The Black Lips – Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?, Bill Orcutt (self-titled), Juana Molina – Halo, Colin Stetson – All This I Do For Glory

Special memory: a car drive with Hermann Nitsch, Cosey Fanni Tuttis book launch at Rough Trade East, Dieb13 performing at the the hotel rooftop bar at the Heart of Noise festival in Austria which throughout was a big pleasure. The Acid Mothers Temple Balkan tour, big laughter at the film screening of the legendary YU band Buldožer/Marko Breceljs guest appearance. Documentary of Conny Plank – The Potential of Noise. Martin Eric Ain Stricker (1967–2017)



Shows :
The Make up @ Le Cabaret Sauvage, Villette Sonique
Wire @ la Maroquinerie
Arnold Dreyblatt, Colleen @ BBmix
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks, Six Ft Hick @ Binic Folk Blues Festival

Albums :
Colleen, A flame my love, a frequency (Thrill Jockey/Differ-ant)
Baxter Dury, Prince of Tears (PIAS)
Prescott, Thing or two (Thoofa records, 2017)

Other things :
This documentary I just began to look at ; Tales from the Tour Bus, by Mike Judge.
The video Treatise by Cornelius Cardew.
The book “Remarques sur les couleurs” by Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Working with friends on HOP , an artistic collaboration of a beer and its label.
Sharing a (short) time with my Aussie mates during the Binic Folk Blues Festival.
And to finish my playlist of this year ; Oh yeah baby V



3 (japanese) songs :
Untotooku – Chiemi Manabe (真鍋ちえみ – うんととおく, 1982)
My Pops – Popsong’s Factory (My Pops 7’’, 1981)
Rose Garden – Akiko Yano (Tadaima ただいま, 1981)
An album : Paradise Of Replica – After Dinner, 1989
A videoclip : This clip with this unknown and unrealised (?) Testpattern’s song :
A playlist : Imaginary Musics 2017

3 movies :
Les Nuits de la pleine lune, Eric Rohmer, 1984
Le Pont du Nord, Jacques Rivette, 1982
Sanjuro – Akira Kurosawa, 1962

A comic album : Les Sentiments du prince Charles, Liv Strömquist, 2012

An event : Playback Lady an event organised by Aya Miyake where I traded lots of zines, cds compilations and had a great time with some Japanese zinesters in an awesome book store (30th june 2017 at Irregular Rhythm Asylum, Tokyo)

Some great shows : The World @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire, John Maus @ La Maroquinerie, The Downtown Boys @ Point FMR.

Highlights : Spending the new year eve with friends in a house in Les Abers in Nord Finistère near the sea during a big storm, the exhausting (and cold) weekend in Berlin with Marin, travelling in Japan, all the things we did for Rosa Vertov with Camille this summer especially our Sextape compilation.

And… Here is a lo-fi/synth/electronic japanese pop from the 80’s compilation I made : Hello World : A very special japanese story 🙂



Show : Kikagaku Moyo at Espace B and Point Éphémère in Paris
Album : V/A Original Sound of Burkina Faso (Mr Bongo)
Book : Easy listening, exotica et autres musiques légères by Erwann Pacaud
Movie : The Square by Ruben Östlund
TV series : Twin Peaks: The Return by Mark Frost and David Lynch
DVD boxset : Henri-Georges Clouzot, L’essentiel 12 DVDs (TF1 Studio)
Wine : Château Brulesécaille 2012 (Côte de Bourg, Bordeaux)


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