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“The two female singers, backed by a talented male guitarist, are like a new and improved version of a psychedelic Abba. The lyrics are great, the vocals are haunting, the timing is impressive and they fill the stage like a bigger much fuller band”. THE SUNDAY HERALD

“One of the band’s most-tipped to hit the big time this year” Oxford Mail

Haight Ashbury‘s third album “Perhaps” will be out in May. “Blow your Mind” the new single – out in March – is already getting radio play on 6 music!

Here is the new (March 2013) video for Blow your Mind:

The band is available for shows in Europe in April and May and in the UK in June

Contact booking: pascal@julietippex.com


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Jefferson Airplane meets The Jesus & Mary Chain…

This Glasgow trio has quite possibly never sniffed a single whiff of proper incense-scented SF air. But my, have they imbibed the spirit! Theirs is a huge wall of sound, consisting of twanging tablas and rattling tambourines, the ethereal twin vocals of Jennifer Ashbury and Kirsty Heather Ashbury (possibly not their real names) and a serious addiction to Jesus & Mary Chain-type guitar textures. Huge fun.

Glasgow psychedelic folk band Haight Ashbury release their third studio album Perhaps? on 31st May, the album was written & recorded during their busy 2012 touring schedule, from it comes a first single “Blow Your Mind” released on 25th March.

The new album takes a new twist from their trademark twin lead voices with Jen and Kirsty for the first time each singing solo and guitarist Scott, who previously was the non singing member of the band, taking lead vocals on two tracks.

Scott adds “our first two albums were very much what we played live and were really just recordings of our live set, this time we wrote in the studio so will be fun to rehearse the songs and take them on the road”

Songs from the new album will be previewed at a special Vienna Songwriting Association show at the Haus Der Musik in Vienna on 23rd March.


Contact booking: pascal@julietippex.com

Jefferson Airplane meets The Jesus & Mary Chain…

Ils ont beau emprunter le nom d’un quartier de San Francisco, les trois membres de Haight Ashbury (un frère, une sœur et leur amie d’enfance) viennent en fait de Glasgow. Mais attention, les Ecossais ne font pas dans le sentimentalisme revivalist. La bande nous sert un folk psychédélique à la fois mignon comme tout par la superposition des voix féminines et bien crado par leur guitariste. Leur morceau Freeman Town est complètement envoutant et promet à lui seul un beau moment sur scène. Une des révélations des Trans Musicales 2011.

“3 Little Birds” live im Haus der Musik in Wien

“Les flowers du flower power sont ici des chardons : sombres, rêches, sauvages, psychotropes, versant bad trip et envies de rage.” (Inrocks)

(photo by Renaud Monfourny)

Sympathetic Strings (Live in Prague – Palác Akropolis 23rd Jan ’12)