Special evening with The Dead C and Daniel Higgs at les Instants Chavirés

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Save your date on June 11th 2018, a special evening will take place at les Instants Chavirés in Montreuil, that will bring together cult figures from the underground scene who have been active for over thirty years : THE DEAD C and DANIEL HIGGS.

THE DEAD C will play for the second time in France – the last and only time was in 2013 for the festival Sonic Protest.

Formed in Port Chalmers, New Zealand in January 1987, the Dead C have always consisted of the trio of two guitars and drums: Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats. Since then they have continuously walked a tightrope stretched between rock and free improvisation, from which they have yet to fall. They have pursued a path both fully international and thoroughly underground.
Their 30-year career has thrown up nearly 30 albums on a bewildering array of independent labels across the globe – in 2018 they are releasing ‘Rare Ravers’, a new album on New York-based Ba Da Bing Records. Their performances remain infrequent, even at home, and are always unrepeatable. The Dead C are, as John Peel famously said of the Fall: ‘always different, always the same’.










Daniel Higgs, from Artist Music Journal N°3

A cult figure on the US underground and hardcore scene for over thirty year, DANIEL HIGGS is known for having been the frontman of the Reptile House bands and, above all, Lungfish (twelve albums on the legendary Dischord label), but also for having collaborated with The Skull Defekts. The Baltimore artist, also author of collections of poetry and drawings, has had a remarkable solo career since the early 2000s, with albums released on Thrill Jockey, Holy Mountain and Editions Mego / Ideologic Organ in particular.

Eccentric, magnetic lyricist, Daniel Higgs accompanies himself on stage with a banjo, a jew’s harp, his voice and a volley of charisma. Deeply touching and destabilizing at the same time, between apocalyptic-psychhedelic folk and meditative drones, the music of this bearded prophet tattooed up to the phalanges does not leave him unscathed.

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