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New project by French producers Flore and Arandel.

Let’s imagine the music has already started. The music, the sound, the noise.
When the audience enters the venue, a guitar is already playing on its own standing in front of an amp, self-feeding a saturated drone with its own feedback.
At some point, the lights suddenly go off. And in a blinding light, the PA is opened.
In the speakers and in pitch dark, the feedback of the amplified guitar is processed through machines, the signal sent to modular synths, saturated by effects pedals, treated through various tape delays and long reverberations.
It is then and only then that the musicians enter the stage. For 50 minutes, they will undo the music, erase the pile of sounds.
As the sound fades out and as white smoke appears and pours on everything, the light returns conversely, very gradually and uniformly in this cloudy mass. Eventually, even the feedback dies out in this luminous white magma.
Silence has been made. It is deafening.

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