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It all begins with Exyzt where Franz, co-founder of the multidisciplinary collective and designer of Etienne de Crecy and Vitalic scenographies, met Fernand, member of Father Divine with Mike Ladd (signed on the NYC based label RoiR). Euphorie was born. Created by 1024 Architecture with the support of Arcadi (founder of Nemo festival in Paris), the audiovisual performance reconsiders the guitar hero myth by replacing the old device with “neon guitars”. Both intimate and surprising, Euphorie plays on the spectator experiences in contemporary theater as well as in electronic music offering the audience a brand new approach.

Video : Euphorie @ Mapping festival (Geneva 2010)

Euphorie on tour :

01/04/2011    BR    Rio de Janeiro – File Hypersonica
03/04/2011    BR    Sao Paulo – MIS Museum
05/05/2011    US    Troy – Empac
07/05/2011    CA    Montreal – Elektra festival
14/05/2011    FR    Roubaix – Condition Publique
14/06/2011    ES    Tallinn – NO99

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