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As part of Liverpool Music Week Mercy, Samizdat and Julie Tippex are proud to announce a very special one-off performance of Dustin Wong’s record Infinite Love in the form of a guitar ensemble. For this event Infinite Love has been fully scored by local experimental musician Jon Davies for nine guitars, with Dustin as lead guitarist and conductor. This special event will be held at Liverpool CUC on Friday November 11th 2011.

This is the closing event of Overlap, a festival curated by Liverpool intermedia collective Mercy; the evening will be exploring artistic practices through loop and mantra. in association with experimental music conduit Samizdat, who recently hosted Rhys Chatham guitar ensemble

Dustin Wong on the project: “A loop is a mantra. When performing or writing, I go through a series of effects pedals to provide a sort of textile factory. The signal of my guitar goes through an octave pedal and distortion pedal which determines the texture and color of the sound, the delay to set the pattern and the loop pedal to reproduce these patterns in repetition. By choosing an idea, that idea becomes the mantra and everything else that attaches itself to this idea becomes the flesh and bones of this essential melody, Coming from one single point and out to create a sonic cone, in a spiraling ascension.

By having multiple guitarists to be part of this growth, we are shifting from automatic looping to an active conscious, which will make the bricks or cells of this cone organically living, from static architecture to a more mobile structure. As a collective we would like to attempt to ascend our consciousness upward and in.”


02/11/2011    UK    London – Plan B Brixton w/ US Girls and Slim Twig
03/11/2011    UK    Livepool – Kazimier w/Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
11/11/2011    UK    Livepool Music Week / Liverpool CUC (special creation for 9 guitars)
12/11/2011    CZ    Prag – Final Club
14/11/2011    DE    Berlin – Marie-Antoinette w/ Sightings


Co-founder and guitar player of PONYTAIL, as well of ECSTATIC SUNSHINE, Dustin Wong takes inspiration from something JOHN FAHEY once said: “I was playing guitar but I heard an orchestra in my head. So I was really composing for a full orchestra.” Dustin was deeply moved and inspired by this way of thinking about the creative process. It had a profound effect on his work process, inspiring him to use one instrument to create many melodic, emotional and literal layers. Working with a simple assembly of pedals: an octave, distortion, loop, envelope filter, and a couple of delays, he began to take this idea and make it his own, following a twisting path of punk discovery that inspired a growing respect for sonic visionaries like JIMI HENDRIX, BRIAN WILSON and BRIAN ENO. Those who have had the pleasure of experiencing the catharsis that is Ponytail live, will not be disappointed by this stunning display.

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