In Tippex misc

We all use, love, hate and talk about internet, and at the same time everytime we touch paper something magic happens. Let us be celebrate this two good news from two of the most singular and creative artists. Sure someone read this on the bus, and maybe even a wild soul scrawled into these pages in the beach. Maybe it has been turned into a paper plane, used as a beermat, has protected someone from the rain, or even maybe someone took some scissors and kept it in a folder. Who knows? It’s just very nice!

Gangpol will be djing this Saturday at the release party Costume Cravate, the first comic book by Guillaumit.

Check the event HERE.

GANGPOL & MIT Spring Shows

28/03/2012 FR Saint-Herblain – Maison des Arts
07/04/2012 FR Coustellet – La gare
27/04/2012 FR Tolouse – Culturel Bellegarde Empreintes Numeriques
13/05/2012 FR Rouen – Le 106 Rouen
26/05/2012 UK Norwich – Arts Centre / Norfolk and Norwich Festival
14/07/2012 CZ Ostrava – Ostrava Festival


YURI LANDMAN Shows and Workshops

01/04/2012    UK    Glasgow – The Old Hairdressers, c/o Stereo
14/04/2012    FR    Marseille – Workshop / Grim
15/04/2012    FR    Marseille – Performance / Temple Grignan


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