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Hollywood, USA…Kim Fowley has not appeared on a Euro stage since 2007.  In April, he will make rare appearances in Paris / Sonic Protest (12/04), Madrid / FIB Cinema (16/04), Nantes / Singular Week-End (21/04) but also Rotterdam, Köln, Bordeaux, Rennes, on an invitation of the agency Julie Tippex.

Kim Fowley is a West Coast, USA based Producer/ Publisher/ Song Writer/ Recording Artist/ Author/ Actor/ Film Producer & Director.  He has Produced/ Published/ Written/ Co-Written/ Performed with such artists as The Plastic Ono Band (Featuring John Lennon & Eric Clapton), The Mothers Of Invention (Featuring Frank Zappa), The Byrds, KISS, Alice Cooper, The Runaways, The Seeds, Blue Cheer, Stepenwolf, Motley Crue, Nirvana,  BOC, ELP, BTO, The Germs, The Dead Boys,  Vicky Leandros, Herman Brood, Stars On 45, etc.

Kim Fowley has Produced or Written music for such films/TV shows as “American Graffiti”, “Big Moma’s House”, “Rock n’ Rolla”, “The Runaways”,  “Friends”, “Ciao Manhattan”, “Californication”, “Boston Public”, “Freaks & Geeks”, “OC”.

Kim Fowley has contributed songs to Video Games such as “Rock Band”/ “Guitar Hero” & the new Warner Brothers Video Game about Zombie Cheerleaders = “Project Ash” .

Kim Fowley  has a new book being released April 2012 called “Lord Of Garbage” published by Kicks Books.

Kim Fowley as an actor co-stars with Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Mickey Rourke, Slash, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton in the Rock Documentary, “Sunset Strip The Movie”.
“Sunset Strip World Premiers March 16th 2012 the Paramount Theater, Austin Texas… during the SXSW Film Festival.

Kim Fowley   is also an Experimental Film Maker.  You may view Scenes/ Trailers/ Snippets from “Dollboy The Movie”, “Satan Of Silverlake”, “Golden Road To Nowhere”, “Sexual Frankenstein”, Trailer Parks On Fire” on Youtube. You may also view a Condensed Edition of these works on www.youtube.com/KimFowleyVideoMagic.

Audiences can expect as many hours as they can stand.  Kim Fowley interacts with the audience in a Question & Answer Monolog Structure.

Kim Fowley  Lecture Topics include “Sex & Religion, Love & Hate, Greatness, Power of Dreams, Secrets of Hollywood, How to Survive the 21st Century, The Rise & Fall of The American Empire, Advantages of being a Dual Citizen of both USA & Ireland, Sex After Death & Picnics In Eternity”.

Kim Fowley welcomes any musician to bring along anything that makes noise, such as Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, Computer, Horns, Stringed Instruments, kazoo, etc.  You bring the noisemaker & Kim Fowley will make the Vocal Sounds.

Kim Fowley has recently completed his latest Bladder Cancer Surgery Recall Operation.   This is his 4th bout of Cancer in the last 19 years.  Kim Fowley himself puts it best:

“Death is my next Long Term Project.  This will possibly be the last chance for anyone in the Europe to see me Alive in Overdrive & On Stage in their lifetime.  Bring your camera’s so your Grandchildren can behold the Magical Movement of a Future Dead Man’s Lips”.

Kim Fowley will be traveling with Snow Mercy, his greatest love.  Snow is the heiress to Kim’s Showbiz Fortune.  Snow is a Actress, Model, Singer, Dancer, Author, Educator, Professor (PhD), Humanitarian, Fetish Model, Dominatrix & a Student of Cirque School.

Both Kim Fowley & Snow Mercy stand over 1m80 / 6 feet tall. They are Giants of American Culture.  Both Kim & Snow have made new current recordings.  They will be played during the performance as requested.

Be sure & attend this one of a kind performance, because your lives will never be the same again!


12/04/2012    FR    Paris – Sonic Protest / Eglise St Merri
14/04/2012    FR    Bordeaux – Café Pompier
15/04/2012    SP    Madrid – FIB Cinema
17/04/2012    DE    Munich – Rote Sonne
19/04/2012    NL    Rotterdam – Worm
20/04/2012    DE    Cologne – King Georg
21/04/2012    FR    Nantes – Un week-end singulier / Le Lieu Unique
23/04/2012    FR    Rennes – Ubu

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Graphic visual by Baldo

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