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Afrirampo present their first livestream for overseas fans!!
With special guest Makoto Kawabata!!
The music created by these three will entice you into a cosmic psychedelic world without end!
The stage set for this special performance has been created by artist Yoshihito Mizuuchi and is guaranteed to create a delightfully chaotic reaction!!!
The stream will be archived and viewable for two weeks!
Streaming tickets are available here.
Check out the trailer here.
October 7th, 13:00 – 14:30 (JST), streaming live from Fandango in Sakai.

15:00 ~(AEST)

06:00 ~ (CEST)

05:00 ~ (BMT)

00:00 ~ (EDT)

23:00 (6th) ~ (CDT)

22:00 (6th) ~ (MDT)

21:00 (6th)  ~ (PDT)

You can see how to buy the ticket here!

Promotion video :

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