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Hi there,

Disappears 2015 - Version 2









DISAPPEARS just released a new track on the Quietus today!

LISTEN: Disappears – Halcyon Days

They’ll be on tour over here in Jan. and Feb. Full list of shows below..!


22/01/2015 FR Metz – Les Trinitaires
23/01/2015 CH Yverdon Le Bains – L’Amalgame
24/01/2015 CH Zurich – Ziegel Oh Lac / Rote Fabrik
25/01/2015 CH Lugano – Casotto
26/01/2015 IT Bologna – Freakout Club
28/01/2015 FR Lyon – Marché Gare
29/01/2015 FR Grenoble – La Bobine
30/01/2015 FR Paris – Gonzai Party / La Maroquinerie
31/01/2015 NL Utrecht – Eko
01/02/2015 DE Hamburg – Hafenklang w/ Dope Body
02/02/2015 DE Berlin – Berghain Kantine w/ Dope Body
03/02/2015 DE Cologne – King Georg
04/02/2015 NL Rotterdam – Rotown
05/02/2015 BE Brussels – Beursschouwburg w/ The Oscillation
06/02/2015 UK London – Lexington w/ The Oscillation
07/02/2015 FR Roubaix – La Cave aux Poètes

DISAPPEARS will tour again in May/June.
Please get in touch with Etienne AT if you want to book them!


Hi there,

musician Lee Ranaldo, lower Manhattan.













During the last Acoustic Solo Tour of Lee Ranaldo in Europe a couple of live video were shot.. you can discover a selection here, like it, share it!

Lee Ranaldo • Off the wall (live Chiesa metodista, Roma)

Lee Ranaldo – Lecce (live Chiesa metodista, Roma)

Lee Ranaldo – Angles – STRAY SONGS

Lee Ranaldo – Bushes and Briars (Sandy Denny)

Lee Ranaldo will be back  in Europe to perform a couple of solo acoustic shows in March!

please get in touch with Etienne AT julietippex . com if interested



Don’t Make a Scene: a field guide to putting on DIY gigs

Putting on DIY gigs is rewarding, fun and often important in bringing communities of musicians, artists, writers, photographers and audiences together in spaces removed from the mainstream and in places largely absent from tour itineraries.  However, without inspiration and information from others, it can seem daunting to try and get started.

Don’t Make a Scene responds to this need. A group of DIY promoters, musicians, label heads, tour managers, bookers, sound engineers and audience members from across the UK draw from their own experiences to offer advice and resources in the form of articles, interviews, illustrations and photographs. What results is a diverse, informative and easily digested how-to (and how-not-to) guide for the fledgling promoter.

The contributors to Don’t Make a Scene are largely drawn from people that the zine compilers Rob St. John and Bartholomew Owl (from Edinburgh band eagleowl) have worked with or been inspired by in their collaborative promoting and music making over the last decade.

Contributors include Chris Tipton (Upset the Rhythm, London: ‘Curate your event with imagination, honour and taste’), Sofia Hagberg (End of the Road / Sam and Sofia, Sheffield: ‘Advancing a show’), Emily Tracer Trails (Edinburgh and Glasgow: ‘A guide to not losing money on gigs’), Fielding Hope (Cry Parrot / Cafe Oto, Glasgow / London: ‘Applying for funding’), Andy Inglis (5000 / former manager of the Luminaire, London: ‘We’re good at taking things for free’), Matthew Young (Song, by Toad, Edinburgh: ‘Bridging the promoter-musician gap‘), Johnny Lynch (Lost Map, Isle of Eigg: ‘Some things I’ve learnt about putting on gigs’) and Andy Abbott (That Fucking Tank, Leeds: ‘DIY bother? Reasons to keep doing it’) and many more.

Don’t Make a Scene contains new visual art, illustration and photography by Lizzy Stewart, Tommy Perman, Sarah Tanat-Jones (Synaesthete / Kit Records), Craig Coulthard, Neil Cammock, Matt Pattinson and Cammy Watt (Enfant Bastard).

The zine features an interview with Marie Tippex (from booking agent Julie Tippex), and articles on DIY sound engineering by Tim Matthew (regular engineer for Lau); all-ages gigs by eagleowl’s Clarissa Cheong, setting up DJs and club nights by Malcolm Benzie (Papi Falso) and Lisa Brook (founder of Cafe Kino in Bristol and DJ Cupcake); and advice for prospective promoters from experienced touring musicians David Thomas Broughton, Mark Andrew Hamilton (Woodpigeon) and Dan Willson (Withered Hand).

Zine (84pp).  Released 24th November 2014.
First edition: 300 copies. £4.00
Website and pre-orders:
Don’t Make a Scene was riso printed by Footprint Workers Co-op in Leeds using soy inks on recycled paper.


Acid Baby Jesus new album ‘Selected Recordings’

abj_selected_1 Acid Baby Jesus new album is now out on Slovenly. You can stream it here! The greeks are also confirmed at Eurosonic festival (Jan. 15th at De Spieghel main room, 11.45pm/0.30am), will play a very few shows around this date and come back for a longer tour this spring/summer. Enjoy their super good new tracks and stay tuned!

Jan.15th, NL, Groningen, Eurosonic, De Spieghel
Jan.16th, BE, Diksmuide, 4AD
Jan.17th, FR, Paris, La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Booking EU/UK : Ambre



Mardi 9 décembre
20 h 30 | Cinéma public Le Méliès Présentée par Francis Lecomte (Luna Park Films) | à partir de 16 ans

• L’imitation du cinéma (1960, n&b, 35’), film surréaliste belge de Marcel Mariën
Pierre Molinier, 7 rue des Faussets de Noël Simsolo, (1975, couleur, 26’)

Mercredi 10 décembre
14 h | Cinéma public Le Méliès (séance à 3,50 €)

• Alice de Jan Svankmajer, Tchécoslovaquie (1988, couleurs), tout public dès 5 ans

Mercredi 10 décembre
20 h 30 | Théâtre municipal Berthelot

• La Ursonate de Kurt Schwitters par Hubertus Biermann
• Motus Pocus – Emmanuelle Parrenin : harpe, vièle à roue, dulcimer, voix et Pierre Bastien : trompette, violon à clous, machines, vidéo
Avec le soutien de la Ferme du Buisson, de l’Abbaye de Fontevraud, de Julie Tippex et des Disques Bien.

Jeudi 11 décembre
20 h 30 | Théâtre municipal Berthelot

Collectif ETC (Anthony Carcone, Jacques Foschia, Harold Schellinx, Cécile Zylberajch, Carole Arcega).
Charles Pennequin – En lien avec l’exposition La réforme du monde visible au 116.

Vendredi 12 décembre
20 h 30 | Théâtre municipal Berthelot

Un Drame Musical Instantané – Jean-Jacques Birgé (clavier, Theremin, Tenori-on), Francis Gorgé (guitares, électronique), Hélène Sage (flûtes, voix, idiophones) et Antonin-Tri Hoang, Hélène Bass, Edward Perraud

 Samedi 13 décembre
20 h 30 | Théâtre municipal Berthelot

• Dorian Pimpernel : concert sur des films 16 mm de Marcos Uzal, critique de cinéma et collectionneur (projections Antoine Malbrant)
• Lubriphikatttor : Philémon (Ero Babaa, Napalm Jazz), J. Zagorski (Zaraz Wam Zagram, Le Non_Jazz) et TG Gondard (TG, Pizza Noise Mafia). Proposition des Instants Chavirés.

Projections : Luna park films + TG Gondard
DJ Set tous les soirs : Éditions PPT

En partenariat avec le 116, Centre d’art contemporain de la Ville de Montreuil, le cinéma public Le Méliès, Les Instants chavirés, l’association Les Amis du Théâtre Berthelot.

AUT14_A3_OK - copie


Hi there,

PH6A6862 - Version 2









our ‘chouchou’ Disappears just announced their new album called ‘Irreal’ to be released on Kranky Jan 19.

first extract here!


22/01/2015 FR Metz – Les Trinitaires
23/01/2015 CH Yverdon Le Bains – L’Amalgame
24/01/2015 CH Zurich – Ziegel Oh Lac / Rote Fabrik
25/01/2015 CH Lugano – Casotto
28/01/2015 FR Lyon – Marché Gare
29/01/2015 FR Grenoble – La Bobine
30/01/2015 FR Paris – Gonzai Party / La Maroquinerie
31/01/2015 NL Utrecht – Eko
01/02/2015 DE Hamburg – Hafenklang w/ Dope Body
02/02/2015 DE Berlin – Berghain Kantine w/ Dope Body
03/02/2015 DE Cologne – King Georg
04/02/2015 NL Rotterdam – Rotown
05/02/2015 BE Brussels – Beursschouwburg w/ The Oscillation
06/02/2015 UK London – Lexington w/ The Oscillation

Booking > Etienne AT tippex



Hi There!

CÂLIN just released their new video. you can see it here.. it’s quite.. good!

it was shoot in Berlin in Bars around Foostables! kind of an other way to ‘fight club’ ..

for foosfans!




Latest news: RELEASE PARTY: NEW MORNING, PARIS, 18 Dec 2014

ETIENNE JAUMET’S NEW ALBUM “LA VISITE” OUT ON VERSATILE RECORDS NOVEMBER 23TH 2014. Since the release of “Night Music” in 2009, Etienne Jaumet has been a busy man. He’s been doing a lot of collabs (Joakim, Richard Pinhas, Francois & The Atlas Mountain) and released one album and a movie original soundtrack with his alter ego Zombie Zombie. So it was the time for him to return to his synths, his sax and his beloved TR808 for a new solo album. “La Visite” had been recorded in two months at the Versatile studio. It’s a more introvert, a more glowing work than Night Music, maybe a little more jazzy too, his saxophone lines being added on many tracks of the album. It’s also leaning towards dance music further more, Jaumet being experimenting with djing lately could be the reason for that.

Contact booking pascal (a) for:
- live solo shows
- live solo shows with SATORI, an installation by Felicie d’Estienne d’Orves
- DJ sets
- live in duet with Richard Pinhas


Copie de Georges Tho, Pierre Bastien, Thomas B et Emmanuelle Parrenin

Pierre Bastien et Emmanuelle Parrenin étaient vendredi les invités de l’Atelier du son sur France Culture pour leur nouvelle création qui a été en résidence à la Ferme du Buisson et dont la première sera le jeudi 10 décembre au Théâtre Berthelot de Montreuil pour la Semaine du bizarre de notre ami Patrice Caillet. Le podcast est en ligne !

Page artiste Pierre Bastien / page artiste Emmanuelle Parrenin / contact booking



Second edition – March 12th to 15th 2015

A film competition, special screenings, concerts and talks… Dedicated to music films and pop cultures, F.A.M.E – Film & Music Experience is back for another edition and launches a call for films (entries until November 30th 2014)


F.A.M.E – Film & Music Experience festival opens its first call for films for its next edition, that will take place from March 12th to 15th 2015.

F.A.M.E is especially interested in documentary work, in the broadest possible spectrum, with special attention given to unique and adventurous offerings—with no restrictions in terms of running time, form, or genre.

Films must be compatible with the festival’s thematic mission: musical films (documentaries, experimental films, features); films devoted to urban culture and pop culture: architecture, technology, urban exploration, video games…

To enter a film, until november 30th 2014, please see the terms and fill the online entry form >>

Registration is free. To find out more about F.A.M.E and its spirit, please check the 2014 program here >>

F.A.M.E the newest event at la Gaîté lyrique focused on music films and pop cultures. Screenings, concerts, a night of clubbing, professional guests, lectures, exhibitions… For 4 whole days, F.A.M.E. will set out to explore the world and build bridges between cinema, music, popular and urban cultures, architecture and technology : Play it Loud!

Contact :


Hi There,

Lee Ranaldo will be on tour next month performing some intimate shows all over Europe/UK with his Acoustic Gtrs!

poster, and tour dates below!

Lee will be back with The Dust next April! be prepared and get in touch if you want to book a show!

Booking > Etienne AT




Jeff Mills
>> Je perf’, ils perfs’… nous dansons

Together is better
Bal pop / Musique

* Création Nuit Blanche 2014 *

Ouverture du site : 20h

Ouverture du bal : 21h

Né à Detroit en 1963, Jeff Mills est un pionnier de la musique techno. Créé en 1992, son label Axis lui permet de conserver son indépendance artistique et de produire ses propres compositions électroniques inspirées de la SF.

Ensemble, c’est mieux ! Jeff Mills, avec le conseil artistique de Fabrice Bousteau, conçoit Together is Better, un grand bal populaire où il revisite durant quatre heures toute l’histoire de la danse à deux. Une histoire de la danse dans son sens le plus large : depuis le Moyen-Âge jusqu’aux années Disco en passant par le Swing des années 30. Un mix de sons, de danses et d’images en toute liberté, jonglant d’une époque à l’autre sans souci de l’ordre chronologique. Un bal populaire ouvert à tous, une performance sonore et visuelle unique et surtout, une expérience collective pour nous faire danser à deux, bouger et expérimenter des mouvements et des rythmes ensemble.

Avec la chorégraphe Christine Corday et les danseuses Céline Angibaud, Céline Debyser et Olga Plaza.

Avec le conseil artistique de Fabrice Bousteau sur une idée originale de Jeff Mills adaptée de Time Tunnel.

En partenariat avec l’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel ( et l’Ecole Estienne (


Hi doods!

Capture d’écran 2014-09-22 à 16.04.27









Publicist aka Sebastian Thomson aka the real Molotov Coktail, will be over here for 3 shows! you should miss him NOT!

25/09/2014 FR Marseille – Marsatac Festival w/ Black Strobe…
26/09/2014 FR Lyon – Marché Gare
27/09/2014 NL The Hague – Today’s art festival

check  this ‘studio’ footage  filmed at last Moog Festival SoundLab:

Booking : Etienne AT