Dramatic make-up and boogie genius : Bobby Conn is back !

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Is Bobby Conn his real name?

No. Bobby is a nickname he’s had since childhood, because he’s so cute and cuddly. His real name is Robert Robert Conn. Why two Roberts? Apparently both of his grandfathers were named Robert and his parents wanted to honor them equally.

How old is Bobby?

Sometimes he looks pretty young, but up close he’s all weird and creepy. Bobby was born on June 13th, 1967. Since 1998, Bobby has resorted to dramatic make-up and fanciful costumes to distract audiences from his fading youth. The ravages of time may have pitted and cracked his once boyish appearance, but there’s still a kindly twinkle in his eye, just like Santa Claus.

What’s Bobby’s ethnicity?

He’s 110% pure entertainer, with all the rich cultural heritage that implies.

How good is he ?

Very excellent.

How can listen to his tracks ?

His MySpace is bit fucked up for now but here are some useful links :

Live album streaming
‘The Golden Age’ streaming
‘Never Get Ahead’ for Chic-a-go-go (TV)

Allright then, when can I book Bobby for a show ?

Bobby Conn and mates are available on the following dates for performing a very special live set with the full ‘Rise Up!’ album and a set of new tracks ! It will follow the re-release of ‘Rise Up!” and ‘Bobby Conn’ par Fire Records in June 2010.

19 Jun NL Rotterdam – TBA
21 Jun BE Available for Belgium
22 Jun UK Available for UK (London, South)
23 Jun UK Available for UK (Midlands / North)
24 Jun UK Available for UK (Scotland)
25 Jun UK Available for UK (Scotland)
26 Jun UK Available for UK (Midlands / North)
27 Jun UK Available for UK (London, South)
29 Jun DE Available for Germany (Köln, Karlsruhe)
30 Jun DE Available for Germany (Munich)
01 July DE Available for Germany (Dresden
02 July DE Berlin – TBA
03 July DE Hamburg – TBA

A tour following a new release is also planned for the autumn !

Who should I get in touch with ?

Since she saw him playing live wrapped in a purple fake leather outfit, she never has been the same, so Marie is your lady for this one.
Contact : marie@julietippex.com – www.julietippex.com

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