WE WELCOME : Finlay Shakespeare

Born and bred in Gloucester, England, Finlay Shakespeare grew up trawling his parents’ record collection, obsessing over work by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, The Human League and [...]


Pleased to announce we are now representing the trio project of Lukas König, Julien Desprez and Audrey Chen whose debut LP Accelerated Frames of Reference has just been released. Three [...]

LOTTO at 10 Years in Sound Festival Berlin

This summer Polish trio LOTTO will be coming to Berlin to perform their first ever concert in the capital. Presented by Digital in Berlin at their ‘10 Years in Sound Festival’ on 10/11 August [...]

LOTTO joins Tippex

Very pleased to announce the addition of the Polish avant trio LOTTO to the Tippex roster. A new album called VV has been released in late November on Instant Classic, the Krakow based label, [...]