In Tippex misc

Haunted free jazz, spooky corners music, throats which can’t speak, blossom trees stories, secret tapes recordings, magnetic fauns, psychedelic boogie boogie, gemütlich exotica space music, waterpumps melodies : Laura Not invited Marie-Pierre Bonniol aka Marie Tippex, founder of Julie Tippex, to do a mix for her program Sounds Unsaid which is now available online on Dublab.de.

With Palix & Ève Couturier, Kraus, Pierre Bastien, Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Martin Messier, Narassa, Gamelan Voices (mix of Waltraud Blischke),Lawrence, Samouli Tanner, David Cunningham, The Dead Mauriacs, Pascal Comelade, Dîtes-le avec un disque, Arnold Dreyblatt, Gablé, Albert Ayler, Tipsy, Hematic Sunsets, Vidéo Aventures, Gramm, Pierre Louki, Cortex, and extracts of Pascal Quignard, Isidore Isou, Michel Carrouges interviewed by Jérôme Peignot, Dominique Pettigand.

The full tracklisting is available here

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