We’re finally ready to announce with excitement that Radian is on our roster for Europe

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The long-standing experimental group Radian has been dealing with the relation between structure and abstraction and gained world wide attention promoted by the label Thrill Jockey. Martin Brandlmayr, John Norman and Martin Siewert combine the traditional instrumentation of rock music with extremely minimalist, abstract structures and create a space of tension between extreme dynamics, freely improvised parts and meticulous construction.

Their fifth and recent release ‘On Dark Silent Off’ is about the juxtaposition of extremes and contrast. It took inspiration from modern and contemporary works of art, from the abstract paintings of Ad Reinhardt to ‘Outer Space’, an impressionistic horror film by fellow Austrian Peter Tscherkassky. Vienna is the home of Radian who have been influenced by and shaped the city’s vivid scene of electronica since the early 2000s. Martin Brandlmayr works in the field between improvised music and composition, w/ Siewert and Joe Williamson he has been released music under their moniker Trapist (Thrill Jockey). Martin Siewert has recently been busy with playing in New Music contexts, performing with the likes of Uli Fussenegger (Klangforum Wien), Ernesto Molinari, and Jorge Sanchez-Chiong amongst his project Fake the Facts with Mats Gustafsson, and dieb13 (Editons Mego). John Norman is also playing guitar and singing in a shoegaze band called Snoww Crystal.  Pitchfork  RA  Artist page Video   Thrill Jockey

“A group from the fertile grounds of Vienna, Radian is an incredibly well oiled machine in concert. If their albums reflect their studio sound, then it’s the sheer pleasure these three accomplished musicians derive from performing together that make this trio a must see live ” Mutek Festival

“Radian is a machine, their music the sum of body hydraulics and fuzzy logic.” Will Montgomery, The Wire

The band is available in Europe / UK from Sep 15th to Dec 15th 2017 Booking contact is Tea Tippex : teafortippex AT gmail.com


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