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Julie Tippex travaille à un hommage au label Saravah qui fête ses 50 ans en 2018. Première au Lieu Unique à Nantes le 13 Janvier.
En attendant, une jolie video :


Very happy to announce that the MURCOF X WAGNER project joins our roster. A unique blend of synthetic and acoustic textures this collaboration between Mexican Ambient figurehead Murcof and multi-award winning French classical pianist Vanessa Wagner showcases a wide-ranging conception of minimalism including compositions by Philip Glass, Ligeti, John Cage, Erik Satie. They also put in Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th,” too, as a nod to their interpretations. “The minimalist and repetitive music we chose for this album has strongly influenced the current electronic producers,” notes Wagner. “There is an obvious connection between these musical styles.” “This idea of fusing sounds of different sources so that the borders between them become blurred has been an interest of mine for years,” explains Murcof. “And in the album « Statea » this was a very important goal to achieve, to have the piano and electronics exist in their own domains at some moments and at other moments have them become a single entity.” Booking by pascal [a]






















Hi Folks,

Brian Case (Disappears, 90 Day Men) will be on tour this autumn, playing among other shows Sonic City Festival and Le Guess Who Festival. This will be the opportunity to see him play tracks taken out of his latest LP “Spirit Design” out on Hands in the Dark since Aug. 25.


08/11/2017 UK London – The Social w/ Neutral Zone
09/11/2017 NL Zwolle – Hebdon w/ Metz
10/11/2017 BE Kortrijk – Sonic City Festival curated by Thurston Moore / De Kreun w/ Metz
11/11/2017 NL Utrecht – Le Guess Who Festival w/ Metz

Booking > Etienne / Julietippex

and here The Wire review.


Blue Chopsticks has just announced that David Grubbs’s new album Creep Mission (LP/CD/DL) will be released on September 22. If “mission creep” refers to a long-haul fatigue cited with increasingly regularity in the present political moment, David Grubbs imagines “creep mission” to be a talismanic utterance in the effort to turn this ship around.

Creep Mission is an album of instrumental compositions with Grubbs’s effortlessly recombinant electric guitar at its core, and its m.o. is to go both deep and wide. The album goes deep in the sense that the guitar becomes the relentless, meditative focus of these songs without words, and it goes wide in that these pieces utilize a discontinuous set of arrangements that make the most out of an extraordinary group of musicians convened for the mission at hand.

Drummer and most simpatico sparring partner Eli Keszler picks up where his brilliant contributions to Grubbs’s 2016 Prismrose left off; trumpeter Nate Wooley defies you to identify his range of sounds as coming from a single player; and Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars, Lithops) can hardly contain his joy in transforming the proceedings into electro-prismatic splinters. For his part, Grubbs’s guitar playing has never before so confidently mangled commonsensical distinctions between composed and improvised music.

The album’s opener, “Slylight,” wends its way through a sequence of instrumental combinations in a manner redolent of Gastr del Sol’s Camoufleur. Before the album has concluded with the melancholy country raga of “The C in Certain,” waystations between have assumed the character of sludge-rock power trio (“Creep Mission,” “Return of the Creep”), pointillistic electroacoustic improv (“Jeremiadaic”), and bejeweled nylon-string guitar miniatures (“The Bonapartes of Baltimore,” “Jack Dracula in a Bar”).

David Grubbs’s solo albums often have a “the band has left the building” quality of dramatic left turns in the final act; on Creep Mission, peripatetic playing is basic strategy.


Previews of the album can be heard via the recent Brooklyn Rail podcast featuring two tracks plus an interview with David Grubbs | Listen on Soundcloud

There’s also a recent WFMU broadcast with a twenty-minute live in the studio performance plus interview | Listen on WFMU

Next David Grubbs Europe show : “The Wired Salutation” with Angela Bulloch at Museu Serralves in Porto, October 26th 2017, featuring Andrea Belfi and Stefano Pilia | More info

Concerts booking requests can be sent to :



“… his finest solo LP” – MOJO ****
“… a welcome return” – Q
“… some great surprises” – Uncut *******
“Those seeking both instant gratification and the added pleasure of discovering more layers with every listen will appreciate Ranaldo’s latest.” – The Wire

Ahead of the release of a brand new album, his first for Mute, LEE RANALDO has shared the video for ‘Moroccan Mountains’, the opening track from Electric Trim, out on 15 September 2017.

In addition, Ranaldo has confirmed two Rough Trade instores, in New York tonight, and at London’s Rough Trade East on Monday 2 October plus a full band European tour for 2018. Before then, Ranaldo and the band will tour across North America in Oct / Nov this year. Further dates, including London will be announced in the coming weeks.

Watch the video for the opening track on the album here:

Ranaldo explains, Moroccan Mountains was begun sitting atop a blood-red carpet with yellow mountain shapes woven into it that was brought back from Fes on my first trip there in 1995. I was strumming the chords that became the song and those mountain shapes took me back to my first trip to the country and into the Rif Mountains where I first met and played with the Master Musicians of Jajouka, in their little hilltop village with no running water or electricity. Somehow those memories infused a certain ‘Moroccan spirit’ into the song. It was a magical time, for Morocco is a magical place, and I found myself transported back via the chords from my guitar. The opening spoken section about ‘falling into the crack between the window and the world’ is based on true events that took place on a train approaching Grenoble, France in 2015…”

Directed by Fred Riedel, the video is an excerpt from the forthcoming documentary on the making of the album, shot on location in Morocco, France, New York City, Berlin, and somewhere in the skies over the Tyrrhenian Sea in 2016.

The feature length documentary, HELLO HELLO HELLO : LEE RANALDO : ELECTRIC TRIM tracks the making of the album by filmmakers Fred Riedel and Jerry Fried. The documentary will be touring select film festivals in Europe and the US, screenings include the New Jersey Film Festival on album release day, Fonomo Music and Film Festival in Poland and Gig Harbor Film Festival in Seattle in October and London’s Doc‘n Roll Festival in Nov (venue to be announced, tickets on sale on 27 September).

Watch the trailer for Hello Hello Hello here:

Electric Trim was recorded in New York City and Barcelona in collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez and extends the work of Ranaldo’s solo canon, the most recent being his 2013 album, Last Night On Earth.

Through his collaboration with Fernandez, Ranaldo moves into some rich new sonic territories and production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside live players.

Ranaldo is a co-founder of Sonic Youth, a visual artist, producer and writer. In addition to Fernandez, he worked with several special guests on Electric Trim, including Sharon Van Etten who sings on six of the tracks and duets on ‘Last Looks’ and Kid Millions (aka Man Forever) as well as longtime friend and collaborator Nels Cline (Wilco). In addition, the album features Ranaldo’s band The Dust (fellow Sonic Youth member Steve Shelley, guitarist Alan Licht, and bassist Tim Luntzel).

Ranaldo collaborated with award winning New York author Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn / The Fortress of Solitude) for lyrics on six of the songs, including ‘Thrown Over The Wall’, and the American artist, Richard Prince, who previously painted the sleeve for Sonic Youth’s 2004 album Sonic Nurse, created the artwork for the album.



16 Feb – SP Barcelona – Sala Apolo
17 Feb – SP Madrid – Moby Dick
20 Feb – FR La Rochelle – La Sirene
21 Feb – FR Nantes – Stereolux
22 Feb – FR Rennes – Route Du Rock D’hiver at Antipode
23 Feb – FR Paris – La Maroquinerie / Gonzai Night
24 Feb – FR Tourcoing – Le Grand Mix
28 Feb – BE Gent – Vooruit
1 Mar – NL Amsterdam – Bitterzoet
2 Mar – DE Hamburg – Kampnagel
3 Mar – DE Berlin – Roter Salon Am Volksbühne
4 Mar – DE Heidelberg – Karlstorbahnhof
6 Mar – IT Trento – Teatro Sanbapolis
8 Mar – CH Winterthur – Salzhaus
9 Mar – FR Metz – Les Trinitaires
10 Mar – FR Lyon – Epicerie Moderne

Full details at

Spring 2018 Tour now on booking > contact: Etienne AT julietippex . com


Hi there,

Happy to announce that you can now listen to the new dälek album ‘endangered Philosophies’ to be out on Sept 1. on Ipecac!

Streaming here on NPR , on New Noise and on Visions!

Dälek will be in Europe/UK in November!

02/11/2017 FR Grenoble – La Bobine w/ Labrats Bugband
04/11/2017 FR Lyon – Bizarre! w/ Dead Obies
05/11/2017 CH Martigny – Les Caves de Manoir
06/11/2017 DE Esslingen – Komma
07/11/2017 DE Nuremberg – Musik Verein
08/11/2017 DE Berlin – Urban Spree w/ Debmaster
10/11/2017 DK Copenhagen – Stengade
12/11/2017 BE Kortrijk – Sonic City Festival curated by Thurston Moore / De Kreun w/ Moor Mother, Thurston Moore
14/11/2017 UK Colchester – Colchester Arts Centre
15/11/2017 NO Oslo – Bla w/ Moor Mother
16/11/2017 UK London – Underworld Camden
17/11/2017 FR Paris – Batofar
18/11/2017 FR Brest – Festival invisible / La Carene w/ Camera, Action Beat

booking > Etienne AT




We’re happy to welcome US band dälek on Julie Tippex Roster for Europe. (Sofi at You’re not human booking will continue to handle the UK for them)

Veteran agitators Dälek have never been ones to stick within the rigid parameters of genre. A group who seemingly hold the utmost contempt for conservative expectations regarding form, instead pioneering a volatile and timeless strain of hip-hop, drawing as much from My Bloody Valentine as Public Enemy. These practitioners of noise fuelled depravity are back with a whole new album, entitled Endangered Philosophies, their follow up to last years Asphalt for Eden, scheduled to come out via Ipecac Recordings September 1, 2017.

With Dälek, the flow has often been usurped by scorched textures, the product of synthetic decay, themes flitting from pungent political rage through to outright Dionysian frenzy. On Endangered Philosophies, the lyrics are more focused and at the forefront than ever before, and MC Dälek’s new experiments with rhyme styles and flow makes for a vital concoction. There’s no doubt about it, Endangered Philosophies is a work of guttural catharsis, it is a call to arms…

Within the context of the current political landscape, the title Endangered Philosophies certainly brings to mind pertinent issues of moment, notably the rampant rise of anti-intellectualism, as well as the all too rapid erosion of genuinely progressive values in the face of fearful reactionary forces. In MC Dälek’s own words…“Endangered Philosophies is a very introspective record about very external forces. This isn’t about one listen… it’s about your evolving perception when you immerse yourself in the layers of sound and words. Endangered Philosophies is a record about the RIGHT NOW and yet will resonate differently each time it is listened to, in a word….timeless.” (Rolling Stone)

Dälek have been prone to outbursts of pummeling extremity, yet their sound is anything but one-dimensional; with viscous dark-ambient soundscapes congealing atop their incessant beats, a dual focus on brute force and disembodied unease. And still, Dälek continue to evolve, as Endangered Philosophies takes a new approach to source material, this time making use of material sent to them by people they have friendships and relationships with including Toronto-based Metz, manipulating and sampling in the same way they would use record samples.

Although the group have evolved their sound over the years, they continue to collaborate with the same behind the scenes crew who’ve been with them from the beginning, from the production team to the artist behind the cover art (Paul Romano). Endangered Philosophies captures so many elements of past Dälek but in a new way, easily matching any of their earlier output in terms of sheer unbridled intensity.

At this stage in their career they have elevated to a frankly peerless stature; with next year marking 20 years since the release of their pivotal debut album Negro Necro Nekros, and having previously collaborated with a host of like-minded visionaries; ranging from Krautrock legends Faust, through to the 90s electronic act Techno Animal – a similarly restless project comprised of Kevin Martin (The Bug, King Midas Sound) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu). Fans will be thrilled – but not too surprised – to discover that with Endangered Philosophies, the group once again charge forward, continuing to resist stagnation in all of its forms. 

New track “Echoes of…” taken from Endangered philosophies available  HERE

ITW of MC Dälek in Rolling Stone Magazine HERE


02/11/2017 FR Grenoble – La Bobine w/ Labrats Bugband – Tickets
04/11/2017 FR Lyon – Bizarre! w/ Dead Obies – Tickets / FB
05/11/2017 CH Martigny – Les Caves de Manoir
06/11/2017 DE Esslingen – Komma
07/11/2017 DE Nuremberg – Musik Verein – TicketsFB
08/11/2017 DE Berlin – Urban Spree w/ Debmaster – Tickets / FB
10/11/2017 DK Copenhagen – Stengade
12/11/2017 BE Kortrijk – Sonic City Festival curated by Thurston Moore  w/ Moor Mother, Thurston Moore
14/11/2017 UK Colchester – Colchester Arts Centre
15/11/2017 NO Oslo – Bla w/ Moor Mother
16/11/2017 UK London – Underworld Camden – Tickets / FB
17/11/2017 FR Paris – Batofar – Tickets / FB
18/11/2017 FR Brest – Festival invisible at La Carene w/ Camera, Action Beat

Booking Europe: Etienne AT Julietippex . com
Booking UK:  Sofi AT

Love Theme, carnet de voyages.

Nous avions un peu perdu de vue Alex Zhang Hungtai depuis l’annonce de la fin du projet Dirty Beaches en 2014. Il y a peu, nous l’avons retrouvé au surprenant casting de la dernière saison de Twin Peaks. Membre du groupe Trouble crée pour l’occasion avec le fils de David Lynch, Alex apparaît ainsi sur la scène du mythique Roadhouse. Le morceau est en écoute sur Pitchfork ici.

Peu de temps après, nous recevions les beaux morceaux du nouveau trio Love Theme dans lequel il s’entoure de Austin Milne et Simon Frank. D’ailleurs proche de l’univers de Badalamenti, le projet est né de sessions improvisées mêlant saxos, percus, boite à rythmes, clavier, voix, et de nombreux voyages entre London, Los Angeles et Taipei. L’EP est sorti depuis le 23 juin, nous vous le recommandons vivement (en écoute sur The Fader ici) et sommes heureux de vous annoncer l’arrivée de ce beau projet chez Julie Tippex.

Disponibilités (France) novembre 2017 + événements spéciaux / Contact (Ambre)













Lee Ranaldo has announced details of a brand new album, Electric Trim, out on 15 ‎September 2017, and embarks on a US tour in June.‎
‎ ‎
The nine-track album marks a return to the Mute family for Ranaldo, who says: “I’m so excited ‎about this record, it represents new developments and directions for me and I can’t wait ‎to hit the road and play this music live. I’m also so pleased to partner with Mute for this ‎release – it’s like a homecoming of sorts as Sonic Youth’s early records were released ‎on Blast First / Mute. To me Mute has always been a true artist’s label, concentrating ‎first and foremost on the music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this music.”‎

Electric Trim was recorded in New York City and Barcelona in collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez ‎and extends the work of Ranaldo’s solo canon, the most recent being his ‎‎2013 album, Last Night On Earth.‎
‎ ‎
Through his collaboration with Fernandez, Ranaldo moves into some rich new sonic territories and ‎production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside live players.‎

Listen to the first track, ‘Circular (Right As Rain)’ > HERE

Ranaldo is a co-founder of Sonic Youth, a visual artist, producer and writer. In addition to ‎Fernandez, he worked with several special guests on Electric Trim, including Sharon Van Etten who sings on six of the tracks and duets on ‘Last Looks’ and Kid Millions ‎(aka Man Forever) as well as longtime friend and collaborator Nels Cline (Wilco). In addition, the album ‎features Ranaldo’s band The Dust (fellow Sonic Youth member Steve Shelley, guitarist Alan Licht, and bassist Tim Lüntzel).‎
‎ ‎
Ranaldo collaborated with award winning New York author Jonathan Lethem (Motherless ‎Brooklyn / The Fortress of Solitude) for lyrics on six of the songs and the American artist, Richard ‎Prince, who previously painted the sleeve for Sonic Youth’s 2004 album Sonic Nurse, created the ‎artwork for the album.‎

Moroccan Mountains
Uncle Skeleton
Let’s Start Again
Last Looks (with Sharon Van Etten)‎
Circular (Right As Rain)‎
Electric Trim
Thrown Over The Wall
New Thing
‎ ‎
Lee Ranaldo – vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, electronics, drums, marimba
Raül Refree – acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, electronics and programming, bass, drums, ‎backing vocals
Sharon Van Etten – vocals
Alan Licht – electric guitar
Tim Luntzel – bajo
Nels Cline – electric guitar
Steve Shelley – drums
Kid Millions – drums
Xavi de la Salud – trumpets and flugelhorns
Cody Ranaldo – electronics
Mar Girona – backing vocals

A feature length documentary, HELLO HELLO HELLO : LEE RANALDO : ELECTRIC TRIM, on ‎the year-long making of the album by filmmaker Fred Riedel recently premiered at the Montclair ‎Film Festival, watch the trailer HERE


Booking Europe/UK > Etienne AT

Acid Baby Jesus back on tour with a new album

After their amazing performances in 2014 (including shows at Dour & Eurosonic festivals… to name a few!), the combo from Athens left EU a bit and toured Asia and Australia before going to the studio. Early september they are back on UK label Fuzz Club (home of Goat, The Black Angels, White Hills…) with their third album, Lilac Days.

You can already listen to some new tracks here/ and here.




First confirmed shows :

07 Sep 2017 NO Oslo AFTR FEST
08 Sep 2017 NL Amsterdam Cinetol
09 Sep 2017 FR Villeneuve d’Asq Strawberry festival/ La Ferme d’en Haut
10 Sep 2017 UK Brighton Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
11 Sep 2017 UK Falmouth Beerwolf
13 Sep 2017 UK London The Victoria
14 Sep 2017 FR Paris La Station
15 Sep 2017 FR Orleans Hop Pop Pop festival/ Le 108
16 Sep 2017 SP Barcelona Gambeat festival/ Upload
17 Sep 2017 SP Madrid Wurlitzer Ballroom
21 Sep 2017 FR Nîmes Paloma
22 Sep 2017 FR Toulouse Pavillons Sauvages
23 Sep 2017 FR Poitiers Less Playboy Is More Cowboy festival
25 Sep 2017 CH Lausanne Le Bourg
27 Sep 2017 DE Nuremberg Z-Bau/ Roter Salon

More to be announced soon.

EU Booking agent : Ambre












Hi there!

Memphis band NOTS just have played Primavera Festival and will continue to play their No Wave Garage music in Europe/UK in the next 2 weeks! the full list of shows here!

Sat 3-Jun FR PARIS – POINT FMR / Tickets
wed 7-Jun UK LONDON – CAFE OTO / Tickets
Thur 8-Jun FR LILLE – ANTRE 2
Sun 11-Jun DE HAMBURG – Ms HEDI / Tickets / FB
Mon 12-Jun DE BERLIN – URBAN SPREE / Tickets
tues 13-Jun DE COLOGNE – KING GEORG / Tickets
sat 17-Jun CH LUZERN – B-SIDES FESTIVAL / Tickets / FB

Booking -> Etienne AT

We’re finally ready to announce with excitement that Radian is on our roster for Europe

The long-standing experimental group Radian has been dealing with the relation between structure and abstraction and gained world wide attention promoted by the label Thrill Jockey. Martin Brandlmayr, John Norman and Martin Siewert combine the traditional instrumentation of rock music with extremely minimalist, abstract structures and create a space of tension between extreme dynamics, freely improvised parts and meticulous construction.

Their fifth and recent release ‘On Dark Silent Off’ is about the juxtaposition of extremes and contrast. It took inspiration from modern and contemporary works of art, from the abstract paintings of Ad Reinhardt to ‘Outer Space’, an impressionistic horror film by fellow Austrian Peter Tscherkassky. Vienna is the home of Radian who have been influenced by and shaped the city’s vivid scene of electronica since the early 2000s. Martin Brandlmayr works in the field between improvised music and composition, w/ Siewert and Joe Williamson he has been released music under their moniker Trapist (Thrill Jockey). Martin Siewert has recently been busy with playing in New Music contexts, performing with the likes of Uli Fussenegger (Klangforum Wien), Ernesto Molinari, and Jorge Sanchez-Chiong amongst his project Fake the Facts with Mats Gustafsson, and dieb13 (Editons Mego). John Norman is also playing guitar and singing in a shoegaze band called Snoww Crystal.  Pitchfork  RA  Artist page Video   Thrill Jockey

“A group from the fertile grounds of Vienna, Radian is an incredibly well oiled machine in concert. If their albums reflect their studio sound, then it’s the sheer pleasure these three accomplished musicians derive from performing together that make this trio a must see live ” Mutek Festival

“Radian is a machine, their music the sum of body hydraulics and fuzzy logic.” Will Montgomery, The Wire

The band is available in Europe / UK from Sep 15th to Dec 15th 2017 Booking contact is Tea Tippex : teafortippex AT


Bye bye Amande

This Tuesday May 2nd we’re both sad and happy to announce you the departure of Amande Tippex from the collective, joining the forces of Puschen agency this day. Sad, because her presence in the Tippex adventure for all those years brought us a lot of freshness and creativity, and happy because it’s the most natural move for her to join Puschen which we’ve been sharing our Berlin offices with for years, and has a natural fit with Amande music tastes. We gonna miss her little craziness and total Frenchness, her incredible energy for making things happen. Julie Tippex lost today a little part of her soul, but not a friend, and we wish her to have the best adventures with Andreas, Susanne, Peter and Johannes. Tippex un jour, Tippex toujours. With gratitude !


“Marienbad électrique, boogie aquatique, a certain idea of exotica and tenderness” : invited to make a proposal for Gastrecht, the anniversary program for the 10 years of Palace in St. Gallen, Marie-Pierre Bonniol the founder of Julie Tippex (also celebrating its 10 years in 2017) and of Collection Morel curated a program on Imaginary musics, may they be cinematic, silent or fictional.

With concerts of Pram, Ela Orleans, Joasihno, Pierre Bastien, Xavier Boussiron, Klavikon, DJ sets by Sounds of Silence, Wilfried*, Stanley, the diffusions of The Dead Mauriacs and Asmus Tietchens as Hematic Sunsets (Postcards from Aroma Club), exhibitions, talk and screening by Paul Paulun, Discographisme Récréatif and Laida Lertxundi.

At Palace and Nextex, May 4th to 6th 2017 in St. Gallen, with the support of APCd Fondation

Website Imaginary musics | Website Palace | FB eventTickets | Drawing by Gwladys Morey













We’re happy to welcome OTTO RIITA on our Roster!

After years approaching each other, yugo solo and Rescue finally team up to create some music under the moniker OTTO RIITA. Rescue is a dj, radio producer and sound artist. She is active within the french underground electronic scene since the early 2000. yugo solo is one of the guitar heroes of the french super band RIEN (RIP) and member of the crazy duo Câlin. Within OTTO RIITA they blend their skills and backgrounds to create an odd yet funky spacey disco vibe that is a real collision of worlds.

The title track ‘Azul Piscina’ is first and is a rugged affair with shooting synths, funky drums and a raw energy that really gets you going. Cosmic melodic explosions and knotted bass guitar riffs brush up with one another and make the whole thing really jump out at you. Next up, the equally interesting ‘Square Dance’ is a deeper affair, with rippling synths and big bass downstrokes taking you far off into the cosmos. It is a musical tune that mixes organic and synthetic sounds with real aplomb.

Belgian-Italo duo Front De Cadeaux step up to remix and rework ‘Azul Piscina’ into a slow and ponderous, chuggy disco prowler with tumbling percussion and loose drums falling away from the groove. It’s playful and curious and makes way for Argentinian drummer and producer Publicist to step up to tackle the same track. His version is much more direct and freaked-out with mad synths bringing a tortured feel, industrial sounds adding energy and slap-funk drums driving the whole thing along.

HERE is what The Drone thinks about it.. and HERE Gonzai! and here below a few quotes from DJ/Producer/Labels

Arnaud Rebotini > ‘Publicist remix is for me !’
Chloé > ‘love both original tracks !’
Ted Krisko from ATAXIA >‘Talk about a release that cuts through in promo world. Total standout – thank you for the absolute smashers here. Azul Piscina OG & Publicist remix get full support. ‘
Bottin >‘both original are very good. Publicist remix also interesting!’
Bufi / Ritmo Culto (Kitsuné, Correspondant, Record Makers, Turbo) > ‘NICE!’
Gemini Brothers > ‘Defo a great EP! Love ‘Azul Piscina’ orig version! Defo playing and supporting around!’
Tom Findlay from Groove Armada > ‘wicked disco ness – love it’
Severino Panzetta from Horse Meat Disco > ‘Great release Front De Cadeaux is FAB and original too ‘
Timothy Clerkin from Heretic / Eskimo Twins > ‘All amazing!’
Golden Bug > ‘Top F2C and Azul Piscina’
Id!r > ‘Nice pack ! Originals are just Brilliant, love them both.’
Il Est Vilaine > ‘Cool ep’
Alexandre Berly from La Mverte > ‘F2C remix is for me, really good !’
Marco Dos Santos > ‘Great one. ‘
Pulp Disco and The Outcasts (Her Majesty’s Ship, Correspondant, La Dame Noir) > ‘Great release. Love the originals and remixes.’
PSLKTR (Meant Records) > ‘square dance original is sick’
Travis Kirschbaum from Split Secs (Kompakt) > ‘Loving Azul and and the Publicist remix. Very nice!’
Neil Parnell from Tronik Youth > ‘great package’

They’re now available for live and Dj Set !

booking > Etienne AT



Ready for some big news? Barcelona, 13th May, CCCB: Alison Staton will perform with Spike, Stuart Moxham will perform solo. Also a Q&A. Since Young Marble Giants stopped touring last year this is the closest to a band reunion you can get…! (please note that this will only happen in Barcelona, not in Madrid). See you all there!