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We are happy to announce that Joakim’s performance “Semi-Conductor” is joining the Julie Tippex roster.

“Semi-Conductor” is a musical performance created by Joakim following his residency at Studio Venezia (the installation/recording studio created by Xavier Veilhan for the French pavilion at the 2017 Venice Art Biennale) and the subsequent album “The Studio Venezia Sessions” that was released by Vinyl Factory in June 2018.

Somewhere between the musical performance and the installation, “Semi-Conductor” proposes to transform the spatial configuration and the experience of a typical concert (i.e. a center stage in front of an audience, the sound is coming off stage in stereo). Here, there is no stage, no center either, instead, the instruments are scattered around space, with their own amplification system creating a multi-diffusion sound throughout the space.

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