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Is Europe (finally) ready for Abdu Ali?


His music may strike you as both disturbing and refreshing, raw and still very complex. With the released of his mixtape MONGO premiered on The Fader last may, Abdu Ali strongly stated that his music knows no labels and no boundaries. A queer rapper from the exciting city of Baltimore, he adds powerful lyrics about racism and homophobia to both killer dance tracks and more experimental productions. Sometimes compared to Death Grips or other contemporary ‘noise rap’ bands, he has actually created his very own sound, influenced by punk, noise, afrofuturism and Bmore club music, based on his own experiences and personnal history. Known for his amazing energy on stage, Abdu Ali is one of the most exciting artists we’ve discovered lately and we’re very excited to bring him to Europe.

«Baltimore rapper Abdu Ali is one of the most versatile MCs out there right now — his willingness to rap over everything from experimental noise to explosive hip-hop makes that clear.» The Fader

«Brandishing the signature sound of the city and augmenting it with a bevy of overdriven 808s and assorted glitches, he counts Sun-Ra, Erykah Badu and Missy Elliott as influences.

On stage, I feel like I’m a martyr, like Joan Of Arc, delivering a message so people can feel motivated, feel alive and awake,” he says, which would seem contrived if not for the way Ali thrashes, headbangs, and two-steps at a punk rocker’s pace, dripping in sweat and showing James Brown levels of exertion. “You don’t get an understanding of who I am as an artist until you see me perform. The performance is the finale.” Noisey

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Booking EU/ UK : ambre(at)julietippex(dot)com (winter + special events 2017)

Bernardino Femminielli on board w. Tippex for Europe

webBFHis new album, Plaisirs Américains, has been our soundtrack for the summer (it’s title track being on the best new tracks list of Pitchfork and picked by Chanel for the catwalk), we are very happy to announce that canadian artist Bernardino Femminielli now joins the Tippex family for his bookings in Europe. Aside from his music, Bernardino is known for his work at the gallery/ restaurant Bethlehem XXX in Montreal and the crazy video show he did there called ‘Chaudtime’.

On stage, the hyper-sexual, genderless provocateur is joined by musicians from Essaie Pas and Bataille Solaire. More than typical concerts his shows are very intense performances with a lot of attention to details and scenography. His character is a synthesis of mysticism, danger and pleasure; a detached crooner deep within a distopian discotheque. Narrating in Spanish and French, from brutal italo-disco to heavy cosmic drone and mutant industrial, his sonic ventures reflect his chosen environments. In addition to his main project, he has composed music under Femminielli Noir (w/ Jesse Osborne-Lanthier) and is a long time collaborator of Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches). He has released a wide array of albums on tape (Hobo Cult, Los Discos Enfantasmes) and vinyl (Mind, Desire, Clandestine) and has performed at events and festivals around the world.

More here & there : Tinymixtapes / Libération / France Culture / Noisey / The Drone / Gonzai.

EU/ UK Booking : ambre(at)julietippex(dot)com


promo Pic Brian Case




















We are super happy to welcome Brian Case (Disappears, Bambi Kino Duo, 90 day Men..) as part of our roster. Brian has just released his debut solo album, Tense Nature (hands in the dark record), which sees him focus his work on space, minimalism and repetition. The songs are all built around the idea of tape loops or lock grooves, working with snippets and phrases of sound. Brian sampled guitar or small drum loops before cutting them randomly. The sequences and their imperfect nature were then reworked into a sort of momentum, built using Case’s own perception of the new fragments. The result of his experiment is 12 primarily electronic, abstract, visceral, ambient tracks. They depict a dark environment, an uncanny landscape with its own contained world. Brian will do his first euro tour in November supporting Suuns and will be back early 2017. listen on Bandcamp / Video of 7D /  

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Best albums 2016 list / halftime report – Uncut

“…opiated reverberation that lands in dreamtime…”The Wire

“Effectively, it’s both concrete dub and electro-acoustic in process, working in a long tradition of experimental artists extrapolating unheimlich geists from tape recordings that stretches from Lee Perry thru Dome and This Heat to Basic Channel and Deathprod.” Boomkat

“Tense Nature is a true ‘ambient’ album, as described, though it can be a mesmerizing thing to truly contemplate.” Decoder Magazine

“Tense Nature de Brian Case est une splendeur monolithique faite d’argile et de ruines.”The Drone

“L’ensemble, pour étrange qu’il soit au premier abord, n’en dégage pas moins un charme irrésistible sur le long terme, à la manière du non-rock de This Heat, des premiers albums solos de Lee Ranaldo, ou des trucs les plus fous de Pere Ubu.” – New Noise

“Fascinating!… it is an album whose intelligence and subtly become more apparent the more time you invest in it.”Optical Sounds Fanzine

“In many ways, the music here is a logical extension of the last few DISAPPEARS albums as the band has experimented more & more with stark, minimalist song structures. Case fully realizes that concept here with these cold, naked post-industrial, minimal techno experiments that would work well as mini-soundtracks for Brothers Quay or Stan Brakhage films. RECOMMENDED.”Reckless Records

8/10 – Norman Records

7,5/10 – HHV Mag


23/10/2016 UK Leeds – Brudenell Social Club w/ Suuns
24/10/2016 UK Glasgow – Stereo w/ Suuns
25/10/2016 UK London – Rich Mix w/ Suuns
30/10/2016 DE Cologne – Luxor w/ Suuns
01/11/2016 IT Bologna – Lokomotiv w/ Suuns
02/11/2016 IT Milano – Biko w/ Suuns
03/11/2016 FR Annecy – Brise Glace w/ Suuns
04/11/2016 FR Grenoble – La Belle Electrique w/ Suuns
05/11/2016 FR Poitiers – Maison Des Etudiants w/ Suuns
07/11/2016 FR Toulouse – Metronnum w/ Suuns
08/11/2016 FR Montpellier – Rockstore w/ Suuns
09/11/2016 CH Luzern – Sudpol w/ Suuns
10/11/2016 CH Lausanne – Le Bourg
11/11/2016 CH Sion – Le Port Franc w/ Suuns
13/11/2016 NL Utrecht – Le Guess Who Festival / Le Guess Who?

Booking > Etienne


musician Lee Ranaldo, lower Manhattan.

Lee Ranaldo will hit the road to Europe one more time this year with a clutch of brand new songs from his just completed new album Electric Trim produced by Lee and Spanish multi-instrumentalists Raul ‘Refree’ Fernandez and to be released in the next months. The album was recorded in New York City and mixed there and in Barcelona and has contributions from The Dust (Steve Shelley, Alan Licht, Tim Luntzel), Nels Cline, Sharon Van Etten, Kid Millions and others. New tunes, new sounds and an exploratory new lineup!

10/11/2016 FR Reims – Cartonnerie / ticket
11/11/2016 NL Utrecht – Le Guess Who Festival curated by Wilco / ticket – FB event
13/11/2016 UK London – Oslo Hackney / ticket – FB event
15/11/2016 UK Derby – Hairy Dog / ticket
16/11/2016 UK Edinburgh – Summerhall / ticket
17/11/2016 UK Leeds – Belgrave Music Hall / Ticket – FB event
18/11/2016 UK Colchester – Colchester Arts Centre / ticket
19/11/2016 BE Brugge – Cactus / ticket
21/11/2016 DE Cologne – Gebaude 9 / ticket
22/11/2016 DE Berlin – Bi Nuu / ticket – FB event
23/11/2016 DE Leipzig – UT Connewitz
25/11/2016 AT Vienna – Blue Bird Festival / Porgy & Bess / ticket – FB event
26/11/2016 AT Ebensee – Kino Ebensee / ticket
27/11/2016 CZ Prague – Akropolis

Booking > Etienne at


Hi Folks!

















NOTS just released a new single ‘Entertain Me’ that you can listen to it HERE.

Natalie Hoffman of Nots shared some background on the track:

“Entertain Me” is a song in a constant state of movement and deterioration around one central, repeating part. No two live versions of it sound the same. Drawing influences from experimental no wave, postpunk, and psychedelic music, “Entertain Me” takes its cues from the edges of genres, where one begins to blend into another, and nothing is easily classified. The lyrics reflect the cyclical, distorted nature of the song, addressing different facets of the grotesque horror show going on in American politics and how they are portrayed- the rise of Trump, the reality-TV-like nature of American news, the almost-forced compliance of the viewer, and the for-profit-constructed “right” of the viewer, the consumer, to require constant entertainment in order to participate, and to live.”

new album cosmetic will be out on Sept. 9. on Goner and Heavenly Recordings.

booking > Etienne at julietippex com


vivien goldman

Infos :



Dans le cadre du Tandem Paris-New York 2016, avec Julie Tippex, partenaire de programmation
New York, New York ! Métropole en perpétuelle effervescence, d’une incroyable vitalité artistique, New York se caractérise en particulier par sa foisonnante richesse musicale, où les initiatives expérimentales croisent les formes pop et où tous les décloisonnements sont autorisés. Dans l’esprit de The Kitchen comme d’autres clubs new-yorkais où Madonna, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Philip Glass et Arto Lindsay du groupe DNA pouvaient se croiser, cette nouvelle Nuit 104 programmée par Julie Tippex propose un événement où figures historiques comme contemporaines s’entrelacent, qu’elles viennent de la culture pop, rock, hip hop comme de la musique contemporaine ou expérimentale, proposant un panorama en performances et projections des années 50 à aujourd’hui.

avec :
 Tyondai Braxton (solo | fondateur de Battles)
 Rhys Chatham (création)
 Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer (installation, lectures, performances)
 Dälek (live)
 Mark Cunningham (Mars) & Pierre Bastien tapes (collaboration | création)
 Stefan Lakatos & Dominique Ponty jouent Moondog
 Charlie Looker (Psalm Zero, Extra Life, Dirty Projectors)
 Sal P (Liquid Liquid) (DJ set)
 Patrick Vidal (DJ set)
 Rosa Vertov (projection et DJ set)
 Brian Turner (WFMU) (DJ set et show radio)
 Jacqueline Caux (projection)

Plus d’infos et billetterie | Facebook event
photographie : New York, 1988 par Alain Dister |


We are happy to announce that Zombie Zombie and KXP will be touring Europe together in November 2016.



Booking by pascal (a)


CIVIL CIVIC_throat neg

FINALLY ! The long awaited sophomore effort from these two exiled Melbournian geniuses is in the bag and will be released in October 2016. All their trade-mark sounds are firmly in place, that weird mix of teeth-grinding intensity, pop triumphalism and party-on abandon which makes them a truly one-of-a-kind act. But this record is an epic, wide-screen, Hi-Fi update of the CIVIL CIVIC sound. A “serious escalation of the conflict”, you could say. It’s been a long time since they released their debut album RULES in October 2011, garnering yet more praise from both the music press and audience and we just can’t wait to see them back on stage !

They are playing a bunch of shows in Belgium, France and Switzerland this Spring :

12 May 2016 BE Leuven Kater Blauwe
13 May 2016 FR Nantes Wine Nat White Heat
27 May 2016 CH Zurich Lauter Festival
28 May 2016 CH Leysin Hautes Fréquences Festival
09 Jun 2016 FR Paris Mind Your Head / Petit Bain w/ Prohibition

Now on booking for October and November 2016 : contact Amande

Album Teaser / Press / CC Live / Run Overdrive / Lights on a Leash / Airspray
Album streaming link on request.


Lee Ranaldo by Panos Georgiou 016MM








Lee Ranaldo hits the road to Europe for the second time in 2016, with a clutch of brand new songs from his just completed new album Electric Trim, in a new acoustic/electric trio format with Spanish multi-instrumentalists Raul ‘Refree’ Fernandez (who produced the new record with Lee) and Cayo Machancoses. The album was recorded in New York City and mixed there and  in Barcelona and has contributions from The Dust (Steve Shelley, Alan Licht, Tim Luntzel), Nels Cline, Sharon Van Etten, Kid Millions and others. New tunes, new sounds and an exploratory new lineup in advance of the record’s fall release.

here the shows and links to tickets!


02/06/2016 SP Barcelona – Primavera Festival
04/06/2016 MK Skopje – Zdravo Mladi Festival
07/06/2016 DK Copenhagen – Vega / Ticket / FB event
08/06/2016 NO Oslo – Bla / Ticket / FB event
09/06/2016 NO Stavanger – Folken / Ticket / FB event
10/06/2016 FIN Helsinki – Kuudes Linja / Ticket / FB event
11/06/2016 RU Moscow – Stop The Silence Festival / Winzavod Contemporary Art Center / Ticket / FB event
12/06/2016 RU St Petersbourg – The Place / Ticket / FB event
14/06/2016 HR Rijeka – Impulse Festival / Pogon Culture / Ticket / FB event
15/06/2016 SI Ljubljana – Kino Siska / Ticket

Lee Ranaldo will tour again in the autumn supporting his new release Electric Trim.
get in touch if you wanna promote a show > Etienne AT julietippex . com



6 avril 2016 au Badaboum et on fêtera l’anniversaire du label Lo Recordings.





Jeff Mills will be touring Europe in October 2016 with a live band: Gerald Mitchell (U-R, Los Hermanos) on keyboards, Yumiko Ohno (Havana Exotica, Buffalo Daughter) on keyboards and Kenji Hino on bass. This will be a live mix of techno, funk, jazz, disco… with amazing musicians. With live visuals too. The fun can also continue with a DJ set by Jeff. Booking of the live show by pascal (a)

Villette Sonique, les premiers noms enfin dévoilés.

Crédits : Charles Wilkin

Crédits : Charles Wilkin

Comme chaque année on attend avec impatience de découvrir la belle programmation de l’un de nos festivals préférés, Villette Sonique. En 2016, on trépigne notamment à l’idée de voir (enfin) Boredoms et on se réjouit de retrouver nos protégés : Nots, Zombie Zombie, White Fence, Eric Copeland, Housewives, Etienne Jaumet + Emmanuelle Parrenin. Première vague d’annonces plus que réjouissante. Vivement la fin mai à Paris!


12651113_10153548340390326_5686473655985462570_nJulie Tippex likes and supports :


10 & 11 MARCH 2016 IN LONDON


The unique swiss venue ‘Bad Bonn’ and their annual Kilbi festival is turning 25! For their birthday, the swiss Editor Patrick Frey Verlag will release a Bad Bonn Song Book. The book will be launched at Rough Trade East and the party will continue at Café Oto with a very special KILBI Festival edition “IMOTO”.


See the London program below !





Programme: 10th of March 2016 – ‘BAD BONN SONG BOOK’ LAUNCH FT. RICHARD DAWSON (LIVE)
@Rough Trade East, Brick Lane, London FREE EVENT (7PM) 
20:00-20:30 | Richard Dawson – Instore Showcase
20:30-21:00 | Meet and Greet and drinks
The panel will be moderated by Hans-Peter „Düsi“ Küenzler (UK/Swiss Journalist) with following guests:
Tom Relleen (Artist, Band Booking-Agent)
Christophe Schenk (Journalist, Swiss TV RTS)
Luke Turner (Journalist, The Quietus, The Guardian, Q and others)
Daniel Fontana (promoter of the venue Bad Bonn, Kilbi Festival)
@Cafe Oto, Dalston, London
Line up:
20:30-21:00 | Strotter Inst.  >>  tremendous sound objects out of turntables !
21:15-21:45 | Julian Sartorius >> drum perversion !
22:00-22:30 | Bruno Spoerri >> a legend!
22:45-23:15 | Camilla Sparksss >>  born at -27 C°!
23:15-00:30 | Dj Doug Shipton & Andy Votel >>  the dream team !



Hi there!













Really happy to announce that the Band NOTS from Memphis will be back over here for a 2 weeks tour including a couple of festivals!

here you can have a quick taste of their live performance! recorded last November at BB mix Festival


– –
20/05/2016 BE Kortrijk – De Kreun Bar
21/05/2016 UK Brighton – TBA / Secret show
22/05/2016 UK Manchester – Soup Kitchen
23/05/2016 UK London – The Lexington
24/05/2016 DE Cologne – King Georg
25/05/2016 DE Hamburg – Hafenklang
26/05/2016 DE Berlin – Monarch
27/05/2016 SP Madrid – Get Mad Festival / TBA
28/05/2016 FR Paris – TBA
29/05/2016 CH Geneva – L’Usine
30/05/2016 CH Zurich – Bosch Bar
31/05/2016 CH Lugano – Il Casotto
01/06/2016 IT Ravenna – Hana BI
05/06/2016 FR Nîmes – This is Not a Love Song / Paloma

Still a couple of slots to fill in! so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested!
Etienne AT julietippex com


Hi folks,

Lee Ranaldo Solo Acoustic tour starts today! all shows below!

Lee Ranaldo Acoustic












26/01/2016 NL Amsterdam – Paradiso North
27/01/2016 BE Gent – Vooruit w/ cian
28/01/2016 DK Copenhagen – Absalon w/ Own Road + Kloster
29/01/2016 DK The Utzon Center – Aalborg
30/01/2016 DK Aarhus – Atlas seated w/ Dad rocks
31/01/2016 DE Berlin – Roter Salon w/ Dean Roberts
01/02/2016 CZ Prague – Akropolis
02/02/2016 AT Salzburg – Rock House
03/02/2016 AT Vienna – Schauspielhaus
05/02/2016 IT San Gemini –  Tempio di San Giovanni Battista w/ Trees of Mint
06/02/2016 IT Napoli – Hart
07/02/2016 CH Geneva – Antigel Festival / l’Epicentre de Collonge-Bellerive