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Last week Jad Fair played a show at the Musique Volantes in Metz. We all know Jad Fair cannot stop creating. Whenever he’s not playing, he’s drawing, writing, doing some collaboration or just building new ideas. If you’ve liked him for a while you’ve got that feeling of having many things missed and not being able to follow all his activities and releases. So, it’s good to know he sometimes stops to give some light about his carreer.

If you ever wanted to know about all Jad Fair’s activities in just an hour, you only need to watch this conference, called Electrophone, by Dominique Fellmann accompanied by the one and only. Of course, cooked with noise and filled with references to The Residents, The Shaggs and other pop luminaries!

Jad Fair – 8 Décembre – Metz from le studiolo on Vimeo.

If you have the luck be there, Metz, don’t miss his drawings and paintings. The exhibition Brave Hapiness is being held at the Eglise des Trinitaires, and runs until January 6th. There are still a few prints left, so in case you want to do some precious present for Christmas, this could be a good choice.

Check Jad Fair’s prints HERE.

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