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We are super happy to welcome Brian Case (Disappears, Bambi Kino Duo, 90 day Men..) as part of our roster. Brian has just released his debut solo album, Tense Nature (hands in the dark record), which sees him focus his work on space, minimalism and repetition. The songs are all built around the idea of tape loops or lock grooves, working with snippets and phrases of sound. Brian sampled guitar or small drum loops before cutting them randomly. The sequences and their imperfect nature were then reworked into a sort of momentum, built using Case’s own perception of the new fragments. The result of his experiment is 12 primarily electronic, abstract, visceral, ambient tracks. They depict a dark environment, an uncanny landscape with its own contained world. Brian will do his first euro tour in November supporting Suuns and will be back early 2017. listen on Bandcamp / Video of 7D /  

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Best albums 2016 list / halftime report – Uncut

“…opiated reverberation that lands in dreamtime…”The Wire

“Effectively, it’s both concrete dub and electro-acoustic in process, working in a long tradition of experimental artists extrapolating unheimlich geists from tape recordings that stretches from Lee Perry thru Dome and This Heat to Basic Channel and Deathprod.” Boomkat

“Tense Nature is a true ‘ambient’ album, as described, though it can be a mesmerizing thing to truly contemplate.” Decoder Magazine

“Tense Nature de Brian Case est une splendeur monolithique faite d’argile et de ruines.”The Drone

“L’ensemble, pour étrange qu’il soit au premier abord, n’en dégage pas moins un charme irrésistible sur le long terme, à la manière du non-rock de This Heat, des premiers albums solos de Lee Ranaldo, ou des trucs les plus fous de Pere Ubu.” – New Noise

“Fascinating!… it is an album whose intelligence and subtly become more apparent the more time you invest in it.”Optical Sounds Fanzine

“In many ways, the music here is a logical extension of the last few DISAPPEARS albums as the band has experimented more & more with stark, minimalist song structures. Case fully realizes that concept here with these cold, naked post-industrial, minimal techno experiments that would work well as mini-soundtracks for Brothers Quay or Stan Brakhage films. RECOMMENDED.”Reckless Records

8/10 – Norman Records

7,5/10 – HHV Mag


23/10/2016 UK Leeds – Brudenell Social Club w/ Suuns
24/10/2016 UK Glasgow – Stereo w/ Suuns
25/10/2016 UK London – Rich Mix w/ Suuns
30/10/2016 DE Cologne – Luxor w/ Suuns
01/11/2016 IT Bologna – Lokomotiv w/ Suuns
02/11/2016 IT Milano – Biko w/ Suuns
03/11/2016 FR Annecy – Brise Glace w/ Suuns
04/11/2016 FR Grenoble – La Belle Electrique w/ Suuns
05/11/2016 FR Poitiers – Maison Des Etudiants w/ Suuns
07/11/2016 FR Toulouse – Metronnum w/ Suuns
08/11/2016 FR Montpellier – Rockstore w/ Suuns
09/11/2016 CH Luzern – Sudpol w/ Suuns
10/11/2016 CH Lausanne – Le Bourg
11/11/2016 CH Sion – Le Port Franc w/ Suuns
13/11/2016 NL Utrecht – Le Guess Who Festival / Le Guess Who?

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