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PyPyPYPY (CAN/ Slovenly)
Prepare yourselves for a superdope psych-punk thrashing from the lunatic minds behind Montreal’s Duchess Says, Sexareenos, CPC Gangbangs, Red Mass. The new amalgamated group is called PYPY (π π), and their debut LP on Slovenly, Pagan Day, is a mind searing concoction of sinister wah-wah freakouts littered with fuzz, distortion and the necromantic scree of co-lead singer Annie-Claude Deschênes. Super disco-breaks reminiscent of the dance punk of NYC’s legendary 99 Records (ESG / Liquid Liquid) slither in on “Daffodils,” and the blistering pop of “She’s Gone” rivals Thee Oh Sees most burning tracks. Mind-blowing live show guaranteed! Think Molly Ringwald and the whole breakfast club on LSD.  Bandcamp / Facebook page

Available for festivals and club shows in the fall! Contact :

A mixed bag of organ-powered krautrock and early ’80s dance-punk beats. NME
Praying at the altar of legendary dance punk labels like 99 Records and the heroes of garage rock’s current cultural renaissance, Pagan Day finds the Montreal psych outfit delivering a blistering set of ’80s-era proto-punk (“New York”) and druggy FM radio jams (“Molly”), which is all the more anchored by co-vocalist Annie-Claude Deschênes’ riot grrrl-meets-bratty teenager screams. Erratic and consistently thrilling, Pagan Day is an all-around impressive debut. Pitchfork
The album is manically schizo, darting from overblown Stooges-style punk to funky post-punk to crazed paranoid freakouts. It’s a lot of fun, and pretty hook-filled too. The Brooklyn Vegan

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