Frameless series with Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Yuri Landman

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From April 8th 2022 to April 9th (20:00 CET-20:00 CET) will be screened online the participations of two Tippex artists Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Yuri Landman, to the Frameless series.

Curated by Karin Zwack, Frameless is a programme of experimental music and media arts, with previous contributions de Jim O’Rourke, Andrew Pekler, Tomoko Sauvage and many others.

In this 32nd edition, Marie-Pierre Bonniol will present her latest film, Wasser (2021, 22’35) and Yuri Landman a filmed performance. Passepartout Duo and the ukrainian artist Uli Golub are also part of the programme with a filmed performance and a film.

More about the Frameless series & the programme

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