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joasihnoHallo Joasihno! We are happy to welcome the band Joasihno from Cico Beck, also member of The Notwist and Aloa Input. The two musicians play face to face on the ground, with marimbas, synthesizers, percussions and accompanied by some self-made robot musicians. Check this amazing live-session to get an idea.

Joasihno’s music evolves between minimalist music, electronica and pop music. By listening to their last album “Meshes”, some parallels with early works from Four Tet, but also influences from likes of Moondog, Nils Frahm, Steve Reich, Philipp Glass and Raymond Scott pop in mind.

Review on Playground Magazine / Album streaming / Website / Facebook

The band is available in France from March 28th to April 4th 2017 and worldwide (teaming up with the agencies Clubzwei for Germany and Pentagon Booking for Italy) the whole year for festivals and special events. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more infos. Booking contact: jeremie AT julietippex.com

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