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nilhartmanNil Hartman is only in his early thirties but already had two lives.
Around 2008 with the release of his first EP he was known as Busy P (Ed Banger) new protégé, his music was played by hip artists (Brodinsky, Justice, Mark Ronson…) and he played a bunch of cool shows (Sonar, Nuits Sonores…). All you can dream of as a french electronic music artist back then. But everything stopped and Nil disappeared for a while.
8 years after it was a great surprise for us when he wrote back saying he had new stuff about to be released.  You need courage and may be a bit of distance and reflexion to find yourself and define what you really want to do, apart from the trends and the pressure. It’s the lesson of his short album, Ellipses. Dreamy electronica tracks only he could have composed.

Nil Hartman has never been this enthusiastic and already talks about new tracks and ideas for a live show.

We can’t wait to hear and see more!

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