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As expected we’re canceling our April EU and UK dates, as well as our Chicago release show with Melkbelly. Obviously it’s a confusing time, we’re doing everything we can to reschedule in a realistic and responsible time frame and hope to have some news for you soon.

I want to take a minute to express some gratitude for all the people who were working so hard on these shows. Our band deals with agents and promoters who love music and are willing to take chances on bands like us that are honestly a gamble. They are the only reason we’re able to do any touring and it’s difficult to watch this happen and know they’re getting crushed behind the scenes. This tour has been in the work for 6 months, imagine that work for every band that’s made an announcment like this. Imagine the nightmare of trying to reschedule anything in the midst of a global crisis no one knows anything about. Everyone is fragile in times like these.

The good news is we have a new album coming 3.27. Through self-isolation, you have the opportunity to really sink into the subtlies in production, take pause and ponder the nuanced arrangements, laugh out loud at the tossed-off nonsequiturs, etc, etc.. 

Take time to revel in the tradition of listening as an active activity. And wash your hands.

Brian Case for FACS “

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